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The Everett Theater, the largest of all of Everett, Washington’s former eight theaters, opened its doors for the first time in 1901, as the Everett Opera House.

In addition to opera, featured legitimate theater and vaudeville shows (as well as motion pictures by the teens) were the programming of the day. Among those to grace its stage in those early years were some of the biggest names in early 20th century entertainment such as Lillian Russell, Al Jolson, Eddie Foy and the Seven Little Foys, and George M. Cohan.

Stately Centenarian: The Everett Theatre

Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety...
William Shakespeare: Antony & Cleopatra, Act II, Scene 2


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Opening Night

Every decent carriage in town had been hired well in advance. As the long-awaited hour approached, horse-drawn vehicles and streetcars converged on Colby Avenue laden with passengers unusually well-dressed for a mill town Monday night. From a lofty vantage point it may have seemed like a scaled down version of a Broadway opening. Certainly something similar to the excitement of the Great White Way had momentarily found its way to a modest Puget Sound industrial port.

Trolley bells and the rattle of hooves and harness cut the cool evening air as the throng passed under the elegant canopy and into the brightly lit building. It was a remarkably heterogeneous crowd. The dignitaries and socialites were liberally interspersed with mill workers and their families, an odd confluence of expensive tailored evening garb and off-the-rack suits of approximate fit, costly Parisian scent and dime-store cologne. Those who had jostled each other in the long ticket lines at Darling's Drug Store now rubbed elbows with notables from all over the state. A gaunt and ailing Governor John R. Rogers topped a long list of special guests who had come to Everett aboard the imposing steamship Queen with J.D. Farrell, president of the Pacific Steamship line. Almost a decade earlier the Queen had carried Henry Hewitt and Charles Colby on a pleasure cruise to Alaska, during which the pair formulated the initial scheme for the industrial city that became Everett.

The date November 4th, 1901 had been marked on local calendars for many weeks. Unquestionably the social event of the year, the opening of the new Everett Theatre was destined to stand for decades thereafter as a red-letter day in the community's history.

Egalitarian illusions fell away quickly as murmuring ticket holders moved through the shallow foyer and began to find their seats. An oddly inverted segregation prevailed. The working class scurried to perches high atop the second balcony while the upper crust descended into the proscenium boxes and orchestra seats, nodding their approval of the richly outfitted interior. From blue plush opera chairs and boxes lined in golden brown and deep blue, the guests of honor surveyed a theater thick with ivory and gold ornament and lit by frosted incandescent globes.

The drop curtain had none of the gaudy advertising people were used to seeing at vaudeville or stock company shows. Here instead, framed by trompe l'oeil drapery, was a splendid rendering of the Grand Canal in Venice, where a courtier serenaded ladies on marble palace steps as gondoliers poled slender craft past villas and gardens into a purple horizon. Half a dozen broad bands of gilded ornamental plaster radiated outward from the stage opening.

The curtain rose that night on "The Casino Girl," a road show version of a musical comedy which had been a success on Broadway a year earlier. Suchplot as there was concerned an American showgirl's romantic adventures in New York and Cairo, a story line just substantial enough to support the dozen songs that dangled from it. Sparkling performances are needed to put across that sort of show and Miss Clara Palmer and company simply failed to sparkle that autumn evening in Everett.The disappointing performance did not dampen the town's enthusiasm for its gleaming new showplace. After years of makeshift stage facilities Everett finally had a genuine, custom-built opera house, a prestigious playhouse as modern and fully equipped as any in the Pacific Northwest.

Down through the years Everett has had many theaters but only one substantial and enduring playhouse, large in scale and broad in the diversity of entertainment it has encompassed during a century of activity. As a new century begins all the theaters of the town's past are gone save one, but that one has stood literally and figuratively above all the others from the night it opened.


Eventful Beginnings
The theater was one of the first projects undertaken by the Everett Improvement Company, a corporation formed by railroad tycoon James J. Hill to represent his interests in the city. At the turn of the century Hill picked up the pieces of John D. Rockefeller's holdings in Everett and, through the skillful management of John T. McChesney, began anew the work of building an industrial city. While much of McChesney's effort went toward attracting lumber magnates to the waterfront industrial sites encircling the town, certain cultural developments were considered important as well, if only to enhance the community's image. The converted warehouse known as the Central Opera House, which had served local entertainment needs during the depression of the previous decade, was woefully inadequate as a symbol of civic stature.

McChesney formed the Everett Theatre Company in 1900 and as it's president awarded the architectural contract for the new playhouse to Charles Herbert Bebb. In doing so he assured widespread publicity and comment for the project. Few architects on the coast equaled Bebb's prestige and qualifications for such an undertaking. His credentials included four years as a construction supervisor on Adler & Sullivan's Chicago Auditorium, the grandest American theatrical commission of its decade. Dankmar Adler and Louis Sullivan were already figures of major importance when Bebb joined them after several years as a construction engineer with a Chicago terra cotta company. His experience in decorative moldings neatly fitted Sullivan's own interest in ornamental detail. Soon after completion of the Auditorium, Bebb came to Seattle to oversee a proposed Adler & Sullivan theater there. While that theater was never built, Bebb stayed on to become a noteworthy force in regional architecture, described at the time of his death in 1942 as "the dean of Seattle architects."

Bebb provided the Everett Theatre Company with a design for a $70,000 structure that would seat 1200 people, about a sixth of the entire population of Everett at that time. Facing 70 feet along Colby Avenue near the intersection of Hewitt, the building completely filled a peculiar, trapezoidal lot that was 119 feet deep and five feet narrower at the back than at the front.

Bebb's treatment of the Colby Avenue facade was clearly inspired by Henry J. Hardenbergh's American Fine Arts Society Building on West 57th Street in Manhattan, a widely acclaimed work of the 1890s. Hardenbergh had drawn upon the ornament of the early French Renaissance, specifically a mid-16th Century hunting lodge built for Francis I at Fontainbleau, but those origins were thoroughly obscured and transformed by the time they resurfaced in Bebb's Everett Theatre front. The result was formal, distinctive and imposing. More than once it has been described as a consummate period piece with strong evidence of Sullivan influence. The stucco facade featured finely detailed terra cotta moldings, an ornate entrance canopy of metal filigree and a tile roof with stepped parapet gables.

Shipments of foundation stone began arriving late in April of 1901. The actual laying of the cornerstone was a low-key affair, with Mercer Vernon, youngest son of Everett's postmaster, doing the honors. At the last moment Vernon was given some tools and put to work chipping out a cavity to fill with some ceremonial mementos. Several hours and a few blisters later, the youngster set the first stone into place.

On the 14th of June the business of booking performances began. Through the Klaw & Erlanger agency two melodramas, Humanity and Way Down East, were slated for dates in February and April of 1902. Over the summer, the calendar for the theater’s premiere season was gradually filled. On August 20th arrangements were made for the opening night offering, The Casino Girl. Though they often dealt with Klaw & Erlanger, kingpins of the “theatrical trust,” the Everett Theatre Company frequently arranged bookings directly with independent companies as well. Only half of the attractions for 1901, for instance, were actually booked through Klaw & Erlanger. Regardless, the Everett Theatre was sometimes the target of criticism by the community’s smaller, independent theaters and performance groups, who characterized the theater as part of “The Trust.” In spite of the facility’s broad popularity with the general public, it was difficult to avoid a ruling class image given the elegance of the facility and the fact that its proprietors were the most powerful single corporation in the community, controlling everything from the city's electrical system to its water supply. Coupled with the burgeoning trade union movement in the community, this meant that the theater was involved in labor unrest from the very beginning.

Slow progress had been made through May, largely due to problems with the delivery of barge loads of Chuckanut stone for the foundations. Brick masons finally began their work in June of 1901, but in the middle of July the strained relationship between the contractor and the local carpenters' union collapsed and work stopped.

The carpenters had faced down the contractor once before, when he had demanded a ten-hour day from them and they successfully held out for nine. But in addition to employing his own son, who was not in the union, he hired yet another non-union carpenter. Tensions increased. A verbal showdown with a foreman brought a stream of insults from the contractor and the carpenters walked off the job. The brick masons struck in support of the carpenters and everything came to a standstill.

A couple of nights later, on the 18th of July, Louie Smith was walking a horse back to the Wainwright stable three doors south of the construction site when he noticed that the scaffolding was on fire. He quickly called in an alarm, then took a friend and two buckets of water back to the blaze and put it out.

Apparently Smith simply told the firemen that the opera house was on fire. To most people that still meant the old Central Opera House a block east of the Everett Theatre. The fire department rushed to the Central, where fire chief Connor scrambled down the aisle during the last act of the evening's entertainment and leaped into the wings, searching in vain for something to extinguish. By the time he got to the right location there was little left to do but examine the bits of wood and paper, sniff the strong aroma of coal oil and diagnose arson.

Louie Smith remembered seeing two suspicious-looking strangers at the stable shortly before the incident. One of them wore carpenter's bib overalls. The contractor hired a night watchman but before long a compromise had been worked out by the building trades council. No arson charges were ever filed. 

Machinery, decorations and lights were arriving almost daily by mid-September. The main floor was piled high with plaster moldings and as opening night neared every available craftsman was employed, with shifts of workers busy around the clock. The contractor became increasingly anxious about the arrival of the filigree portico canopy from the east. He busied himself with trips to Portland and Seattle, purchasing doors for the entry and securing the services of an Italian craftsman whose name he couldn't pronounce to repair some plaster ornament that had been broken in transit.

With the opening less than a month away the plasterers and carpenters demonstrated that union controversy was not always confined to labor versus management. The two unions had a falling out over which local should install certain plaster castings around the interior cornice work. When the contractor sided with the carpenters, seven plasterers walked out.

Once more the building trades council resolved the dispute and work resumed, with plenty of technical assistance from Seattle theater personnel. Installing the stage apparatus was J.A. Foster of Seattle's Third Avenue Theatre. He gave the press an informal tour of the nearly completed stage area. "I have with me W.L. Egan, property man of the Grand Opera House, and W.L. Ward, assistant carpenter from the Seattle Theatre, the most expert men I could procure in this line. You see in this great network of cordage 30,000 feet of rope, more than one ton, extending from the rigging loft 65 feet above to the stage floor. Here are 60 feet of bridges and traps, forming a full complement; it is possible with this arrangement to make any height or angle of runways desired. This is the latest thing known to stage carpenters. The stage will be the best lighted on the coast and is fitted with four border lights 36 feet long. The drop is what is known as a triangle curtain; it is operated by an endless rope. There are two fly floors and a paint bridge with working frame. We will have the stage in readiness by November 4."

Electrician Dave Alexander was eager to explain the glories of the slate switchboard, which he described as "...a's duplicate cannot be found in the Northwest...These large levers control the lights so the entire house, back and front, may be instantly dimmed. By operating these small levers any light or group of lights may be dimmed. Color schemes in lighting are also perfectly arranged...From this board run the wires connecting with 1360 lights...The house has six bunch lights, two more than any other western house, and the stage is three feet deeper than any other in the Northwest, larger than the Seattle Theatre, heretofore the largest."



The lackluster performance opening night was by no means an indication of the quality of entertainment to come, indicating instead, perhaps, that Everett audiences were not to be thought of as a pushovers for whatever entertainment came their way. Over the years the community came to expect, and usually received, high quality fare, witnessing a procession of personalities on the Everett Theatre stage that reads like a Who's Who of American show business in the early 20th Century.

For the first three years the theater offered road show presentations almost exclusively, averaging about one booking a week. For a decade that began with the 1904 season, a mix of road shows and stock company productions prevailed. In the middle of 1914 there was a brief, ill-fated attempt to promote the theater as a vaudeville house, after which the old road show format was reinstated until 1918, when motion picture showings took precedent, with an occasional live presentation thrown in.

During the years before the First World War, Everett was a regular stopping place for road shows that one might not expect to see in a town of such modest size. Local folks were avid theater-goers who turned out in droves to see a good show and the Everett Theatre Company's bill posting and promotional office did a thorough job of advance publicity that drew patrons from all over Snohomish County. The theater itself was modern and well-equipped, not simply capable of staging almost anything but also a genuine pleasure in which to work, an unusually fine facility for a young industrial city like Everett.

Contributing factors to the abundance of name acts were revealed with the discovery of detailed Everett Theatre Company records for the years 1903-1907. Performers got most of the gate. It wasn’t unusual for 75 or even 80 per cent of the gross to go to the attraction. Secondly, the Everett Theatre Company picked up virtually all of the costs. They paid the orchestra and the stage crew. They covered the advertising expenses. For their own part, the Theatre Company dispersed complimentary tickets that must have been excellent public relations for the company. But it is clear from a review of the company books that not much money was made from the attractions side of the business.

However, McChesney had been clever enough to incorporate a second element into the Everett Theatre Company- a profitable outdoor advertising concern. Foster and Kleiser were given their walking papers and the Everett Theatre Company stepped in as the bill poster and sign leaser for the community. The advertising business appears to have been a consistent money maker, keeping the company healthy when the stage performance side was only breaking even.

It appears that mill workers were not always reverent recipients of theatrical fare. If a show was second rate, they could be downright unruly and they were hard on anything resembling pretentiousness. Once during a highbrow drama featuring Shakespearean actor Frederick Warde a rowdy member of the audience supplied loud smacking sound effects for a kissing scene. Warde stalked to the footlights, thrust out a threatening finger and commanded "You will not repeat that beastly insult!" No one did.

When Everett fell for a performer, it could be just as demonstrative in a positive way. International opera star Ernestine Schumann-Heinke swept the city off its feet several times, proving that she didn't have to play to highbrows or limit her performances to cultural hubs to put over bel canto.

One of the first truly big-name performers to appear at the theater was Richard Mansfield. His brilliant make-up for the roles of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Ivan the Terrible and Monsieur Beaucaire proved an inspiration to the youthful Lon Chaney and put Mansfield on the suspect list at Scotland Yard during the Jack the Ripper atrocities. He was known to be a terror to theater personnel as well, haughty, demanding and brutally unforgiving of mistakes. Everett Theatre stagehands were blissfully stunned when Mansfield publicly praised their competence at the close of his Everett engagement in June of 1902.

"The Man of a Thousand Faces" himself once worked at the Everett Theatre, though in November of 1911 no one had heard of Lon Chaney. He was only an eccentric dancer with Max Dill's musical comedy company at the time. By the mid-Twenties, Chaney's film characterizations of Quasimodo and the Phantom of the Opera would pack the theater where he had once performed in obscurity.


Local audiences saw careers being made on the Everett Theatre stage. In the summer of 1906 a young vaudeville song and dance man named Al Jolson had just begun performing as a single. He hoofed and whistled his heart out that August but was left stranded in Everett when his manager skipped town with the box office receipts. Jolson's bitter complaints about the incident appeared in New York trade papers. Nine years later Jolson was back, leading a large company in a road version of his latest Broadway hit, "Dancing Around." His rendition of "Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts for Soldiers" stopped the show and Jolson paused to reminisce about the dire outcome of his previous visit. Perhaps as a result of his earlier experience in Everett, Jolson is said to have developed a habit of personally inspecting the evening's take and putting it in a safe place before going onstage.

Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle romped across the Everett stage long before the scandal that shook Hollywood and destroyed his career. Walrus-faced Mack Swain was Everett's guest for an extended period in 1906 with his successful stock company. Eight years later he and Arbuckle were appearing in Keystone comedy films with Charlie Chaplin. Swain went on to partner with "The Little Tramp" in Chaplin's 1925 masterpiece "The Gold Rush," in which he gave a memorable performance as a starving prospector who imagines Chaplin to be a giant chicken.

Other legendary figures arrived on Colby late in their careers. Lillian Russell, forever identified with the glittering 1890s and her signature song "Come Down Ma Evening Star," came to the Everett twice, with "The Butterfly" in 1907 and again in 1909 heading a production of "Wildfire." Anna Heldappeared as "Ma'mselle Napoleon" in the spring of 1904, returning in "Follow Me" two days before Christmas in 1917. Eight months later she died of bone cancer at age 45.

Minstrel shows were very popular before the First World War and the Everett Theatre booked its share.Richards & Pringle's Famous Georgia Minstrels appeared during nine of the first fifteen seasons. Primrose & Dockstader performed the month after the playhouse opened and when they split up each returned several times more with his own troupe. Haverley's Mastodon Minstrels were also favorites.The Barlow Minstrels, Al G. Fields' Greater Minstrels, Gorton's Famous All-White Minstrels, the Hi Henry Company and William H. West's Big Minstrel Jubilee all appeared during a 15-year period that saw 21 professional companies booked for 40 appearances at the theater, not counting two amateur Elks minstrel shows and two shows staged by sailors from visiting ships.

The Four Cohans, led by the “Yankee Doodle Dandy” George M. himself, played the Everett Theatre on Tuesday, the 24th of May in 1904. The show was "Running For Office," a musical comedy with words, music, libretto, and direction by Cohan. Boasting a cast of 72, it had been a success on Broadway a year earlier and played to enthusiastic audiences in Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago. The show was publicized as a farewell tour for the Four Cohans as George was about to embark on a solo career.

Some unanticipated competition emerged after the show was booked. The dedication of the Masonic Lodge a block south of the Everett Theatre was set for the same night. This event diverted not only a substantial part of the potential audience for the Cohans but took the theater’s house orchestra as well. To make matters worse, a depressed shingle market had forced the closure of most local shingle mills only days before the show hit town.

Details of the Cohan engagement have survived in the records of the Everett Theatre Company. The box office statement, receipts, financial summary, and notes on distribution of complimentary tickets provide a detailed description of the business end of the event.

Attendance that May evening was 415, representing 379 tickets sold and three dozen given away. That amounted to a dismal third of capacity. As it turned out, the Masonic dedication drew about 300 people. None of the $2.00 box seats were sold. 121 orchestra seats had been purchased at $1.50 each, but most of the theatergoers that evening were in the cheap seats. 176 people paid from 50 cents to $1.00 to sit in the balcony and 83 people opted for the two-bit seats in the upper balcony or “peanut gallery.” The box office total for the event amounted to $335.50.

For this engagement the split was 75/25, which meant that the Cohan company took away $251.65. The signature on the Theatre Company form is that of manager Fred Niblo, husband of performer Josie Cohan and brother-in-law of George. Twenty years later Niblo was in Hollywood directing some of the most memorable motion pictures of the silent era, films like "Ben Hur,"Valentino's "Blood & Sand" and Douglas Fairbanks in "The Mark of Zorro." Of course these films were shown in Everett at the same theater where Fred Niblo once accepted some pretty disappointing proceeds for his brother-in-law's troupe.

The Everett Theatre Company's 25 per cent came to $83.85, but out of that they had to pay expenses. Because the house orchestra had been hired away by the Masons, a stand-in group under J. Scott Turney of the Red Men's Hall was brought in. They split $16.50 seven ways for their evening's work. The crew backstage, working under stage manager Bill Farleman divided $8.50. Local newspaper ads cost the company $9, $5 to the Herald, $3 to the Evening Record and $1 to the Labor Journal. $3 went to doormen and ushers, and Mrs. Boyer, the backstage maid, was paid her usual $1 fee.

When all these debts were paid the Everett Theatre Company had just $45.85 left, but the three dozen complimentary tickets they distributed must have had a cash value at least equal to that. The public relations value of free tickets seems always to have been a part of the Everett Theater equation for McChesney and his associates. And some of the "comps" were given in exchange for props or other amenities. For the Cohan engagement a dozen of the free tickets went to local newspapers, though no real review of the performance seems to have appeared.

A diverse selection of other entertainment notables graced the stage in the early years of the century. The sentimental Irish melodies of Chauncey Olcott proved irresistible when he performed in person in 1909. Pugilists Jim Jeffries, Bob Fitzsimmons and Gentleman Jim Corbett took to the stage when the ring ceased to provide for their needs, and though better acting had been seen locally, their efforts were warmly received.

Certain favorite plays returned again and again. Charles Yale's production of "The Devil's Auction" was a familiar attraction and each year saw new special effects added to the fantasy extravaganza. "Uncle Tom's Cabin," the first professional drama staged in Everett back in 1892, was frequently presented, often by Stetson's Big Double Company, which toured the country offering nothing else. Ethnic parodies like "Yon Yonson," "Ole Olson" and "Pete Peterson" were perennial favorites.

Lillian Mason led one of the summer stock companies at the Everett Theatre in 1909. Seventeen years earlier she had appeared at the city's variety box houses, eventually moving up out of the saloons and onto the legitimate stage. Another actress worked the formula in reverse. "Tex" Guinan, who played the Everett in 1911 and 1915 as a cast member in big musical productions, gained fame during the Twenties as a speakeasy proprietor.

Occasionally there was a dazzling succession of major attractions, like the two week period early in the summer of 1913 when Alla Nazimova, Maude Adams as "Peter Pan" and Eddie Foy and the 7 Little Foys appeared one right after the other. Helen Keller spoke the following year. Audiences missed a chance to see Anna Pavlova when her performance was cancelled in 1915 due to poor advance sales, but Ruth St. Denis danced on the Everett Theatre stage that year.

The drama of real life occasionally overshadowed the stage productions. One autumn evening a jealous young lady attacked her rival on the sidewalk in front of the playhouse. The victim had just attended an elaborate performance of the tragedy "Salaambo" but it was the melodrama that developed outside which made the front page of the Herald next day.

The labor problems that erupted during the construction of the theater were omens of things to come. From the outset Everett had an unusually monolithic power structure and in response to this a militant union movement developed. When the theater was completed a prominent painted ad for a brand of cigar made in Snohomish appeared on the building. It was soon pointed out that the cigar maker was non-union and complaints from local labor organizations eventually resulted in the removal of the sign.

When local stage employees organized in 1910, the Everett Theatre Company refused to meet their wage demands. In September the theater went to the top of the Labor Journal's blacklist and a union journalist chided manager Harry Willis, calling him "the suave little man who ran the Everett Theatre until the stage workers closed him down over the stupendous sum of five or six dollars a show." The theater stayed closed until mid-November, when the wage agreement was signed and Willis was replaced by Johnnie Pringle, a pro-union stock company manager. Pringle, who was the father of film star John Gilbert, proceeded to demonstrate just how lucratively the place could be operated while paying union scale, enjoying a prosperous eight-month run.

A more violent confrontation occurred on the evening of Tuesday, August 29th, 1916 when the theater figured in a skirmish that served as a prelude to the tragic "Everett Massacre." Thirty-five strike breakers from a local mill were marched by their employer to the playhouse to be entertained by the "Brilliant Oriental Mysticisms of Alexander, the White Mahatma." By the end of the performance about 150 strikers and their sympathizers had assembled outside and they proceeded to follow the strike breakers down Hewitt Avenue toward the bay. As they neared Grand Avenue violence erupted. In spite of gunshots and flailing clubs, local police rescued the embattled "scabs" before anyone was seriously hurt. An apparent response to the incident was the public declaration two days later that 200 citizens had signed up as volunteers to assist the sheriff in his suppression of "lawless acts." This core group, known as "The Committee," met the steamship Verona on November 5th, preciptating the bloodiest labor violence in Pacific Northwest history.

The theater reflected the trends of the times. Initially road show versions of musicals and celebrity productions dominated. When stock companies were in vogue, the Everett Theatre ran stock. When stock gave way to vaudeville, circuit acts were booked and for a brief period the theater was even known as the "Pantages Everett." This turned out to be an unauthorized use of the name by a relative of vaudeville mogul Alexander Pantages, who ended the venture with an injunction. Just as effective in inhibiting more extensive use of the theater for this purpose was the presence of Joe St.Peter's Rose Theater, a popular circuit vaudeville house across the alley from the Everett. Local audiences were affectionately loyal to the Rose, which kept a firm hold on local vaudeville activity during most of it's seventeen year career, 1910-27.

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The Ascending Silver Screen
Movies became a part of the theater's fare at an early date. The first film attraction was a feature newsreel of a prize fight presented in February of 1906. Because of the primitive machinery and highly flammable film, movies were considered risky business. A jury-rigged projector and screen were set up in spite of objections from the theater's insurance agent. Though spared a fire, the management was humiliated by the failure of the projection machine just before the knockout. In 1909 another attempt was made to screen movies at the Everett- this time the insurance company's protestations caused the show to be cancelled.

Almost four years elapsed before the theater management tried again. Late in February of 1913 footage of the Pendelton Rodeo received enthusiastic audience response. That spring Lubin and Kalem productions were shown and in the fall Edison productions were booked for a three day stint.

The following year there were no less than eight film bookings, including a documentary on Antarctica with live narration and an early attempt at synchronized sound featuring Scot comic Harry Lauder. In May a series of vaudeville shows used short film chasers to close each performance.

But the watershed year for local cinema proved to be 1916. Late in June the Everett Theatre exhibited D.W. Griffith's "The Birth of a Nation," an historical extravaganza so popular that it was brought back at the end of the year for a return engagement. A second blockbuster, the Thomas Ince film "Civilization", followed in September. These features provided powerful evidence that movies were no longer mere novelties but had become major attractions in their own right.

In 1918 the Everett Theatre was leased by former grocer Charles Swanson. Movies were eclipsing vaudeville and stock, so Swanson had the old proscenium boxes boarded up, the angle being too steep for decent movie viewing, and from August of 1918 the theater served principally as a movie house. Celluloid images of Theda Bara, Douglas Fairbanks, John Barrymore, Mary Pickford, Charles Chaplin and Dorothy Gish supplanted most of the live acts. The following year Swanson incorporated the Star Amusement Company and the Everett Theatre became part of his near-monopoly of local theaters.

One of the early film offerings after the change-over was Paramount's "Riddle Gawne", a western starring William S. Hart, who had appeared in person ten years before as "The Virginian." Many famous personalities who played the theater as live acts in earlier days returned during the Star Amusement era, but they were almost always on the screen instead of on stage.

When a celebrity did arrive in the flesh, his reputation was often the product of his film career. Character actor Henry B. Walthall was a respected representative of the legitimate stage, but most of the Everett audience for his live performance in Ibsen's "Ghosts" in 1920 remembered him as "The Little Colonel" from Griffith's "Birth of a Nation" four years earlier. A visitor the following year was handsome screen star Wallace Reid, a box-office idol created on the clean-cut American boy formula who was soon to die from the ravages of drug addiction.

Live entertainment gradually disappeared from the stages of local theaters. Vaudeville eclipsed stock and the motion picture novelties that were initially little more than chasers on vaudeville bills grew into feature films that crowded live acts from the stage. During the first three years of its existence, the Everett Theatre had operated between 60 and 80 days each year, offering mostly road shows. This schedule increased to an average of 132 days per year between 1905 and 1911, when stock companies were prominently featured as a backup to road shows. Thereafter, yearly use dropped to about 50 days until Swanson introduced his heavy schedule of movie bookings. In 1919 the theater was open 362 days, showing film 347 of those days. Each film cost less than a live show to present and movies often drew crowds comparable to the most successful live attractions.


In 1923, a disastrous fire swept through the Everett Opera House, entirely destroying the interior and causing the front wall to partially collapse. The theater was rebuilt almost entirely, and reopened as the 1,200 seat New Everett Theater in 1924. It featured both film and live stage shows in its first couple decades of operation.

At dawn on the morning of December 11, 1923 the city garbage collector pulled his wagon into the alley behind the theater and noticed smoke coming from the basement. He phoned in an alarm at 6:50 a.m. For the next three hours three dozen firemen struggled to control the blaze.

The fire apparently began under the stage near the orchestra pit and raced up the stage draperies to the wooden framing in the flies. It was an exceedingly dangerous fire to fight. Firemen who had battled their way back stage dodged falling counterweights and sandbags from the rigging loft, flames undermining the floor beneath their feet and the ceiling overhead. They were finally forced to retreat and concentrate on preventing the fire's spread.

Newly appointed Fire Chief C.E. Swanson's most vivid memory of the conflagration, however, concerned the awful effect it had on the city's fire loss record for the year. Up to that point it had been amazingly low, about 50 cents per capita. When the smoke cleared that figure had quadrupled.

By the time the ceilings collapsed the building was the focus of a liquid crossfire from three hoses on the roof of the bank building to the north, several more atop shops to the south, and a high pressure stream from across Colby Avenue.

Another squad of firemen dodged falling bricks in the alley at the rear, battling to prevent the flames from spreading eastward. In that direction lay the Rose Theatre, its marquees advertising a film called "The Midnight Alarm...the most sensational fire feature ever produced." Rose manager Joe St.Peter was forced to admit he had been upstaged.

The call-board backstage was lost in the flames. Autographed by dozens of celebrities over the years, it was a bittersweet symbol of more than two decades of rich theatrical history reduced to smoldering rubble.

There were rumors of arson but the insurance company saw no problem. Before the ashes were cold the Everett Improvement Company and Star Amusement announced plans to collaborate on the theater's reconstruction, declaring "We will rebuild at once."


The theater had been essentially gutted, with wreckage from the upper sections tumbled in upon the main floor. However, except for the very top of the flies, the exterior walls were essentially intact. Even today bricked-up window openings and doorways dating from 1901 are clearly visible from the alley and rear of the structure. Hidden within are fragments of original ornamental plaster which still cling to these bearing walls.

While minimal demolition was done on the north, south and east walls, the entire west front was torn away to be replaced by a clean, formal Renaissance facade. Author of this new look was an elusive Seattle designer named Fitzherbert Leather. At various times employed as an illustrator, a publisher, an architect, a fruit exchange manager, vice-president of a promotional organization and accountant for an ad agency, Leather showed himself to be a deft manipulator of formal design elements. He discreetly incorporated garlands of terra cotta into the buff brick face, which was otherwise almost severe in its simplicity. Relieving the classical symmetry was a new entrance in the northwest corner. From the foyer a ramp to the mezzanine and balcony swept majestically upward to the south

Winter didn't delay the process of reconstruction. A contract for $106,500 was awarded in mid-February, though the final expenditure, including furnishings and equipment, approached a quarter of a million dollars.

A great deal of publicity was given the 68-foot steel girder which was to support the rebuilt balcony and mezzanine. While the original main balcony had rested upon posts set in the main floor, the new steel span, anchored to footings extending 23 feet below the auditorium floor, eliminated the need for sight-obstructing uprights. At 17 tons, it was reportedly the largest single piece of structural steel ever erected in the county.

The man in charge of raising it into place was George Wallace. He was working high on a scaffold on a Monday afternoon in mid-March when the chain hoist broke. Thirty thousand pounds of steel crashed downward. Wallace's left arm was severed by the chain and he plunged 30 feet into the basement. By some miracle he not only survived but walked to the ambulance. In spite of the mishap, the project proceeded on schedule.

Statistics deluged the local newspapers during construction. The building utilized nearly 250,000 pounds of steel, more than 50 tons of it to reinforce the concrete that comprised the auditorium and mezzanine floors and the new roof. Thirteen tons of steel went into the gridiron over the stage and, as noted, the balcony girder weighed in at 34,000 pounds.

A gilded proscenium arch measured 28 feet wide by 24 feet high. Audiences would bask in the warmth generated by a $22,000 Birchfield boiler. The second balcony, sometimes called the "peanut gallery," was a twisted shambles after the fire and was not rebuilt. The new main balcony extended 20 feet further toward the proscenium which was, in turn, shifted about 10 feet eastward to allow extra seating. The seating capacity remained at the 1901 figure of 1200.

At 30 by 68 feet, the reconstructed stage was a bit smaller than the original but still, in the words of the management, "suitable for any size or description of road show or legitimate production that has yet come west." Among the ten dressing rooms beneath the stage was an "animal compartment," a special shower stall with a tethering ring to accommodate performing beasts like seals and ponies.

Though ample provision was made for live stage performances, the feature presentation for the grand opening on Friday, August 29th, 1924 was a movie called "The Reckless Age." This reopening was considerably less formal than the corresponding event in 1901. The mayor and other dignitaries did participate in an official evening ceremony, but the theater had really been opened for a matinee at 1:00 the same afternoon and turn-away crowds opted for an early look. D.G. Inverarity, brought in by the Fox organization as interim manager and troubleshooter, was on hand to extend a personal welcome.

Opening night the stage crew found a very personal method of marking the event. They slid into the narrow space behind the main switchboard and penciled an inscription: "House opened Aug. 29, 1924. Carpenter M. Forslund. Electrician F. Tucker. Props E. Lemon. Flyman H. Olson."

All seasoned veterans, this crew embodied a substantial amount of local theater history. Milt Forslund, nicknamed "Swede," was working at the old Acme Theatre as early as 1912. He died at age 79 in 1966. Fred Tucker began as a stagehand at the Rose vaudeville theater during World War One, but his training in electrical systems helped establish him as stage electrician and eventually projectionist at the Everett Theatre. Ernest E. Lemon was a charter member of Local 180, Everett's stage employees union organized in March of 1910. He worked for the Everett Theatre as a bill poster as far back as 1904, but soon advanced to the role of properties manager. Harry O. Olson, also a charter member of Local 180, worked at the Rose Theatre as well as the Everett, in charge of the vast complex of ropes and weights that controlled the curtains and backdrops.

The ground floor facade of the "New Everett Theatre" was finished in gleaming glazed white brick with onyx baseboards. The color scheme inside was predominantly cream and gold tones with touches of blue and rose. "Electric gardens" flanked the proscenium arch above the gilded grillwork of the organ chambers.

The new auditorium was in fact an acoustically sophisticated elliptical shell fitted within the north, south and east walls of the original 1901 structure. The theater organ, with its arsenal of special effects, resonated through the building as if the structure itself was a part of the musical instrument. Not only was the organ the basic day-to-day workhorse which provided accompaniment for the movies, it was also used for musical prologues and was regularly featured in matinee concerts.

There were still live performances at the theater, most significantly imaginative prologues used to introduce the feature films. This proved to be the forte of the manager who took over from D.G. Inverarity a year after the reopening. Raymond E. "Chuck" Charles came to Everett from Portland, where he had been managing the Columbia for Universal West Coast Theaters. Half a century after the fact he still took great pleasure reminiscing about the splendid prologues he produced at the Everett, especially one South Seas number with simulated underwater choreography. Charles used children from the dance classes of local instructor Betty Spooner, dangling some of them from invisible wires behind artfully decorated scrim. When properly lit it made them appear to be swimming underwater with fish and seahorses.

Live feature presentations appeared at intervals as well. George Arliss performed as "Disraeli" shortly after the reopening and he was followed by the farewell tour appearance of ballet star Anna Pavlova in February of 1925. In August of that year a large production of Sheridan's "The Rivals" starring Mrs. Fiske and Chauncey Olcott was staged. But the theater essentially returned to the motion picture format initiated back in 1918. During the reconstruction process the Apollo Theatre on Hewitt Avenue served as the city's first-run movie house, but as soon as it was up and operating again, the Everett Theatre resumed its dominant position and began block booking major studio releases.

The local entertainment business, which had seen as many as eight theaters competing in 1915, had settled by the mid-Twenties into a stable group of movie houses controlled by Star Amusement. Three years after the Everett reopened, Star acquired the Rose vaudeville house, the sole surviving independent, and remodeled it into the Granada. In 1929 the Balboa was erected on Wetmore Avenue. Though it was just another theater at the time, this completed the trio of allied movie houses, the Everett, Balboa and Granada, that was to endure for nearly a quarter of a century.


In 1929, Fox acquired the theater, and continued to run it into the 1950’s. 

In April of 1929 control of the city's six movie houses, including the Everett Theatre, passed from the Star Amusement Company to Fox West Coast Theaters, Inc., part of the nationwide chain of entrepreneur William Fox. Charles A. Swanson, former president of Star Amusement, stayed on as local executive while the new proprietors invested $55,000 in a renovation and remodel project that included a vertical electric sign for the northwest corner and installation of a Fox Movietone sound system. The "Fox Everett Theatre" was thrown open to the public on October 23rd, 1929.

That reopening took place on the Wednesday before "Black Thursday," the day of the Wall Street Crash. Fox's financial fortunes slid from bad to worse and in the spring of 1933 "Fox" disappeared from the theater's facade. With the other survivors, the Granada and the Balboa, it became part of the newly formed Everett Theatres Company. Swanson served briefly as vice president of this organization before returning to the grocery business from whence he had come. Plagued by business troubles, he took his own life in 1937, a newspaper obituary describing him as the man who once "owned all the theaters in Everett."

Shortly after the Fox sign came down a new, more contemporary marquee went up, with a reader board extending along most of its length. This slender band with its myriad lights was surmounted by a bright, simple sign identifying the theater as "The EVERETT."

An enduring fixture from the Fox era proved to be manager William H. Hartford, who was destined to serve in that capacity at the Everett Theater for almost twenty years. Brought to Everett from Bellingham, where he had been operating Fox chain theaters, Hartford once served as manager of Seattle's Orpheum Theatre. His tenure at the Everett from 1929 through 1948 was easily the longest in the theater's history.


Colby Avenue Rivals
In the mid-Thirties the Everett Theatre received an impudent challenge from a small, slick, Moderne movie house which arose from the shell of a store building directly across the street. The Roxy opened in May of 1935 under the management of former Everett Theatre manager Chuck Charles. With the mischievous Charles at the helm, the 700-seat Roxy was to engage in gleeful rivalry with its more imposing counterpart across Colby for nearly forty years. Charles especially seemed to enjoy the role of apparent underdog, single-handedly taking on the Everett, Granada and Balboa.

During the decade of the Depression, the ammunition for this rivalry was an embarrassment of cinematic riches. Gable and Garbo. Cagney, Bogart, and Robinson. Tracy and Hepburn. Harlow. Dietrich. William Powell and Myrna Loy. Carol Lombard. Bette Davis. Cary Grant.

This was the era of the gala movie musical and Everett audiences embraced the genre. Busby Berkeley, Astaire and Rogers. Nelson Eddy and Jeannette MacDonald, Bing Crosby. And the wonderful Thirties comedies were well received, from Mae West and W.C. Fields to Will Rogers and the Marx Brothers.

Sometimes outgunned by blockbuster features at the Everett, the Roxy wooed and won the younger audience with horse operas starring Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and the Lone Ranger. Interestingly enough, both the Everett and the Roxy were scooped in March of 1938 when the Granada hosted Disney's "Snow White." It's uncertain just why the smaller house was chosen, but the picture's RCA-enhanced "Magic Voice of the Screen" sound system may have been more easily adaptable to the Granada's Vitaphone equipment and fixed screen than to the Fox Movietone setup at the Everett, where the screen was rigged to be raised and lowered.

Mickey Mouse was so popular that there was an Everett Theatre-based Mickey Mouse Club with its own newsletter as early as 1931. During the Thirties it became standard operating procedure to fill out any bill with a couple of the irresistible rodent's adventures. Manager Hartford advertised these mouse cartoon multiples as "Mickey Mice."

Thirties classics like "Grand Hotel" and "The Thin Man" drew crowds in spite of the hard times. The timeless Universal monster films "Frankenstein" and "Dracula" and RKO's "King Kong" were popular cinematic fare. Errol Flynn's memorable "Robin Hood" was especially well-received locally, in part because the screenplay was co-authored by Everett High alum Seton Miller.

When the Everett Theatre scored impressively with "The Wizard of Oz," which played September 8-13, 1939, the Roxy countered with Cagney and Robinson crime dramas from Warner Brothers. The breathlessly awaited local showing of Selznick's "Gone With the Wind" also took place at the Everett Theatre in March of 1940, three months after the Atlanta premiere and prefaced by a week's worth of ads for advance tickets.

It was a time of great movie stars and memorable movies and for local audiences the memories were fondly linked to the theater where they enjoyed those wonderful films.



In 1952, the theater received a major remodeling which removed much of the orignal 1920’s interior decor, and a Space-Age style marquee was added to the pink-marble facade. The original foyers and lobby spaces were totally gutted and rebuilt at the time, adding concession stands and a new ticket window. 

With the cryptic irony that sometimes suffuses matters of economics and culture, local theaters somehow weathered depression and world war only to fall victim in a time of peace and prosperity to perils none could have anticipated. Perhaps most damaging of these was television, which has been blamed for the death of the Everett's two sister theaters, the Granada and Balboa, in 1953 and 1954 respectively. During the early Fifties there was a precipitous decline in movie attendance and the closures were part of a strategic restructuring that began in 1952 with a remodel of the Everett Theatre. This renovation prepared the venerable playhouse to function as a solo entity again, for the first time since it joined the Star Amusement group back in l9l9.

Manager Willis Cooley announced that architects from the prestigious firm of B. Marcus Priteca would undertake the modernization for Evergreen Theaters, the organization that superseded the Everett Theatres Company. A great deal of expense and effort was expended in the vicinity of the proscenium. The "electric gardens" and plaster ornament that surrounded the stage opening were done away with, replaced by modern abstract wall reliefs and an elaborate set of draperies. The faithful theater organ was removed and sold to the Seattle School District. New seating was installed, reducing the capacity from 1200 to just over 970. The projection area was refurbished and updated with the latest Simplex projectors. Extensive reworking of the mezzanine included elimination of the ramp in favor of a conventional stair. A dazzling concession section appeared in the center of the ground floor foyer.

While little of the upper facade was disturbed, the ground floor level was extensively altered. The entry was shifted from the northwest corner to the center of the building, restoring the sort of symmetry present in the 1901 facade. Above this new plate-glass entrance with its freestanding octagonal ticket kiosk was an imposing neon marquee of triangular plan extending well out over the sidewalk. A revolving neon creation echoing the kiosk octagon and evoking star and planet motifs rose above the reader board of the marquee. More than a mile of tubing went into this remarkable display. Pink marble was used to face the entire lower facade. In its own way, this 1952 design work was as strikingly evocative a period piece as Bebb's 1901 west front.

The gala opening, with a country western band, fireworks and a street parade featuring equestrian maneuvers by the Snohomish County Sheriff's Mounted Posse, took place on the evening of October 8th, 1952, a couple of days after GOP presidential candidate Dwight D. Eisenhower whistle-stopped Everett. Cinemascope, one of the innovations by which the movie industry hoped to win back customers in the early Fifties, was not a part of the 1952 renovation of the Everett but was retrofitted the following year. That same year the 3-D fad also turned up at the Everett.

In July of 1958 the theater came under the management of Dick Goldsworthy, an energetic promoter who matched the enthusiasm and ingenuity of the Roxy's Chuck Charles and the two men grappled good-naturedly until Goldsworthy's departure in 1963. Under Goldsworthy renewed energy was expended toward scheduling celebrity appearances and promotional events. This was the era of the Pepsi Bottlecap Auction and visits from television personalities Stan Boreson and Captain Puget. No Friday the Thirteenth was allowed to pass without a special horror movie event featuring blackouts, costumed monsters and coffins.


In 1979, the declining theater prompted the Everett’s owners to chop the balcony into two small auditoriums, triplexing the theater, in the hopes it would attract more theater-goers. The new three-screen Everett proved unpopular and within a decade, the theater had closed. 

It was apparent by the mid-Sixties that managers like Charles and Goldsworthy were a vanishing breed. By the time Chuck Charles witnessed the closure of the Roxy in the early Seventies, a theater he had managed for nearly four decades, the Everett Theatre was going through one or two managers a year. These managers were rarely around long enough to familiarize themselves with the situation, let alone engage in much promotional activity. As the theater passed from one entertainment corporation to another, generic management was increasingly the rule. And though a location in the heart of the central business district had once been a powerfully positive factor for the theater, it became a liability during the Seventies, when outlying shopping malls were draining the life from the old downtown.

In 1973 the first of a series of multiplex cinemas were constructed at the Everett Mall, some five miles south of the city's core. If these new shoe-box movie houses represented the future of motion picture exhibition, they also cast doubt on the viability of theaters with a past. Before the end of the year the Roxy was sold, shut down and gutted, leaving the Everett as the only theater in the central business district.

Within a year or two of the Roxy closure, concern about the eventual fate of the Everett began to manifest itself in local circles. The State Office of Archaeology & Historic Preservation prepared nomination forms on the theater during the summer of 1975 and it was placed on the State Register of Historic Places. That same year the Everett Arts Commission began exploring the possibility of acquiring the structure for the community and in the spring of 1977 city council gave their approval to the idea of offering the owners, the Mann Theaters Corporation, $370,000 for the building. It was sold instead to Orewash Theaters, Inc.

In the summer of 1978, permits were secured by Orewash for a $90,000 remodel project that would see the installation of two movie screens in the balcony. Earlier that year another multiplex trio opened near the Everett Mall and the "triplexing" of the Everett Theatre was an apparent attempt to remain competitive. It also seemed to some to border on vandalism, though minimal permanent damage was inflicted. Before the remodel occurred, yet another unsuccessful plea for public acquisition was made. The modifications were completed early in 1979. The new three-screen arrangement allowed the Everett Theatre to function for another decade, though the neglected state of the building caused increasing comment and ticket prices dropped as low as 99 cents.


Late in the spring of 1989 the heating plant ceased to function. The management continued to do business through the warm summer months but with the onset of September weather, the house went dark.

Once again there were stirrings of concern within the community, but no consensus emerged. Perhaps in part because of the sad example of the nearby Monte Cristo Hotel, an historic landmark which had languished in a derelict state for a quarter century in spite of periodic attempts to finance renovation, there was skepticism, even cynicism about the theater's viability.

And there was a counter proposal afoot, a plan to build a new stage facility as part of a civic center complex. By odd coincidence, successful rehabilitation of historic theaters was in evidence in just about every major community in Western Washington except Everett, but weeks rolled by and it became clear that city hall would not undertake an Everett Theatre restoration. Arson attempts inflicted minor damage to the building. Then, as the first anniversary of the theater's closure approached and the landmark seemed to dangle as perilously as the endangered heroine of an old melodrama, a group of concerned citizens organized the Everett Theatre Society. They boldly declared their intention to acquire and restore the landmark and return it to use as a live-performance theater and a cornerstone of Everett's historic urban core.

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The struggles of the Everett Theatre Society over the next three years deserve a volume of their own. After countless small victories and major setbacks, heartbreaks, inspirations, blood, sweat and tears, they reopened the Everett Theatre to the public on September 10th, 1993 with the first of nine performances of Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean. Since that memorable, emotional evening, the Society has filled the building with plays and cinema and put the Everett Theatre firmly back into the center of the life of downtown Everett. The Society now holds title to the building and has marshaled a broad base of community support. A recent renovation, which unfortunately erased every vestige of the Priteca work from 1952, put the facility in remarkable condition for its centenary. While challenges still abound, the popularity and viability of this landmark institution have been powerfully demonstrated and its continued role as a downtown resource seems virtually assured.

As a place where generations of Everett residents have been entertained, the theater may well hold more fond memories for more people than any other building in the community. In a city where eight theaters once competed for patronage, it is the sole survivor of a rich and colorful theatrical history. Fortunately for Everett, the versatile, durable grande dame of Colby Avenue has always been the most important one of all.

Sitting vacant for several years, a concerned group of citizens rallied to the decaying theater’s aide, and formed the Everett Theater Society, to save and restore the Everett to its 1924 appearance.

Restoration took place between 2000 and 2004 and the theater now screens classic movies and concerts and stage productions as well. One of them wore carpenter's bib overalls. The contractor hired a night watchman but before long a compromise had been worked out by the building trades council. 

Even after all the attempts from the Everett Theatre Society to make the theatre a viable entertainment venue lack of funds and legal battles once again appeared to signal the doom the grand dame of Everett, but like a cat with nine lives the theatre found a new hope. The Shriner family purchased the theatre and kept it from the wreaking ball once again.  Investing thousands in new lighting and sound the theatre was brought into the new era. Now the theatre could bring in entertainment that for years local citizens of Everett had to travel to Seattle to see. Their first act was the 1970's supergroup "Little River Band" the theatre once again felt the thrill of a sellout audience. The theatre once again is one of the centerpieces for a revitalized downtown Everett.


Early 1900's 











November 4th, 1901-December 10th, 1923



Nov 4          OPENING NIGHT: “The Casino Girl” with Clara Palmer and

Frank Bernard. (musical)

Nov 6          James R. McCann in Hoyt's "A Texas Steer" (farce)

Nov 9          Dan & Charles Mason as "Rudolph & Adolph" (comedy)

Nov 19         Channing Ellery's Royal Italian Band (concert)

Nov 20         Daniel Frawley in "Secret Service" (drama)

Nov 25         S. Miller Kent in "The Cowboy & The Lady" (play)

Nov 28         McQuarrie's Minstrels

Nov 30         Sarah Cowell LeMoyne in "The First Duchess of Marlborough"


Dec 4           Charles Yale Company in "The Devil's Auction" (musical)

Dec 6           Black Patti's Troubadors

Dec 14         Richard Golden in "Old Jed Prouty" (play)

Dec 17         Grau's Opera Company in "El Capitan" (Sousa operetta)

Dec 21         Frederick Warde in "Julius Caesar" (Shakespeare tragedy)

Dec 27         Primrose & Dockstader's Big Minstrels

Dec 30         Jubilee Singers (concert)



Jan 2            Dean Raymond & Jesse Durand in “What Happened to Jones.”

Jan 7            Edith Yerrington & Herbert Cawthorn in “The Burgomaster”                           (musical)

Jan 11           Willson's Juvenile Minstrels.

Jan 21           Pollard's Australian Juvenile Opera Co. in “Gaiety Girl.”

Jan 25           Scottish concert celebrating Robert Burns' birthday.

Feb 1          Harry Leighton & Charlotte Tittell in “Prisoner of Zenda.”

Feb 4           Pianist Josef Hoffman.

Feb 6           “Rupert of Hentzau.”

Feb 7           The Enoch Arden Concert Company.

Feb 10          Elizabeth Hale & Hamilton Armour in “East Lynne.”

Feb 15          Diamond Brothers Minstrels.

Feb 16          Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Feb 19,20     Florence Roberts in “Zaza” and “Sappho.”

Feb 22          May Vokes and Charles Bowser in “Whose Baby Are You?”

Feb 24          Melbourne McDowell and Florence Stone in “La Tosca.”

Mar 4           Daniel Sully in “The Parish Priest.”

Mar 7           Christian Science lecture by William G. Ewing.

Mar 13         Charles Dalton in “The Sign of the Cross.”

Mar 15         Edward Morgan & Elsie Leslie in “The Christian.”

Mar 18         Charles A. Gardner in “The Eleventh Hour.”

Mar 19, 20    “Queen Esther” (YMCA amateur dramatic cantata).

Mar 22         Stetson's Big Double Company in “Uncle Tom's Cabin.”


Mar 28         Rose Coghlan in “Forget Me Not.”

Apr 4           Charles B. Hanford in “The Taming of the Shrew.” (Shakespeare)

Apr 5           Barlow's Minstrels.

Apr 7           Blanche Walsh in “La Madeline” (Cancelled- Miss Walsh injured

 in Whatcom County).

Apr 10         Ralph Stuart in “By Right of Sword.”

Apr 12         Douglas Flint in “When Reuben Comes to Town.”

Apr 14         John B. Hymer in “Ostler Joe.”

Apr 17         “Way Down East.”

Apr 21         Howard Kyle in “Nathan Hale.”

Apr 22         Frederick Warde in “The Mountebank.”

Apr 26         Matsuda & the Royal Japanese Jugglers, plus four other acts.

May 1, 2       Rag Time Outing amateur benefit for Everett Public Library.

May 9, 10     Clara Hanmer in “A True Kentuckian” & “The Danites.”

May 17         Lew Morrison in “Faust.”

May 20         Nat Goodwin & Maxine Elliott in “When We Were Twenty-One.”

May 30         Everett High School Commencement Ceremonies.

Jun 12                    Richard Mansfield in “Monsieur Beaucaire.”

Aug 2           Pollard's Australian Juvenile Opera Co. in “H.M.S. Pinafore.”

Aug 23         Richards & Pringle's Famous Georgia Minstrels.

Sept 6           Tivoli Opera Company with Ferris Hartman & Amelia Myers

in “The Toy Maker” and “Serenade.”

Sep 10, 11    Gorton's Famous All White Minstrels.

Sep 16          Barney Ferguson & John Mack in “McCarthy's Mishaps.”

Sep 22          Professor M.G. Steel's stereopticon & phonographic

exhibition (Woodmen's entertainment).

Sep 27          Boxer Robert Fitzsimmons in “The Honest Blacksmith.”

Oct 2           (Season opener) Louis James & Frederick Warde in Shakespeare's

“The Tempest.”

Oct 4           Belasco-George Juvenile Specialty Company & Brass Band.

Oct 7           Elsa Ryan in “Nevada.”

Oct 11          Neil Burgess in “The County Fair.”

Oct 14          Raymond Hitchcock in “King Dodo” (comic opera).

Oct 20          Myles McCarthy in “The Penitent.”

Oct 21          Gallagher & Barrett in “Finnegan's Ball" (comedy).

Oct 26          Channing Ellery's Royal Italian Band.

Oct 27          Fisher & Ryley present “Floradora.”

Oct 31          J.H. Stoddard in “The Bonnie Briar Bush.”

Nov 1          Nelse Erickson in “Yon Yonson” (ethnic comedy).

Nov 3          Horace Lewis in “A Poor Relation.”

Nov 6          Gray & Heckert's Comedians in “Hunting for Hawkins.”

Nov 11         Haverly's Mastodon Minstrels.

Nov 12         Hermann the Great (magician).

Nov 13         “Over the Fence.”

Nov 15         Ned Nye and Floye Redledge in “The Belle of New York.”

Nov 17         James Galloway in “Shore Acres.”

Nov 20         James F. MacDonald in “Hello Bill.”

Nov 21         Florence Roberts in “Zaza.”

Nov 24         Stuart Robson in “Henrietta.”

Nov 26         Bobby Matthews & Herbert Ashley in “Alphonse & Gaston.”

Nov 28         Grace Estelle Clark in “Hearts of Oak.”

Dec 7           Elk's Club memorial program.

Dec 8           Thomas Jefferson in “Rip Van Winkle.”

Dec 10         Edward & Selina Fetter Royal in “Friends.”

Dec 11         James Jeffries & Robert Fitzsimmons (boxing demonstration).

Dec 15         Richard Golden in “Foxy Quiller.”

Dec 16         Andrew Robson in “Richard Carvel.”

Dec 20         Primrose & Dockstader's Minstrels  (cancelled).

Dec 24         Sullivan & Mack in “The Irish Pawnbroker.”

Dec 25         The Great Eastern Vaudeville Company.

Dec 30         Kirke LeShelle Comic Opera Company.



Jan 3            “The Telephone Girl” (musical, cancelled because of strike).

Jan 21           Charles H. Yale presents “The Devil's Auction”

(staged with non-union labor because of strike).

Jan 23           Gavin Spencer & Flora McDonald in a Grand Scottish Concert.

Feb 9           Stetson's Big Double Co. in “Uncle Tom's Cabin.”(melodrama).

Feb 11          Murray & Mack in “The Real Fellows.” (comedy).

Feb 14          “Lord Strathmore” with Virginia Drew Trescott.

Feb 16          Daniel Sully in “The Old Mill Stream.”

Feb 17          Christian Science Lecture by Carol Norton.

Feb 19          Knute Erickson in “The Man From Sweden.” (ethnic comedy).

Feb 20          Florence Roberts in “Magda.” (drama).

Mar 2           Charles B. Hanford in Shakespeare's "Much Ado About


Mar 6           “Lover's Lane.”

Mar 10         Clara Louise Thompson in “The Chinook.”

Mar 14         S. Miller Kent in “The Cowboy & The Lady.”

Mar 16         Kate Claxton in “The Two Orphans” (drama).

Apr 3           Al G. Fields' Greater Minstrels.

Apr 13         “Cinderella” (amateur benefit operetta).

Apr 16         Mrs. Brune in “Unorna.” (drama).

Apr 18         Rose Coghlan in “The Second Mrs. Tanqueray” (cancelled).

Apr 20         William H. Crane in “David Harum.” (drama).

Apr 25         Greater Barlow Minstrels.

May 1           Seattle Glee Club Concert.

May 6           Ben Hendricks in “Ole Olson” (ethnic comedy-drama).

May 14         “Our New Minister” (drama).

May 23         “Zig-Zag Alley” with Ben Dillon (musical variety).

Jun 8-11       McEwen, the 8th Wonder of the World  (hypnotist, magician).

Jun 12                    Everett High School Commencement Ceremonies

Jun 17                    American Grand Opera Company in “Il Trovatore.”

Jul 2-4                    McEwen, the Great (hypnotist, magician- see also June 8-11).

Jul 9             Nat Goodwin in “The Altar of Friendship” (comedy).

Jul 24           Richard Jose Minstrels.

Aug 1-3        Pacific Kystens Norske Sangerforbund  (Sons of Norway


Aug 6           “The Prince and the Pauper” (amateur drama sponsored by

Banner Rebekah Lodge 60).

Aug 21         Walter Sanford's Players in “Sporting Life” (drama).

Sep 2            Ezra Kendall in “The Vinegar Buyer” (comedy).

Sep 7            “A Texas Steer” with Milt G. Barlow & May Bretonne


Sep 10          “The Chaperones” with John G. Sparks (musical comedy).

Sep 25          “The Burgomaster” with Ruth White and Oscar Figman

(musical comedy).

Sep 26          S.Miller Kent in “Fighting Bob” (drama).

Oct 5           “A Friend of the Family” with George Barnum and Alice

Johnson (comedy).

Oct 6           Louis James & Frederick Warde in “Alexander the Great” (drama).

Oct 10          Ellery's Royal Italian Band.

Oct 14          Herbert Kelcey & Effie Shannon in “Sherlock Holmes.”


Oct 17          “The Dairy Farm” with Tony West (comedy).

Oct 24          Haverly's Mastodon Minstrels with Billy Van.

Oct 31          James Neill in “A Gentleman of France” (romantic comedy).

Nov 2          Richard Golden in “King Dodo” (musical comedy).

Nov 7          William H. West's Big Minstrel Jubilee.

Nov 12         Nelse Erickson in “Yon Yonson” (Swedish dialect musical).

Nov 26         “A Millionaire Tramp” (comedy-drama).

Nov 27         “The Toreador” with Jefferson D'Angelis (musical comedy).

Dec 2           William B. Patton in “The Minister's Son” (comedy drama).

Dec 3           DeWolf Hopper in “Mr. Pickwick” with Digby Bell  (musical).

Dec 8           Lulu Glaser in “Dolly Varden” (comic opera).

Dec 10         “The Two Sisters” (drama).

Dec 12         Minstrel show by crew of battleship New York.

Dec 28         University of Washington Musical Club Grand Concert.

Dec 31         Florence Roberts in “The Frisky Mrs. Johnson” (play selected

by audience from five choices).



Jan 1            Florence Roberts in “The Frisky Mrs. Johnson” (comedy drama).

Jan 2            Andrew Robson in “Richard Carvel” (drama).

Jan 7            “Foxy Grandpa” with Joe Hart (musical comedy).

Jan 9            Marie Heath in “For Mother's Sake” (drama).

Jan 10           Judge S.J. Hanna, Christian Science lecturer.

Jan 12           “Way Down East” (melodrama) presented by Wiliam Brady.

Jan 16           Marie Wainwright in “The Twelfth Night” (Shakespeare).

Jan ?             “The Billionaire” (cancelled after death of actor Jerome Sykes).

Jan 22           “Lost River” (melodrama).

Jan 28           “Happy Hooligan” (comedy).

Jan 31           “Are You A Mason?” with Edward B. Kellie.

Feb 3           “The Devil's Auction” (fantasy extravaganza).

Feb 5           Florence Roberts in “Zaza” (drama).

Feb 9           Ibsen's “Ghosts” with Alberta Gallatin (drama).

Feb 14          “The Kilties” Gordon Highlanders of Canada (military band concert).

Feb 17          Paul Gilmore in “The Mummy & the Hummingbird” (comedy).

Feb 22          The Bostonians in “Robin Hood” with W.H. McDonald and

Gertrude Zimmer (musical).

Feb 25          Daniel Sully in “The Chief Justice” (romance).

Mar 5           Ben Hendricks in “Eric of Sweden” (musical).

Mar 8           Murray & Mack in “A Night on Broadway” (musical comedy).

Mar 18         Rose Cecilia Shay in “Bohemian Girl.”

Mar 22         Ward & Wade's Magnificent Minstrels (featuring"The Carnival of

Venice," a $5000 scenic & electrical "first part").

Mar 25         Stetson's Original Big Double Company in “Uncle Tom's Cabin.”

Mar 28         Anna Held in “Mam'selle Napoleon” (musical comedy).

Apr 2           Blanche Walsh in “Resurrection” (drama).

Apr 4           Rose Coghlan in “The Greatest Thing in the World” (drama).

Apr 9           “The Silver Slipper” with Ann Tyrell (musical).

Apr 23         Charles B. Hanford in “The Merchant of Venice” (Shakespeare).

Apr 29         Al G. Field Greater Minstrels.

May 14         “A Girl From Dixie” with Beatriz Bronte (musical comedy). A Sam

Shubert production.

May 24         The Four Cohans in “Running For Office” (musical comedy).

May 30         G.A.R. Memorial Day address by Rev. W.D. Simmonds.

Jun 3            Everett High School Commencement Ceremonies.

Jun 24                    “Our New Minister” (comedy drama).

Jul 5             E.H. Sothern in the miracle play “The Proud Prince”

Jul 26           Mrs. Leslie Carter in “Du Barry” (historical drama).

Sep 8            “A Texas Steer” with Will H. Bray & May Stockton (comedy).

Sep 21          “Sweet Clover” with Otis B. Thayer (comedy).

Oct 3           Frederick Warde & Katherine Kidder in “Salaambo” (tragedy).

Oct 10          “San Toy” with James Rogers (musical comedy).

Oct 11          Kyrle Bellew & E.M. Holland in “Raffles, The Amateur

Cracksman” (drama).

Oct 18          “A Friend of the Family” with Violet Villiers and William Friend


Oct 20          “Cleopatra” with Melbourne MacDowell (drama). Future film                             director D.W. Griffith appeared in this production in a supporting

                    role under the stage name Lawrence Griffith.

Oct 25          “The Wizard of Oz” with Bert Swor (fantasy).

Oct 27          Isadore Rush in “Glittering Gloria” (comedy).

Oct 31          “The County Chairman” with Theodore Roberts (comedy


Nov 4          Republican campaign rally.

Nov 5-13      Ed. Redmond Company stock company.

                    Nov 5- Evening: “Davy Crockett.”

                    Nov 6- Matinee: “The Girl From Albany.”

                              Evening: “Escaped From Sing Sing.”

                    Nov 8- Evening: “The Pearl of Savoy.”

                    Nov 9- Matinee: “The Pearl of Savoy.”

                              Evening: “The Man of Mystery.”

                    Nov 10- Evening: “The Man of Mystery.”

                    Nov 11- Evening: “The Lighthouse Robbery.”

                    Nov 12- Matinee: “The Lighthouse Robbery.”

                              Evening: “My Lady Nell.”

                    Nov 13- Evening: “Love & Friendship.”

Nov 14-21    Russell-Davis Stock Company, with Lawrence Russell and Emma

Marie Davis (All evening performances, with interruption by other bookings

on the 15th, 16th, and 18th).

Nov 14- “Autumn Leaves.”

                    Nov 17 & 19- “Punkin Husker” (comedy drama).

                    Nov 20 & 21- “Aberdeen” (drama).

Nov 15         Arthur Dunn in “The Runaways,” a Sam Shubert production


Nov 16         James J. Jeffries in “Davy Crockett” (drama plus boxing exhibition).

Nov 17         Russell-Davis Stock Co see Nov 14-21 run detailed above

Nov 18         Marino, violinist & Pauline Sherwood, vocalist, with a symphony


Nov 19-21    Russell-Davis Stock Co see Nov 14-21 run detailed above

Nov 22         William Morris in “Who's Brown?” (comedy).

Nov 24         Rose Melville in “Sis Hopkins” (comedy).

Dec 2           “Arizona” (comedy drama).

Dec 5           Haverly's Minstrels.

Dec 10         Chas.H. Yale's production of  “The Devil's Auction” (fantasy).

Dec 13         “Shore Acres” with Virgie Arlund (comedy drama).

Dec 22         David Brattstrom in “Yon Yonson” (dialect comedy).

Dec 24         Florence Roberts in “Tess of the D'Urbervilles”(drama).



Jan 2            “A Chinese Honeymoon” with Eveleen Dunmore. A Sam

Shubert production. (musical comedy).

Jan 12           William H. West's Big Jubilee Minstrels.

Jan 15-27      Ed. Redmond Company

(Stock company plays interrupted by other bookings on 16th and 25th).

                    Jan 15   Evening: “Michael Strogoff” (melodrama).

                    Jan 17-18  Evening: “The Middleman.”

                    Jan 19-22  Evening: “A Virginia Rose” (drama).

                    Jan 23-24  Evening: “The Lighthouse Robbery.”

                    Jan 25- Matinee: “Prince Romino.”

                    Jan 27- Evening: “Prince Romino.”

Jan 16           Williams & Walker in “In Dahomey” (musical comedy).

Jan 17-25      Redmond Co Jan 15-27 run as detailed above

Jan 25           Lewis Morrison in “Faust” (drama).

Jan 27           Redmond Co Jan 15-27 run as detailed above

Jan 28           “The Sultan of Sulu” with Thomas Whiffen (musical comedy).

Jan 30-Feb 26  Londale Theatre Company with Netty Stark.

(Stock company plays interrupted by other bookings on Feb 2nd and 18th.)

Jan 30 Evening: “The Navajos.”

                    Feb 3  Evening: “The Gambler's Wife” (comedy).

                    Feb 4  Matinee: “The Gambler's Wife.”

                                        Evening: “Lady Audley's Secret” (drama).

                    Feb 5 & 6 Evening: “The Creole Spy” (drama).

                    Feb 7 & 8 Evening: “His Mother's Sin” (melodrama).

                    Feb 9 & 10 Evening: “Pawn Ticket 210” (comedy).

                    Feb 11 Matinee: “The Race For A Million” (farce).

                                        Evening: “Pawn Ticket 210.”

                    Feb 12 Evening: “Lady Audley's Secret” (drama).

                    Feb 13-15 Evening: “The Race Rider” (comedy).

                    Feb 16-17 Evening: “Guilty Without Crime.”

                    Feb 18 Matinee: “Guilty Without Crime.”

                    Feb 19-22 Evening: “The Danites” with Wm. V. Mong.

                    Feb 23 Evening: “The Wages of Sin” (melodrama).

                    Feb 26 Evening: “That Little Swede” (comedy).

Feb 2           “The Second In Command” with Whit Whittlesey, John Sainpolis,

and Thais Lawton (drama).

Feb 3-18       Londale Theatre Co run Jan 30-Feb 26 detailed above

Feb 18          “Kerry Gow” with Joseph Murphy (drama).

Feb 19-26     Londale Theatre Co run Jan 30-Feb 26 detailed above

Feb 28          Matinee: “The Virginia Girl” with Nettie Stark. (At the end of

February the Londale Company dissolved and/or regrouped around Ms.

Stark as the Barlow Company. The presence of the same plays in the Barlow

repertoire suggests that it was essentially the same group. It is uncertain which

company, if any, she was appearing with for this production of  “The

Virginia Girl.”)

Feb 28          Evening: “The Bonnie Briar Bush” with J.H. Stoddard and Irma

LaPierre (comedy).

Feb 29-Mar 5  Barlow Stock Company with Nettie Stark.

(Stock company performances, evenings- no matinees, interrupted by other           bookings on March 1st and 4th.)

                    Feb 29- “A Race For a Million” (farce).

                    Mar 2- “The Gambler's Wife” with Nettie Stark (comedy).

                    Mar 3- “The Police Alarm” (comedy).

                    Mar 5- “A Race For a Million” (farce).

Mar 1           Charles B.Hanford & Marie Drofnah in “Don Caesar de Bazan”


Mar 2-3        Barlow Stock Co run Feb 29-Mar 5 detailed above

Mar 4           Paul Gilmore in “The Mummy & The Hummingbird”(comedy).

Mar 5           Barlow Stock Co run Feb 29-Mar 5 detailed above

Mar 6-Apr 2  Clara Mathes Company with Clara Mathes, Joseph Berry and

Norman Hilyard.(Stock company performances interrupted by other

bookings on March 14th and 21st and April 1st.)

          Mar 6-8  Evening: “A Russian Spy.”

                    Mar 10-11- Evening: “A Wife's Mistake.”

                    Mar 12- Matinee: “A Wife's Mistake.”

                    Evening: “The Grand Duchess.”

                    Mar 14- Matinee: “The Grand Duchess.”

                    Mar 17- Evening: “Only A Soldier Boy.”

                    Mar 18- Matinee: “A Nutmeg Match.”

                    Evening: “Only A Soldier Boy.”

                    Mar 19- Evening: “Only A Soldier Boy.”

                    Mar 20- Evening: “Tennessee's Partner.”

                    Mar 21- Matinee: “Tennessee's Partner.”

                    Mar 22- Evening: “Tennessee's Partner.”

                    Mar 24- Evening: “The Silver Dagger.”

                    Mar 25- Evening: “A Woman's Victory.”

                    Mar 26, 27- Evening: “The Politician.”

          Evening: “The Keeper of the Keys.”

                    Mar 29-30- Evening: “The Keeper of the Keys.”

                    Apr 2- Evening: “Three of a Kind.”

Mar 14         Evening: Creatore & His Italian Band (concert).

Mar 21         Evening: “The Earl of Pawtucket” with Lawrence D'Orsay.

Apr 1           Harry Beresford in “Our New Man” (farce).    

Apr 3           Williams Juvenile Comic Opera Company (also April 5-9).

Apr 4           Ben Hendricks in “Ole Olson” (ethnic comedy).

Apr 5-9        Williams Juvenile Comic Opera Company in “The Country

Courtship” (April 5-7) and “Rajah of Pazala” (April 8-9).

Apr 10-15     Vaudeville: Washer Bros., boxing midgets; Henry Walters,

comedian; Annie Leslie Williams, vocalist; Holmes & Holmes in           “Uncle Jonathan's Visit”; Signor Silvano, music and shadowgraph;

Miss Malden Kelly & Company, drama; A.T. Elwell, baritone;           moving pictures, including “The Great Runaway Automobile.”

Apr 16-23     Vaudeville: Claudius, banjo player; Rousell, aerial artist; Miss

Jeanette Williams, illustrated song; Bobby Boyle, comic; Nellie

Pearson, contortionist/dancer; Inez Scott, dancer; moving


Apr 20         Max Figman in “The Marriage of Kitty” (musical comedy).

Apr 29-30     Vaudeville: Billy Tann, song & dance; Knox Bros., comics; Tegge

                    & Daniel, songs; John Riggs, trapeze artist; Prof. King & His

Trick Dog; Jeanette Williams, illustrated song; moving pictures.

May 1-17      Watson Stock Company with Albert J. Watson.

          May 1-3- “Jim, the Westerner” (drama and vaudeville).

                    May 4-7- “True to Life” (drama).

                    May 8-10(mat)- “Red Cat Inn” (farce).

          May 10(eve)-13?- “The Man From Mexico.”

                    May 14-17- “His Night Out” (comedy)

and “New England Folks" (drama).

May 28         Percy Hunting in “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” (drama).

Jun 1            Nat C. Goodwin in “A Gilded Fool” (comedy).

Jun 5            Henry Lawrence Southwick, Shakespearean scholar & lecturer.

Jun 16                    Everett High School Commencement Ceremonies.

Jul 3             Mrs. Fiske in “Leah Kleschna” (drama) with John Mason.

Sep 4            Armour Stock Co. in “What Happened to Jones” (farce).

Sep 5            Dr. J.W. Arctander & Norwegian Singing Society:

“Experiences in Alaska”(illustrated program).

Sep 13          “The Chaperones” with Madelyn Marshall (comic opera).

Sep 17          “On the Bridge at Midnight” (comedy).

Sep 23          “Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch” with Charles Carter and

Bessie Barriscale (comedy).

Sep 24          Armour Stock Co. in “Private Secretary” (comedy plus comic movies).

Sep 25          “The Girl From Kay's” with Lila Blow (musical comedy).

Sep 30          May Irwin in “Mrs. Black is Back” (farce).

Oct 1           “Honest Hearts” with Alma Hearn (comedy)

Oct 4           “The Convict's Daughter” (melodrama).

Oct 7           “In Old Kentucky” (drama).

Oct 8           Watson Stock Co. in “For Love & Law” (melodrama).

Oct 11          Watson Stock Co. in “The Jew & The Gentile” with Adelaide

Keith, Albert Watson and Pearl King (comedy).

Oct 21          Florence Roberts in “Ann La Mont” (drama).

Oct 25          “The Tenderfoot” (comic opera).

Oct 27          Adelaide Hermann (widow of famous magician) magic act, with the

Four American Trumpeters.

Nov 1          Richards & Pringle's Georgia Minstrels.

Nov 4          “The Marriage of Kitty” (comedy).

Nov 5          “Why Women Sin” (melodrama).

Nov 7          “When Knighthood Was in Flower with Roselie Knight (drama).

Nov 15         “Arizona” with Ben Deane (comedy drama).

Nov 19         Orpheum Stock Co. in “Arabian Nights” (fantasy).

Nov 20,21    D'Urbano's Italian Band (concert).

Dec 2           “The Missouri Girl” with Bessie Clifton (comedy).

Dec 3-5        Williams Juvenile Bostonians (formerly Juvenile Opera Co)

          Dec 3- “The Rajah of Pazala” (comedy).

                    Dec 4- “Tips” (comedy).

                    Dec 5- “Gee Whiz and Gee Whee.”

Dec 14         “Jerry From Kerry” (variety musical farce).

Dec 17         “A Jolly American Tramp” (comedy melodrama).

Dec 23,24     Vaudeville: The Mysterious Kaston, “The Escape From Sing

                    Sing,” illusions, The Great Albini.

Dec 25         “The Girl From Sweden” with Madie DeLong, Elizabeth

Taylor, R.W. Crosby and Knute Lee (comedy).

Dec 26         “The Sho Gun” (opera).

Dec 31         Sousa's “El Capitan.” (comic opera)



Jan 1            "The Mikado" with Claude Amsden (Gilbert & Sullivan).

Jan 3            Madame Helena Modjeska in “Macbeth” (Shakespeare).

Jan 6            “Buster Brown” (musical comedy).

Jan 7-12        Mack Swain Theatre Company.

          Jan 7- “The Rose of Virginia.”

                    Jan 8- “The Inside Track.”

                    Jan 9- “The Silver Dagger.”

                    Jan 10- “Sidewalks of New York.”

                    Jan 11- “The Little Minister.”

                    Jan 12- “Lady of Lyons.”

Jan 13           “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” (comic opera).

Jan 18-21      Empire Theatre Company.

                    Jan 18- “A Broken Heart” (comedy).

                    Jan 19- “The Darkest Hour” (melodrama).

                    Jan 20- “More Sinned Against Than Sinning.”

                    Jan 21- “Dora.”

Jan 29           Louis James in “Virginius” (drama).

Jan 31           Scientific Lecture: Beauty Culture & Facial Blemishes

(free lecture and demonstration for ladies only).

Feb 3,4         “The Marriage Vow” (melodrama).

Feb 6           Moving pictures of the Jimmy Britt-Battling Nelson lightweight

championship fight of Sept. 9th, 1905. (Projection lamp went out

during knock-out.)

Feb 10          “The Little Church Around the Corner” with Charles R. Allen


Feb 18          “Hooligan in New York” (comedy).

Feb 21          Charles B. Hanford in “The Taming of the Shrew” (Shakespeare).

Mar 2           Pauline Hall Opera Company in “Dorcas” (comic opera).

Mar 5           “Way Down East” with Ethel Strickland (melodrama).

Mar 8           “Her Double Life” with Laura Frankenfield (drama).

Mar 11         “Other People’s Money” (farce).

Mar 23         “Piff! Paff! Pouf!” (musical) with Kathryn Osterman & Fred Mace.

Mar 25         “The Sleeping Beauty & The Beast” with Isabel Underwood.

Mar 28         Murray & Mack in “Around the Town” (musical comedy).

Mar 31         “The Christian” (drama) with John Sainpolis and Lillian Lawrence.

Apr 4           Maharh’s Big Minstrel Carnival.

Apr 6           YMCA athletic exhibition.

Apr 7           “A Thoroughbred Tramp” (comedy).

Apr 8           Ben Hendricks in “Ole Olson.”

Apr 12         Alberta Gallatin in “Cousin Kate” (comedy).

Apr 13         Basketball: YMCA Juniors vs. Snohomish High School.

Apr 18         Appleton & Perry in “My Wife’s Family” (musical comedy).

Apr 20         Guy Bates Post in “Heir to the Hurrah” (comedy).

Apr 25         Blanche Walsh in “The Woman in the Case” (drama).

Apr 26         San Francisco disaster benefit.

Apr 28         Girls’ basketball: Colfax High School vs. Everett High School.

May 8,9        Original Williams' Dixie Jubilee Singers.

May 27-Jun 3 Curtiss Comedy Company

                    May 27-29- “Jim” with Leota Howard.

                    May 30, 31- “Love & Friendship.”

                    Jun 1- “The Wizard of Wall Street.”

                    Jun 2 (matinee)- “The Wizard of Wall Street.”

                    Jun 2 (evening)- “What Women Will Do.”

                    Jun 3 (matinee)- “What Women Will Do.”

                    Jun 3 (evening)- “A Fool of Fortune.”

Jun 9            “A Message From Mars” with David Proctor (comedy).

Jun 10-12     The Mack Swain Theatre Company.

                    Jun 10- “The World” (comedy).

                    Jun 11- “The Plunge.”

                    Jun 12- “When Women Love.”

Jun 13                    Everett High School Commencement Ceremonies.

Jun 15                    Juvenile Bostonians in “The Land of Boo Hoo” (comic opera).

Jun 16                    The Royal Hawaiian Band (music & dance).

Jun 17-18     Moving pictures of the San Francisco disaster with before and

after views of earthquake and fire damage.

Jun 28                    “Mary Mary Quite Contrary” with Henrietta Crosman (comedy).

Jul 2-8                    McDonald-Yman Stock Company with J.T. McDonald and

Elizabeth Hale.

                    Jul 2-3- “For the Stars & Stripes” (drama).

                    Jul 4-5- “My Wife’s Husband” (comedy).

                    Jul 6-7- “East Lynne” (melodrama).

                    Jul 8- “Ten Nights in a Barroom” (comedy drama).

Jul 29           “The Destruction of San Francisco” (program of “animated” pictures

and two hundred stereopticon slides).

Aug 6-8,11    Vaudeville under the management of L.G. Grossman.

          Armstrong & Holly, musical sketch team

                    The Girdelles, acrobats

                    Al Jolson, famous whistler & blackface comedian

                    The Tielu Children (or Fern Children), song & dance

                    Al G. Flournoy, comedian, monologist

                    Madge Melburne,  the Female Baritone

                    Ed Lohrman, illustrated song “Kate Kearney”

                    Moving pictures, including “The Critic”

                    (At the end of this run Grossman reportedly departed without paying his

performers, resulting in a protest by Jolson which appeared in New York

trade papers.)

Aug 9           Luther College Band and Chorus concert.

Aug 10         Firemen’s Relief Fund  Benefit Show (Vaudeville under management

of  L.G. Grossman with local amateurs including firemen Gallagher &

Weborg doing their Chinese acrobatic act.).

Aug 11         Vaudeville managed by L.G. Grossman (see Aug  6-8).

Aug 26-Sep 2- The Mack Swain Theatre Company with Anna Jordan, Cora

King Swain and George B. Berrell.

          Aug 26- “Hazel Kirke” (comedy drama)

          Aug 27- “In the Shadow of the Cross.”

                    Aug 28- “The Notorious Mrs. Gay.”

                    Aug 29- “Only a Country Girl.”

                    Aug 30- “The Sidewalks of New York.”

                    Aug 31-  “The Octoroon.”

                    Sept 1 (matinee)- “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

                    Sept 1 (evening)-  “State’s Evidence.”

                    Sept 2 (matinee)- “The Little Minister.”

                    Sept 2 (evening)- “The World.”

Sep 7            William Collier in “On the Quiet” (comedy).  John Barrymore

                    appeared in a supporting role in this production.

Sep 8            Snohomish County Republican convention.

Sep 9            “On the Bridge at Midnight” (comedy- drama).

Sep 14          Richards & Pringle’s Famous Georgia Minstrels.

Sep 15          Stewart Opera Company in “The Two Roses” with Mabel Day

(comic opera).

Sep 16          “Uncle Josh Perkins” (comedy-drama).

Sep 19          Juvenile Bostonians in “Dorothy” (comic opera).

Sep 27          “The Royal Chef” with Harry Hermsen (musical comedy).

Sep 29          “David Harum” (drama).

Sep 30          “A Gilded Fool” with Carl Caldwell (comedy).

Oct 6           “Checkers” (drama) with Hans Roberts.

Oct 7           “The Convict’s Daughter” (melodrama).

Oct 8           Hi Henry’s Greatest Minstrels.

Oct 10          “The Maid & The Mummy” (musical).

Oct 13          Digby Bell in “The Education of Mr. Pipp” (comedy).

Oct 14          “As Told in the Hills” (melodrama).

Oct 17          “Parsifal” (opera).

Oct 20          Louis James as Falstaff in “The Merry Wives of Windsor.”

Oct 21          “Dora Thorne.”

Oct 25          “In the Bishop’s Carriage” with Jessie Busley (drama).

Oct 26          “A Royal Slave” (drama).

Oct 27          “The Freedom of Suzanne” with Jane Corcoran.

Oct 28          “Pete Peterson” with Jack West (Swedish dialect comedy).

Nov 2          “The College Widow” with Louise Rutter & Estelle Dale.

Nov 3          “Devil’s Auction” (fantasy).

Nov 4          “Uncle Josh Spruceby” (comedy).

Nov 6          “The Lion & The Mouse” (comedy).

Nov 9          “Under Southern Skies” (drama).

Nov 10         Moving pictures of the Nelson-Gans boxing match.

Nov 12         “The Marriage of Kitty” with Florence Gear (comedy).

Nov 14         “The Sign of the Cross” (drama).

Nov 15-18    The Brandon Stock Company (see also Nov 24).

                    Nov l5, l6 - “Friends.”

                    Nov l7 - “The Parish Priest” (comedy).

                    Nov l8 - “The Texas Ranger.”

Nov 20         Thomas Hearn in “Arizona” (cancelled).

Nov 21         Robert Edson in “Strongheart” (cancelled).

Nov 23         Maude Feely in “The Illusion of Beatrice.”

Nov 24         The Brandon Stock Company (see also November 15-18).

                    Matinee - “Woman Against Woman” (melodrama).

                    Evening - “A Tie That Binds”

Nov 25         “The Two Johns” (musical comedy).

Nov 27         Indoor Merchant’s Carnival with local talent, sponsored by the

Ladies of the Episcopal Church of Everett

Nov 29- Dec 1- Zinn’s Musical Travesty Co.

Nov 29 - “Teezy Weezy.”

                    Nov 30 - “The Jolly Musketeers.”

                    Dec 1 - “A Japanese Courtship.”

Dec 2           “Jerry From Kerry” (musical).

Dec 5           Max Figman in “The Man on the Box” (comedy).

Dec 7           James O’Neill in “Monte Cristo.”

Dec 10         "Peggy From Paris” (comedy).

Dec 11         Alberta Gallatin in “Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall.”

Dec 15                   Florence Roberts in “The Strength of the Weak” (drama).

Dec 20         Scottish Concert with Jeanie Fletcher

Dec 23         “Quincy Adams Sawyer with Wm. A. Williams (comedy drama).

Dec 25         John Griffith in “King Richard III” (drama).

Dec 26         Rose Melville in “Sis Hopkins” (comedy).

Dec 27         “The Yankee Consul” (musical comedy).

Dec 30         “Tillie Olson” with Adelaide Harlan & George Falkner

(Swedish dialect comedy).



Jan 2            “Kerry Gow” with Allen Doone (musical).

Jan 8            “The Heir to the Hurrah” with Guy Bates Post (comedy).

Jan 13           “The Old Clothes Man” (melodrama) with James Kyrle Maccurdy

plus boxing exhibition.

Jan 19           “Sergeant Kitty” with Helen Bryson (musical comedy).

Jan 21           “The Sultan of Sulu” (comic opera).

Jan 24           “The Little Duchess” with Countess Olga Von Hatzfeldt

(musical comedy).

Jan 27           “Nettie the News Girl” (melodrama).

Feb 1           Olga Nethersole in “Sapho” (drama).

Feb 5           “Red Feather” with Cheridan Simpson (comic opera).

Feb 10          “Yon Yonson” with George Thompson & Lumbermen's Quartet (ethnic comedy).

Feb 11          “The Midnight Flyer” (melodrama).

Feb 14          “Susan in Search of a Husband” with Isabel Irving & Herbert

Standing (comedy).

Feb 15          McIntyre and Heath in “The Ham Tree” (comedy).

Feb 17          “The Fast Mail” (melodrama).

Feb 22          “Uncle Tom’s Cabin (melodrama).

Feb 23          Paul Gilmore in “At Yale” (drama).

Mar 3-5        “Buster Brown” with Mattie Lockette (musical comedy) Last two days of performances for children free, courtesy of the Everett Improvement Company.

Mar 5           “The Umpire” with Fred Mase and Edith Yerrington (musical

comedy) with football game on stage.

Mar 6           “A Cowboy’s Girl” (western drama).

Mar 10         “My Wife’s Family” with Appleton & Perry (musical comedy).

Mar 11         “The Bonnie Briar Bush” (musical).

Mar 12         “A Country Girl” with Laura Butler & Sam Collins (comedy).

Mar 14         Gladys Van, the “Original Red Soubrette”, Murray & Mack and

Gus Pixley and Bobby Harrington in “Around the Town” (musical).

Mar 16         “45 Minutes From Broadway” with Scott Welch  (Cohan musical).

Mar 17         George Primrose’s Minstrels.

Mar 23         Florence Gale in “La Belle Russe” (drama).

Mar 24         “The Missouri Girl” (drama).

Mar 26         Charles B. Hanford in “Julius Caesar” (drama).

Mar 29         Swedish comedy “Anderson, Peterson och Lundnstrom”

sponsored by Swedish Dramatic Society with Cal and Anna Pfeil.

Mar 30         Blanche Walsh in “The Straight Road” (drama).

Mar 31         “A Jolly American Tramp” (comedy melodrama).

Apr 1           Swedish Dramatic Society presents Swedish language play


Apr 6           Oscar Figman and Ruth White in “The Tenderfoot” (comic opera).

Apr 7           “A Night in Wonderland” with Professor Slocum, humorist &


Apr 9           “The King of Tramps” (comedy).

Apr l4          “Ole Olson” with Ben Hendricks (comedy).

Apr 17         Annual YMCA Athletic Exhibition.

Apr 20         “Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch” (comedy).

Apr 23         Sousa’s “The Free Lance” with Joe Cawthorn (comedy).

Apr 25         Nat C. Goodwin in  "An American Citizen" (comedy).

Apr 28         “A Stranger in Town” with Frank Beamish (comedy).

May 4           “A Yankee Tourist” with Raymond Hitchcock (comic opera).

May 12         “Old Arkansaw” (melodrama).

May 18         Rose Coghlan in “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” (Shaw).

May 20         Lillian Russell in “The Butterfly” (comedy).

May 22         “Salome” with Wilfred Roger (drama).

May 26         “The Gambler & His Girl” with Lee Willard.

May 28,29     "Silver King” with Lee Willard company. (drama)

May 30         “In Old Vermont State” with the Willard Co. (comedy).

May 31         “A Race for a Widow” with Nina Belle Wilber (comedy).

Jun l             Willard Co. in “In Old Vermont State”  matinee (2nd perf.).

Willard Co. in “The Danites” (comedy). evening

Jun 2            Willard Co. in “The Gay Dr. Lyon”.

Jun 6            Henrietta Crosman in “All-of-a-Sudden Peggy” (comedy).

Jun l3           ”Christopher, Jr.” with George B. Howard, Betty Johnson


Jun l9           Everett High School graduation ceremonies.

Jun 20                    Lew Dockstader’s Minstrels.

Jul l3            The Dandy Dixie Minstrels.

Jul 28,29       return of “Christopher, Jr.” with Geo. B. Howard (comedy).

Jul 20,2l        Geo. Howard Co. in “The Man From Mexico”.

Aug l, 2        Geo. Howard Co. in “An Innocent Sinner”.

Aug 3           Geo. Howard Co. in “The Nominee” (comedy).

Aug 7,8        Geo. Howard Co. in “Other People’s Money” (comedy).

Aug 9, l0       Geo. Howard Co. in “The Counsel for the Defense” & “Wanted,

A Family” (comedies).

Aug ll           Geo. Howard Co. in “Arabian Nights” (comedy).

Aug l2                    Richards & Pringle’s Georgia Minstrels.

Aug 25         David Clifford in “Rip van Winkle” (comedy drama).

Aug 30         "The Little Prospector” with Miss Chic Perkins (drama).

Sep 5            “Mrs. Temple’s Telegram” with Franacis Slossan (comedy).

Sep 6            Ezra Kendal in “Swell Elegant Jones” (comedy).

Sep 8            “For Mother’s Sake” with Pearl Golding (comedy).

Sep 9            Lewis & Lake Musical Comedy Co. in “A $l0,000 Beauty”.

Sep l0           Free Demonstration of “The Artisano” playing device on a Chase

Grand Piano by C.Arthur Langwell, with baritone Frank


Sep l2           Lewis & Lake Musical Comedy Co. in “The Beauty Doctor”.


Sep l4           “The Prince Chap” with Cyril Scott (comedy). Future film maker

                    Cecil B. DeMille appeared in a supporting role in this production.

Sep l5           “Salomy Jane” with Jessie Izett (melodrama).

Sep l7           ”Uncle Josh Perkins” with Marie Hodgkins (comedy).

Sep 20          “Isle of Spice” with John Mylie (musical).

Sep 27          ”Little Johnny Jones” with Florence Courtleigh (Cohan musical).

Sep 28          “The Denver Express” (melodrama).

Sep 29          “Thorns and Orange Blossoms” (drama) with Flora Fairfield.

Oct l0           “In the Bishop’s Carriage” with Jessie Busley (drama).

Oct l2           “The Time, The Place, and The Girl” with John E. Young, Eulalie

Jensen (musical).

Oct l3           “The Cow Puncher” (western drama).

Oct l5           “The Mayor of Tokio” with John J. Kearney (musical).

Oct l6           John Phillips Sousa & His Band.

Oct l7           “The Prince of Pilsen” (comic opera).

Oct l9           ”Checkers” with Stephanie Longfellow (drama).

Oct 20          Everett Liederkranz Sacred Concert (German singers w/soloist

Arnold von der Aue).

Oct 23          “A Wife’s Secret” (drama).

Oct 24          “A Message From Mars” with Wallace Widecome (comedy).

Oct 27          S. Miller Kent in “Raffles” (drama).

Oct 3l           Olga Nethersole in “The Awakening” (drama).

Nov l           “The Sweetest Girl in Dixie” (drama).

Nov 5          “Human Hearts” (melodrama).

Nov 6          “The Heir to the Hoorah” with Helen Lackaye (comedy).

Nov 8          “Under Southern Skies” (drama).

Nov 9          “The Girl Who Has Everything” with Isabel Irving.

Nov l0          “Tilly Olson” with Aimee Common (Swedish comedy).

Nov l2          Murray & Mack “the Funny Side of Broadway” (comedy).

Nov l5          “The Alaskan” with Teddy Webb (comic opera).

Nov l7          “The Holy City” with Luella Mor Ey (drama).

Nov l9          Curtiss Comedy Co. in “Jack O’ Diamonds”.

Nov 20         Curtiss Comedy Company in “The Senator’s Daughter”.

Nov 22         “The Yankee Regent” with Toby Lyons (comedy).

Nov 24         “The Vanderbilt Cup” (comedy).

Nov 25         “The Spider’s Web” with Sarah Truax.

Nov 28         “A Man’s Broken Promise” (comedy).

Nov 30         San Francisco Opera Co. in “The Highwayman” (musical).

Dec 4           “Girl of the Street” (drama).

Dec 7           “The Royal Chef” with William J. McCarthy (musical).

Dec 8           “Why Girls Leave Home” (comedy).

Dec ll           “Quincy Adams Sawyer” (comedy drama).

Dec l3                    Max Figman in “The Man on the Box” (comedy).

Dec l5                    “Are You Crazy?” with Loraine Keane (musical comedy).

Dec l6                    “The Rollicking Girl” with Snitz Edwards, Lila Blow (musical


Dec 20         “The Stronger Sex” with Maude Feely (comedy).

Dec 22         Ben Hendricks as “Yon Yonson” (ethnic comedy).

Dec 25         “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” (melodrama).

Dec 27         Primrose’s Minstrels.

Dec 29         “Woodland” (comic opera).

Dec 3l                    “Man of the Hour” followed by lecture "Asleep in a Barber's

Chair" by Rev. John M. Dean of Seattle's Tabernacle Church.



Jan 3            “The Lion and the Mouse” with Paul Everton (drama).

Jan 5            “ A Desperate Chance” (drama).

Jan 8            Ralph Stuart in “Strongheart” (comedy drama).

Jan l0            University of Washington Glee Club (concert).

Jan l2            Gorton’s Minstrels.

Jan l6            “Arizona” with Alma Bradley (comedy drama).

Jan l7, l8       “The Life of Christ” (Pathe moving pictures).

Jan l9            Vaudeville: Perry O’Dell, Dee’s Comedians and Don Fulano, the

Educated Horse.

Jan 23           “The Gingerbread Man” with Mabel Day (musical).

Jan 31           Florence Roberts in “Zira” (drama).

Feb 1           “As Told in the Hills” (drama).

Feb 7           DeWolf Hopper and Marguerite Clark in “Happyland “  A

Sam & Lee Shubert production. (comic opera).

Feb 11          “Divorcons” with Grace George  (comedy).

Feb l5           “Red Feather” with Cheridah Simpson (comic opera).

Feb l6           Lee Willard in “The Country Squire” (comedy).

Feb 25          Concert: Moritz Rosen, violin; Leopold Rosen (l0-yr. old), violin;

Louis Dimond, piano (St. Dominic’s Academy presentation).

Feb 26          Bernard Daly in “Kerry Gow” (Irish musical).

Feb 28          “Forty Five Minutes From Broadway” with Scott Welch (Cohan


Mar l            “Dream City” with Little Chip & Mary Marble (musical).

Mar 2           “Parsifal” by the Martin & Emery Co. with Virginia Keating and

John Lane Connor (Wagner opera in English).

Mar 4           Charles B. Hanford in “Anthony & Cleopatra: (Shakespeare).

Mar 7,8         Chas. A. Taylor’s Third Ave. Theatre Company from Seattle in

“To Die At Dawn” and “Escaped from Sing Sing” (melodramas).

Mar l2          Sophomore class of University of Washington in “The Twelfth

Night” (Shakespeare in l7th century costume).

Mar l3          “Buster Brown” with Master Reed (musical comedy).

Mar l4          Paul Gilmore in “The Wheel of Love” (comedy).

Mar l5          “Old Arkansaw” (comedy melodrama).

Mar 20         William S. Hart in “The Virginian” (drama).

Mar 22         “A Royal Slave” with Mary Ayers (musical drama).

Mar 23         “No Mother To Guide Her” with Jeanette Carew (melodrama).

Mar 25         Capt. Roald Amundsen, illustrated lecture on Northwest Passage.

Mar 28         Rork Co. production of “Coming Thro’ the Rye” (musical).

Mar 29         “Sis in New York” with Fred Roslyn  (comedy).

Apr 3           “The Black Crook” with Bessie Browning  (variety musical).

Apr 4           Creston Clarke in “The Power That Governs” (drama).

Apr 5           John A.. Preston in “The Cow Puncher” (comedy drama).

Apr ll           “The Burgomaster” with Gus Weinberg (musical).

Apr l8          Mrs. Patrick Campbell in “The Second Mrs. Tangueray” (drama).

Apr 24         “Brewster’s Millions” with Robert Ober (comedy).

Apr 30         Everett High School students in Sheridan’s “The Rivals”


May l            Florence Gear in “Cupid at Vassar" (comedy).

May 7           “The District Leader” with Ethel Dovey (musical).

May l4          McIntyre & Heath in “The Ham Tree” (musical comedy).

May l5          Christian Science lecture by Frank H. Leonard.

May l7          “The Finger of Circumstance” (melodrama).

May 27         Francis Wilson in ”When Knights Were Bold” (comedy).

May 30,3l      “Old Jed Perkins” (comedy).

Jun 3,4         Elk’s minstrel show.

Jun 6,7,8       Charles E. Royal Stock Co. in “The Man in the Overalls” (comedy

drama with specialties between acts) with Chas. Royal, Edythe Elliot,

May Olive, Jane Dorsey, Charlotte Hammer, Harry Pringle,

Carl Caldwell, Francis R. Ellis, Chas. Reilly, James Smith.

Jun 9,l0         Royal Stock Co. in “the Cowboy From the West” (drama).

Jun ll,l2         Royal Stock Co. in “The Prodical Son” (comedy).

Jun l3           Lew Dockstader and His Great Minstrels.

Jun l4           Royal Stock Co. in “In the Toils” (melodrama).

Jun l7           Everett High School Commencement.

Jun l9           Wrestling: Santell vs. Belanger.

Jun 20                    May Robson in “The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary” (comedy).

Jun 2l,22       George B. Howard Stock Co. in “What Happened to

          Jones” (comedy) with Stella Adams, Edward Murphy, James

Norton and George B. Howard.

Jun 24,25      Howard Stock Co. in “The Little Minister” (comedy drama).

Jun 26,27      Howard Co. in “Sherlock Holmes” (drama).

Jun 28-30     Howard Co. in “Mrs. Temple’s Telegram” (comedy).

Jul l,2            Howard Co. in “Cozy Corners” (comedy).

Jul 3,4           Howard Co. in “A Night Off” (comedy).

Jul 5             Howard Co. in “Christopher, Jr. “ (comedy).

Aug l4                    Margaret Illington in “The Thief” (drama).

Aug l9                    Grace Cameron in “Little Dollie Dimples” (musical comedy)

(postponed until September l3).

Aug 20, matinee of Aug 22  Pollards’ Lilliputian Opera Co. in “The Toy

Maker” with Olive Moore, Cora Perkins and Ivy Pollard (juvenile


Aug 2l                    Pollard’s Lilliputian Opera Co. in “The Belle of New York”


Aug 22         Pollards’s Lilliputian Opera Co. in “Floradora” (musical).

Aug 3l                    “Chic” Perkins in “The Little Prospector” (comedy drama).

Sep 7            "The Missouri girl” with Frank Fassell (comedy).

Sep 8            “On the Frontier” with Earl Hicks (drama).

Sep l2           “Uncle Josh Perkins” (musical).

Sep l3           “Little Dollie Dimples” with Grace Cameron (musical comedy) 

originally scheduled for August l9.

Sep l9           “Coming Thro’ the Rye” with Tom Waters (musical comedy).

Sep 20          Bostonian Minstrel Maids (musical variety).

Sep 23          Richard Jose (tenor) in “Don’t Tell My Wife” (musical comedy).

Sep 25          Richards & Pringle’s Famous Minstrels.

Sep 27          “Isle of Spice” (musical comedy).

Sep 28          ”The Klansman” (drama).

Sep 29          “The Four Corners of the earth” (melodrama).

Oct 2,3         Ladies’ Darktown Minstrels (Women’s Book Club amateurs under

the direction of Catherine Page).

Oct 4           Lee Willard in “A Poor Relation” (comedy).

Oct l0           “Checkers” with Hans Robert (comedy drama).

Oct ll            “The Rivals” with Joseph & Wm. W. Jefferson (Sheridan


Oct l2           “The Flaming Arrow” (drama).

Oct l7           “The Honeymooners” with Willie Dunlay (musical comedy).

Oct 22          “The Holy City” with Luella Morey (biblical drama).

Oct 24          James J. Corbett in “Facing the Music” (comedy).

Oct 25          “Ma’s New Husband” with Harry Scott (musical comedy).

Oct 31          “Just Out of College” (comedy).

Nov 2          “Too Proud to Beg “ (melodrama).

Nov 5          “The Time, the Place & the Girl” with John E.Young (musical).

Nov 8          “The Montana Limited” (melodrama).

Nov 11         Edmund Carroll in "We Are King" (comedy).

Nov 14         Max Figman in "The Substitute" (comedy).

Nov 24         Willard Mack & Maude Leone in "On Parole" (drama).

Nov 26         "In Wyoming" (comedy drama).

Nov 27         Rose Melville in "Sis Hopkins" (comedy drama).

Nov 29         "Bunco in Arizona" with Mae St.Clair (melodrama).

Dec 3           "Hip! Hip! Hooray!" with Rice & Cady (musical).

Dec 4           "The Lion & The Mouse" with Paul Everton (comedy drama).

Dec 5           "Little Johnny Jones" (Cohan musical).

Dec 6           "The Devil" with Ramsey Wallace (drama).

Dec 7           "Arizona" (comedy drama).

Dec 12         "Texas" with Frank Conway (comedy drama).

Dec 15         "The Land of Nod" with Knox Wilson (musical).

Dec 20         "Fifty Miles From Boston" with Joseph Sparks (musical).

Dec 26         "Babes in Toyland" (musical).

Dec 28         Florence Roberts in "The House of Bondage" (drama).

Dec 29         Karl Germain, magician.

Dec 31         "The Great Divide" (drama).





Jan 1            "The Lieutenant & The Cowboy" (drama)

Jan 2            Rose Stahl in "The Chorus Lady" (comedy drama)

Jan 3            Hi Henry's Greatest Minstrels

Jan 4            "Shore Acres" with Archie Boyd (comedy drama)

Jan 8            "Si Plunkard" with J.C. Lewis (comedy)

Jan 9            "The Girl & The Stampede" (musical comedy)

Jan 17           San Francisco Opera Co. in "The Strollers" (musical comedy)

Jan 20           The Polmatier Sisters in concert (Brotherhood of Owls musical)

Jan 24?         "Ben Hur" (cancelled)

Jan 30           "The Devil's Auction" with Charles H. Yale Co. (fantasy)

Feb 13          "Brewster's Millions" with Robert Ober (comedy)

Feb 17          "In a Persian Garden" by the Philomel Quartet (benefit musical

for Bayside Catholic Church choir)

Feb 20          Corinne in "Lola From Berlin" (musical)

Feb 21          Daniel Sully in "The Matchmaker" (comedy)

Feb 24          Dr. Madison, free illustrated lecture on medicine and bloodless


Feb 27          "The Wolf" with Andrew Robson (drama)

Mar 5           "Winter's Tale" with Charles B. Hanford (Shakespeare)

Mar 6           Arthur Cunningham in Shaun Rhue" (Irish musical)

Mar 14         "A Stubborn Cinderella" with Homer B. Mason (musical comedy)

Mar 15         Capt. H. Angell, illustrated lecture "1905, The New Norway"

Mar 21         "The Red Mill" with Walter Mills and Neil McNeil (comic opera)

Mar 25         Stetson's Big Double Company in "Uncle Tom's Cabin"


Mar 27         Rear Admiral Robley "Fighting Bob" Evans, lecture "From

 Hampton Roads to San Francisco in Command of the Atlantic

Fleet" (sponsored by Everett Elks)

Mar 30         "The Girl Question" with Paul Nicholson (musical)

Apr 1           "Girls" with H.S. Northup (comedy)

Apr 4           Florence Gear in "Marrying Mary" (musical)

Apr 10         "The Right of Way" with Guy Standing and Theodore Roberts


Apr 18         "The Mills of the Gods" (drama)

Apr 19         Harry Beresford in "Who's Your Friend?" (comedy)

Apr 27-28     "A Night in Bohemia" (Elks amateur musical)

Apr 30         Richard Carle in "Mary's Lamb" (comedy)

May 4,5        Two hours of motion pictures. Subjects included Mr. & Mrs. Jack

Johnson arriving in Victoria and a wrestling contest. Performance

on 5th (and perhaps 4th as well) cancelled because of insurance

coverage problems.

May 7           Lillian Russell in "Mayfire" (comedy)

May 9           "The Gingerbread Man" (musical)

May 29-Jun 1  Hildreth & Carter Stock Company in "The Shepherd of the

Hills" (romance) with Robert Hildreth, Lillian Mason, Leo Inhard

and Laura Heimlich

Jun 2-5         Hildreth & Carter Stock Company in "The Christian" (drama)

with Leo Linhard, Laura Heimlich, Robert Hildreth and Lillian


Jun 6            "A Message From Mars" with Beresford Lovett (comedy)

Jun 7,           8        Hildreth & Carter Company in "Rosamond" (drama) with Lillian

Mason, Robert Hildreth, Leo Linhard, Fred Belieu, Don Mullaly,

Raymond Hatton, Cleo Barnard, Floyd Carter, Jack Hadden,

Laura Heimlich

Jun 9            Everett Choral Society Concert

Jun 10                    "The Burgomaster" (musical) with Harry Hermsen

Jun 12                    Nat Goodwin and Edna Goodrich in "The Easterner" (comedy)

Jun 13                    Hildreth & Carter Company in "A Bachelor's Romance" (comedy)

Jun 16                    Everett High School commencement ceremonies

Jun 18                    "The Servant in the House" with Charles Dalton (drama)

Jul 25           "The Cowboy" with Harry Morley & Laura Winston (comedy


Aug 1           "Dad's Girl" with Laura Winston (comedy drama)

Aug 7           "Three Weeks" with Beryl Hope (drama)

Aug 8           "County Fair" (comedy drama)

Aug 10         The Dixie Troubadors in "Trip to New Orleans" with George

Taylor and Sara Green (musical)

Aug 12, 13    Sangerfest (song festival) with Oscar Lohan, German Consul

from Seattle

Aug 15         "The Wages of Sin" with Lillian Mason and the Everett Theatre

Stock Company (drama)

Aug 21         "The Girl From Rector's" (comedy)

Aug 22-25    "Saved By a Woman" with Lillian Mason and the Everett Theatre

Stock Company, including Annette Mullally, Francis Roberts,

Thomas H. Clarke, Raymond W. Hatton, Fred Bellien, Fiddes M.

Page (comedy drama)

Aug 26         "A Woman's Sacrifice" with Lillian Mason, Thomas Clarke and

the Everett Theatre Stock Company (drama)

Aug 29         Ferris Hartman in "The Yankee Consul" (comedy)

Aug 30-Sep 1 "Sherlock Holmes" with Lillian Mason and the Everett Theatre

Stock Company, including Thomas H. Clarke, Annette Mullally,

Henry B. Cleveland, Fiddes M. Page, Edward Hearn, Francis

Roberts and Eugene Gear (comedy)

Sep 2-4         Everett Theatre Stock Co. in "The Private Secretary" (comedy)

Sep 5            San Francisco Opera Co. with Mabel Day in "The Gay

Parisienne" (musical comedy)

Sep 7            "Polly of the Circus" with Ida St.Leon (comedy drama)

Sep 11, 12    Professor Ellerman (hypnotist, mind reader)

Sep 18          "A Knight For A Day" with Edward Hume (musical comedy)

Sep 20          "The Time, The Place, The Girl" with Robert Pitkin (musical)

Sep 25          "Commencement Days" with Frederick V. Bowers (comedy)

Sep 26          "Fifty Miles From Boston" with Edward O'Connor (Cohan


Oct 1           "Paid in Full" (drama)

Oct 3           T.J. Culligan's Nashville Students Big Colored Minstrel Show

Oct 4           "The Sunny Side of Broadway" with Max Bloom (musical)

Oct 9           "The Cat & The Fiddle" with Charles A. Sellon (musical)

Oct 10          "Three Twins" with Victor Morley & Bessie Clifford (musical


Oct 14          "Uncle Josh Perkins" (comedy drama)

Oct 17          "In Wyoming" (comedy drama)

Oct 22          Chauncey Olcott in "Ragged Robin" (Irish musical)

Oct 23          John E. Young in "Lo" (musical comedy)

Oct 25-26     "The Shepherd King" with Wright Lorimer (drama)

Oct 30          "The Climax" (comedy drama)

Nov 4          Emma Bunting in "Lena Rivers" (comedy drama)

Nov 7          Lee Willard in "The Man From Missouri" (comedy drama)

Nov 14         Sawyer and His Company of Mediums (spiritualists)

Nov 17         "Forty-Five Minutes From Broadway" with Charley Brown

(Cohan musical)

Nov 18         "Human Hearts" (melodrama)

Nov 20         "Honeymoon Trail" with Bert Baker (comedy)

Nov 22, 23   Elks Minstrel Show

Nov 25         Emmett Devoy in "In Dreamland" (comedy fantasy)

Nov 26         "King Dodo" with Eleanor Kent and Zoe Barnett (comic opera)

Nov 29         The Duke of Connaught's Bugle Band with military drills and

elaborate mock battle

Dec 2           Ezra Kendall in "The Vinegar Buyer" (comedy)

Dec 3           "The Third Degree" with Paul Everton (drama)

Dec 7           Mme  Frieda Langendorff and the Everett Choral Society (mezzo-

soprano with the Metropolitan Opera)

Dec 10         "The Traveling Salesman" with Mark Smith (comedy)

Dec 12         "Uncle Dan'l" (comedy drama)

Dec 14         Billy Clifford in "A Girl at the Helm" (musical comedy)

Dec 19         George Primrose's Great All-Star Minstrels

Dec 22         "The Soul Kiss" with Pertina, The World's Greatest Dancer


Dec 25         "The Man of the Hour" with Arthur Maitland, M.J. MacQuarrie

(comedy drama)

Dec 27         "The Alaskan" with Richard F. Carroll (musical comedy)

Dec 31         "The Land of Nod" with Neil McNeil and Anna McNabb




Jan 1            "Beverly" (romance based on "Beverly of Graustark")

Jan 2-16        Harold Nelson Stock Company in

                    Jan 2, 3         "Prince Otto"

                    Jan 4, 5         "The Smart Set"

Jan 6-8         "The Newlyweds"

Jan 9, 10       "David Garrick"

Jan 11, 12     "Everybody Works But Father"

Jan 13, 14     "In Missouri"

Jan 15           "The Stampede"

Jan 16           "Jones & Jones"

Jan 19           Marie Cahill in "The Boys & Betty" (musical)

Jan 21           Bernard Daly in "Sweet Innisfallen" (musical)

Jan 29           Blanche Walsh in "The Test" (drama)

Feb 4           David Warfield in "The Music Master" (comedy drama) There

 were record ticket sales for this presentation

Feb 6           McIntyre & Heath in "In Hayti" (musical comedy)

Feb 7           Olga Nethersole in "The Writing on the Wall" (drama)

Feb 12          Royal Tracy & Cohan & Harris' Comedians in "Brewster's


Feb 14          Louis James in "Henry the Eighth" (Shakespeare)

Feb 18          "As the Sun Went Down" with Edwin Walter (musical comedy)

Feb 20          Henry Savage presents Mabel Wilber in "The Merry Widow"

Feb 25          Maude Powell, violinist

Mar 2           Mrs. Leslie Carter in "Vasta Herne" (drama)

Mar 4           Charles B. Hanford in "The American Lord" (comedy)

Mar 11         Kirke LaShelle Company in "The Virginian" (drama)

Mar 13         Wellington Avalanche Victims, Memorial Service

Mar 19         "A Stubborn Cinderella" with Homer B. Mason (musical)

Mar 29         Motion pictures of Nelson vs Wolgast boxing match

Apr 2           Lambardi Opera Company in "Il Trovatore" (Verdi opera)

Apr 7           May Robson in "The Rejuvenation of Mary" (comedy)

Apr 17         "Yon Yonson" (ethnic comedy drama) with David Bratstrom

Apr 20         Bonita in "Wine, Women & Song" (musical comedy)

May 1           Frederic Belasco presents "St. Elmo" (drama)

May 8           "Rosamond" with Lillian Mason (comedy drama)

May 11         Third concert of the Everett Choral Society with the Seattle String


May 12         "The Gingerbread Man" with Rose Murray (musical comedy)

May 15         Henry Woodruff in "The Prince of Tonight" (musical)

May 21         Charles Frohman presents "The Thief" with Herbert Kelcey and

Effie Shannon (romantic drama)

May 26         Dr. Lee DeForest speaks on "The Wireless Age" (lecture on wireless

telephone system)

Jun 1            Everett High School commencement ceremonies

Jun 4            National Opera Company with Aida Hemmi in Balfe's "The

Bohemian Girl" (cancelled)

Jul 3             Miss Della Clarke in "The White Squaw" (romance)

Jul 12           Richards & Pringle's Minstrels with Clarence Powell

Aug 5           Mrs. Minnie Maddern Fiske in "Becky Sharpe" (comedy drama)

Aug 12         Margaret Anglin in "The Awakening of Helena Ritchie" (drama)

Sep 1-3         Kirmess benefit for orphanage

Nov 20-Dec 4  Johnnie Pringle Stock Company with Johnnie Pringle, Gerald

 Clute, Porter Warfield, Alex McCay, Grace Willard, May White

and Florence Pringle. (The Pringle company continued to appear

at intervals through May 28, 1911)

                    Nov 20-Dec 3   "A Husband on Salary" (comedy)

                    Dec 4                "My Sweetheart" (comedy drama)        

Dec 5           Max Figman in "Mary Jane's Pa" (comedy)

Dec 6, 7       Elks amateur show "The Elk's Tooth" (musical comedy)

Dec 8           William Mann Company presents "A Broken Idol" (musical)

Dec 9-24      Johnnie Pringle Stock Company with Hilda Graham (Empress

Theatre, Vancouver), Edward Bernard (Morosco Co. of Los

Angeles), S.M. Griffith and Lillian Griffith (both from Seattle's

Lawrence Stock Co.)                  

Dec 9           "Wanted, A Wife" (comedy)

Dec 10         "Ole Olson" (ethnic comedy)

Dec 11-17    "Paid in Full" (drama)

Dec 18-24    "Zoe, The Octoroon" (drama)

Dec 25         L.R. Willard presents "The Time, The Place, The Girl" (musical)

Dec 26-31    Johnnie Pringle Stock Company in "A Member for Congress"




Jan 1            "The Chinatown Trunk Mystery" (melodrama)

Jan 2-7         Johnnie Pringle Stock Company in "The Great Diamond

Robbery" (melodrama) interrupted Jan 4th

Jan 4            Florence Roberts & Thurlow Bergen in "The Nigger" (drama)

Jan 8            Grace Cameron in "Nancy" (comedy)

Jan 9            Maxine Elliot in "The Inferior Sex" (comedy)

Jan 10-21      Johnnie Pringle Stock Company

Jan 10-15      "The Idler" (comedy)

Jan 16-21      "The Galley Slave" (drama)

Jan 22           "Honeymoon Trail" with Louis Kelso & Fred Wyckoff (musical)

Jan 23-29      Johnnie Pringle Stock Company in "Mrs. Temple's Telegram"

(comedy) withRichard Lonsdale, Harry Lewin, Bea Germaine,

Gerald Clute, Alex McCay, Hilda Graham and Florence Pringle

Jan 28           Sam Rorke's production of "The Queen of the Moulin Rouge"


Jan 31           Mary Mannering in "A Man's World"

Feb 1           "This Woman & This Man" with Minnie Victorson (drama)

Feb 2           "The Beauty Spot" with Jefferson De Angelis (comic opera)

Feb 5           Richard Jose in "Silver Threads" (musical)

Feb 6-24       Johnnie Pringle Stock Company with Loring Kelly, Betty Burrows, Richard Lonsdale, Alex McCay, Edward Hearne, Si Condit, Alex McKay, Florence Pringle, Bea Germaine, Lee Tyrell, Minnie Gerschel and Gerald Clute. Everett Theatre orchestra under the direction of Frank Baldauf.

Feb 6-11       "The Wolf" (drama

                    Feb 13-18     "When We Were Twenty-One" (comedy drama)

Feb 19          "The Man of the Hour" (comedy drama)

Feb 20-24     "Camille" (drama)

Feb 25          Wagenhals & Kemper Co. present "Seven Days" (comedy)

Feb 26          Texas Guinan in "The Kissing Girl" (musical comedy)

Feb 27-Mar 4  Johnnie Pringle Stock Company with Si Condit, Ann Phillips,

Loring Kelly, Lee Tyrell, Richard Lonsdale, Edward Herne,

Gerald Clute, Betty Barrows, Florence Pringle and Minnie

Gerschel in "The Final Settlement" (comedy)

Mar 3           F. Thompson presents "Polly of the Circus" (comedy drama)

Mar 5-11      Johnnie Pringle Stock Company in "The Devil" (drama)

Mar 10         "Havana" with James T. Powers (musical)

Mar 12-18     Johnnie Pringle Stock Company in "Kathleen Mavourneen"


Mar 19         Max Dill in "Lonesome Town" (comedy)

Mar 20-25     Johnnie Pringle Stock Company in "Sapho" (drama)

Mar 24         "The Midnight Sons" with George Monroe (musical)

Mar 26-Apr 1  Johnnie Pringle Stock Company in "The Flower of the Ranch"

Mar 27         "The Arcadians" with Moya Mannering  (musical comedy)

Apr 2-8        Johnnie Pringle Stock Company in "David Harum" (drama)

Apr 6           Gertrude Elliot in "The Dawn of Tomorrow" (drama)

Apr 9-14      Johnnie Pringle Stock Company in "The Bridge Builder" (comedy


Apr 15         "The Merry Widow" with Mabel Wilber and Charles Meakins

Apr 16-22     Johnnie Pringle Stock Company in "Reaping the Harvest" (drama)

Apr 21         H.E. Pierce & Co. present "The Squaw Man" (drama)

Apr 26-29     Johnnie Pringle Stock Company in "Little Lord Fauntleroy"

Apr 30 (mat)-May 4  Johnnie Pringle Stock Company in "Uncle Josh" (comedy)

Apr 30 (eve)  "Madam Sherry" with Oscar Figman (musical)

May 5, 6       Everett High School Senior Class play "Fanchon The Cricket"

(comedy drama)

May 7           Lew Dockstader & His 20th Century Minstrels

May 8-13      Johnnie Pringle Stock Company in "Madame Satan" (drama)

May 14         "The Girl From Rector's" (comedy)

May 15-19    Johnnie Pringle Stock Company in "My Southern Rose" (drama)

May 16         "The Barrier" with Helen Barham (drama)

May 20         Olga Nethersole in "Sister Beatrice" and "The Enigma" (dramas)

May 21-27    Johnnie Pringle Stock Company in "Young Mrs. Winthrop"

(society drama)

May 28         Johnnie Pringle Stock Company in "Little Lord Fauntleroy"


May 29         "A Winning Miss" with Max Bloom (musical comedy)

May 30         Local school students in "Cinderella"

Jun 1            Blanche Ring in "The Yankee Girl" (musical comedy)

Jun 7            Everett High School Commencement ceremonies

Jun 13                    Nance O'Neill in "The Lily" (drama)

June 15         E.H. Sothern & Julia Marlowe in "Romeo & Juliet" (Shakespeare)

Jun19-28(?)   Margaret Iles & Company in

Jun 19-21     "In Louisiana" (drama)

Jun 22-24     "An American Girl" (comedy drama)

Jun 25-28(?)  "A Governor's Wife" (comedy drama)

Jul 13           U.S.S. Pennsylvania Amusement Company in Minstrelsy &

Musical Comedy, including "A Madagascar Courtship"

Jul 21           Ferris Hartman in "The Toy Maker" (musical)

Jul 28           Richards & Pringle's Famous Georgia Minstrels

Aug 2           Luther College Band from Decorah, Iowa

Aug 27         "Miss Nobody From Starland" with Olive Vail (musical review)

Sep 2            The Famous Juvenile Bostonians in "The Rose of Blandon"

(musical comedy) presented by Cosgrove & Lang

Sep 3, 4        Ann Phillips in "Fedora" and "A Cowboy's Girl"

Sep 5            Max Bloom in "The Sunny Side of Broadway" (musical)

Sep 7            Chapman-Meade Players in "Forgiven" (drama) with Will

Chapman & Beatrice Meade

Sep 10          "The Flower of the Ranch" with Betty Caldwell (musical comedy)

Sep 11-13(?) Chapman-Meade Players in "My Mother-in-Law" (comedy)

Sep 24          Florence Roberts, Thurlow Bergen and Theodore Roberts in

"Jim, The Penman" (detective drama)

Oct 1           "The Traveling Salesman" with Don MacMillan & Dorothy Grey


Oct 4           William Brady presents "Baby Mine" with Marjorie Cortland

Oct 6           La Salle Opera Company with Trixie Friganza in "The Sweetest

Girl in Paris" (musical comedy)

Oct 9           A.H. Woods presents "The Girl in the Taxi" (comedy)

Oct 10          Gertrude Hoffman & La Saison des Ballets Russes in "Cleopatra"

(drama), "Les Sylphides" (romance) and "Scheherezade" (romance)

Oct 13          "In Old Kentucky" with Mildred Johnson (drama)

Oct 14          Sam Bernard in "He Came From Milwaukee" (musical comedy)

Oct 26          Harry Bulger in "The Flirting Princess" (musical comedy)

Oct 29          Billy Clifford in "The Girl, The Man and The Game" (musical


Nov 4          Max Dill in "The Rich Mr. Hoggenheimer" (musical comedy) (Lon

Chaney played several roles in this road company production- see           Labor Journal, Nov 3, 1911 p 4 )

Nov 10         Sheehan Opera Company in "The Love Tales of Hoffman" with

tenor Joseph Sheehan

Nov 11         Miss Anna Day in "When Knighthood was in Flower" (romance)

Nov 18         "Mother" with Jewel Power (drama)

Nov 20         H.B. Warner in "Alias Jimmy Valentine" (drama)

Nov 26         "The Commuters" (cancelled)

Dec 2           Countess De Swirsky & Orchestra (cancelled)

Dec 3           "Three Twins" with George Ebner (musical)

Dec 8           Fred Niblo and Josephine Cohan in "The Fortune Hunter"


Dec 11         "The Gamblers" with Paul Everton (drama)

Dec 12         B.F. Goodrich tire company presents free moving picture

presentation "From Tree to Tire"

Dec 17         George Sidney in "Busy Izzy" (cancelled)

Dec 30         "Polly of the Circus" with Ida St.Leon (comedy drama)



Jan 6            University of California Glee Club

Jan 9, 10       Everett Elks Club amateur musical "The College Pennant" 

Jan 14           "Madame Sherry" with Oscar Figman (musical comedy)

Jan 21           Sanford Dodge & Adelle Nickerson in "The Right of Way"


Jan 25-27      Barnum, The Hypnotist

Jan 28           Liebler & Co. present "The Deep Purple" (melodrama)

Feb 2           Amateur society vaudeville

Feb 10          Rose Melville in "Sis Hopkins" (comedy drama)

Feb 17          "The Rosary" with Harrison J. Terry (drama)

Feb 18          The Whitney Opera Company in "The Chocolate Soldier"

(operetta) with Charles Purcell

Feb 29          Aborn Opera Company in "Bohemian Girl" (Balfe opera) with

baritone Augustus Vaughan

Mar 1           "Rob Roy" (opera) with Glover's Company from the Theatre

Royal in Glasgow with Marta Golden

Mar 3           Alice Lloyd in "Little Miss Fix It" (musical comedy)

Mar 11         "Mutt & Jeff" (comedy)

Mar 15         Mrs. Leslie Carter in "Two Women" (drama)

Mar 19         "The Girl From Rector's" (comedy)

Mar 24         "The Chorus Lady" with Grace Aylesworth (comedy)

Mar 30         "Alma, Where Do You Live?" (musical comedy) with Charles A.

Murray and Nannette Flack

Apr 1           "The Newlyweds & Their Baby" (musical)

Apr 6           "Excuse Me" with Willis Sweatnam (musical)

Apr 10         YMCA Musical Gymnastics Exhibition

Apr 13         H.W. Savage presents "Madame X" with Adeline Dunlap (drama)

Apr 20         Lulu Glaser in "Miss Dudelsack" (musical)

May 3, 4       Everett High School Senior Class play "The Crisis" (drama)

May 15         "Casey Jones" (comedy) with Ollie Mack and Pearl Golding

(cancelled due to illness of leading lady)

May 22         "Bunty Pulls the Strings" with Molly Pearson and Amy Singleton


May 27         "Over Night" with Arthur Aylesworth, Francine Larrimore and

Tom Emery (comedy)

Jun 5            Everett High School Commencement ceremonies

Jun 6            Blanche Bates in "Nobody's Widow" (comedy)

Jun 19                    "The Spring Maid" with Mizzi Hajos and Charles MacNaughton


Jun 21                    Pupils of St. Dominic's Academy in "Snow White & The Dwarfs"

(amateur operetta)

Jun 22                    Ferris Hartman & Company with Roscoe Arbuckle in "The

Campus" (musical comedy)

Jun 28                    Professor Blosser presents an illustrated lecture "Old Mexico

Today" (sponsored by the Everett Commercial Club)

Jul 16           Professor Blosser lecture on Mexico "Potlach at Home"

Sep 14          Billy Clifford in "The Girl, The Man and The Game" (musical


Sep 22          George Damerel in "The Heart Breakers" (musical comedy)

Sep 24          Christian Science lecture by Judge Clifford P. Smith

Sep 29          "The Girl From U.S.A." with Ouina Marion (comedy drama)

Oct 5           "Uncle Josh Perkins" with Augusta Felt (comedy drama)

Oct 6           William A. Brady presents "Baby Mine" (comedy)

Oct 10          Roselle Knott in "The Awakening of Helena Richie" (drama)

Oct 19          Sheehan English Opera Company in "Il Trovatore" with Joseph

  1. Sheehan, tenor

Oct 20          William A. Brady presents "Bought & Paid For" (comedy drama)

Oct 25          "The Chocolate Soldier" with the Whitney Opera Company

Nov 3          Cohan & Harris present "Officer 666" (farce melodrama)

Nov 14         Concert by Olga Steeb, pianist

Dec 1           "The Red Rose" with Zoe Barnett & Walter Catlett (musical)

Dec 8           Holbrook Blinn in "A Romance of the Underworld"

Dec 12         "The Rose of Panama" (operetta) with prima donna Chapine

Dec 17         Everett High School Senior Class play "Priscilla" (amateur


Dec 22         "Polly of the Circus" with Elsie St.Leon (comedy drama)



Jan 14           Victor Morley in "The Quaker Girl" (musical)

Jan 16           Florence Webber in "Naughty Marietta" (musical)

Jan 19           Beck-Singer presentation "A Modern Eve" (operetta)

Jan 20-22      Moving pictures: Paul Rainey's African Hunt

Jan 23           Maude Powell, concert violinist

Jan 26           "The Confession" with Richard Sterling (drama)

Jan 28, 29     Everett Elks Club Society Vaudeville

Jan 31-Feb 2  Moving pictures of the Calgary Stampede

Feb 16          "The Girl From Tokio" with Julia Morton (musical)

Feb 22          "Broadway Jones" (Cohan musical)

Feb 23          "The Rose Maid" with Alice Lloyd (musical)

Feb 27-Mar 2  Moving pictures of the Pendleton Round-Up

Mar 9           "Alma, Where Do You Live?" with Grace Drew (musical)

Mar 16         "Mutt & Jeff" (musical comedy)

Mar 17         Benefit St. Patrick's Day entertainment with play "More Sinned

Against Than Sinning"

Apr 5           "The Bachelor's Baby" with Henry Buckler and Baby Wilson

Apr 8           Explorer Roald Amundsen presents an illustrated lecture "The

Discovery of the South Pole"

Apr 11         William H. Crane in "The Senator Keeps House"

Apr 15         Ben Greet Players in "A Comedy of Errors" (Lyceum course,


Apr 19, 20    Moving pictures: "The Exposure of the Land Swindlers" (Kalem,

3-reels), "Heroes One & All" (Lubin, 2-reels) and three comedy

shorts, plus a live ladies quartet

Apr 25, 26    Everett High School Senior Class play "Trelawney of the Wells"

May 4           "Freckles" (musical)

May 17         Rose Stahl in "Maggie Pepper"

May 27         Nazimova in "Bella Donna" (drama)

Jun 3            Maude Adams in "Peter Pan"

Jun 9            Eddie Foy & The 7 Little Foys in "Over the River" (musical)

Jun 15                    Wilton Lackaye and Rose Coghlan in "Fine Feathers"

Jun 19                    Frances Starr in "The Case of Becky" (drama)

Jun 24                    Pupils of St. Dominic's Academy in "The Crystal Ball"

Jul 3             John Mason in "As a Man Thinks"

Jul 8             "Hanky Panky" with Florence Moore

Aug 31         Billy Clifford in "Believe Me" (musical comedy)

Sep 25          Gaskill & MacVitty present "The Shepherd of the Hills"

Sep 29          Kitty Gordon in "The Enchantress"

Oct 8-10       Moving pictures: Edison Kinetophone talking pictures

Oct 14          Henry Miller in "The Rainbow" (comedy)

Oct 24          Margaret Anglin in "The Twelfth Night" (Shakespeare)

Oct 25          Olive Vail in "The Girl From Mimms"

Oct 26          Whitney Opera Company with Antoinette Kopetsky in "The

Chocolate Soldier"

Nov 2          Cohan & Harris present "Stop Thief" (comedy)

Nov 3          "The Lure" (melodrama on "white slavery")

Nov 4          Mme. Ernestine Schumann-Heink, contralto (concert)

Nov 9          Dr. Eddy & His Company of Mediums (spiritualists)

Nov 10         "The Common Law" (drama)

Nov 12         Orphanage benefit: society vaudeville

Nov 14         Samuel Gompers, President of the American Federation of Labor

Nov 16         "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" with Charlotte Walker

Nov 20         "What Happened to Mary" with Anne Bradley

Nov 25         Mrs. Minnie Maddern Fiske in "The High Road"

Nov 27         "The Girl in the Taxi"

Dec 3           "The Bird of Paradise" (romance)

Dec 7           Julian Eltinge in "The Fascinating Widow"

Dec 11         Edna Marshall in "The Price" (drama)

Dec 14         "The Pink Lady" (musical comedy)




Jan 2            "Bought and Paid For" with Charles Millward (drama)

Jan 7            Alice Lloyd and Frank Fogarty in "Dance Mad"

Jan 12           "Little Lost Sister" (melodrama about "white slavery")

Jan 18           "The Wolf" with Jessica Ray (drama)

Jan 30           DeKoven Opera Company with Bessie Abbott in "Robin Hood"

Feb 1           "The Missouri Girl" with Frank Farrell

Feb 5           "The Blindness of Virtue" with Polly Emory

Feb 15          "The Rosary" with Clarence Sterling

Feb 20, 21    "Little Women" with Jane Marbury

Feb 23          "The Quaker Girl" with Victor Morley (musical)

Feb 28          McIntyre & Heath in "The Ham Tree" (musical)

Mar 11         "Mutt & Jeff in Panama"

Mar 17         "Colleen Brawn" and Irish specialty acts

Mar 29-31     Moving pictures: Charles B. Hanford narrates "The Undying Story

of Captain Scott" and "Animal Life in Antarctica"

Apr 1           "Peg O' My Heart" with Peggy O'Neil (comedy)

Apr 7           Henrietta Crosman in "The Tongues of Men" (comedy)

Apr 8           Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan Macy present a lecture "The

Heart & The Hand" under the auspices of the YMCA

Apr 24         Margaret Ilington in "Within the Law"

Apr 24-25     Everett High School annual play "The Maneuvers of Jane"





May 7, 8       Moving pictures: "The Battle of the Sexes" (Mutual film, D.W.

Griffith directing Lillian Gish)

May 9           Moving pictures: demonstration of talking pictures featuring

Harry Lauder

May 10-13    Vaudeville:

                    Robbins Weller, comedy sketch

                    Stanley & Lea, banjoists

                    Two other acts

May 14, 15    Vaudeville:

                    Marshall & McDermott

                    Franco, the Man with a Hundred Faces

                    The Aloha Quartette

May 16-20    Vaudeville and "twilight pictures" (movies):

                    Ray & De Ives, song & dance

                    Early & Laight, comedy act

                    Le Monte European Dog & Monkey Circus featuring

                              Sligo the Man Monkey

                    Maonu Carpenter, songs

May 21-23?   Vaudeville and "twilight pictures" (movies):

                    Barnes & Stock, "The Lady & The Bootblack"

                    The Dunsworths, Irish comedy

                    Early & Laight, comedy act (held over)

May 29         New York Grand Opera Company in Gounod's "Faust"

                    (opera performed in English)

Jun 3            Everett High School Commencement

Jun 5-7         Vaudeville and "twilight pictures" (movies):

                    Norba & Company

                    Berado & Feldes

                    Leroy & Lester

Jun 8-9         Moving pictures: "Traffic in Souls" (Universal/George Loan

Tucker production, 6-reel "white slavery" melodrama)

Jun 11                    Pupils of St. Dominic's Academy in school play "In the Valley of

the Mohawk"

Jun 12-14     Vaudeville:

                    Rigal & Shime, equilibrists, contortionists

                    Dublin Duo

Don & Mabel Garrison

The Nifty Trio

Jun 15, 16     Moving pictures: "The Star of India" (Blache Features release) and

Vitagraph movies featuring comic John Bunny

Jun 17, 18     Moving pictures: "Tragedy of the Arena" (3 reels) and "A Paradise

Lost" (4 reels)

Jun 24-26     Moving pictures: "The Thumb Print" (Universal/Rex) and

Gaumont "talking pictures" (Gaumont Chronophone system)

Jun 30-Jul 1  Musical comedy, vaudeville and movies







Sep 4-7         Moving pictures: D'Annunzio's "Cabiria" (Italian epic film)

Sep 14          Isabelle Lowe in "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine"

Sep 20          "Kitty McKay" with Marjorie Murray (comedy)

Oct 16          Ralph Parlette, Lyceum lecture "University of Hard Knocks"

Oct 24          Professor B.R. Baumgardt, Lyceum lecture "An Evening With the


Oct 27          Madame Julia Claussen (cancelled?)

Nov 2          DeWolf Hopper in "The Mikado" (Gilbert & Sullivan operetta)

Nov 3          Mme. Evelyn Scotney of the Boston Opera Company (Lyceum


Nov 15         "Peg O' My Heart" with Marion Dentler

Nov 29         "A Pair of Sixes" with Herbert Corthell

Nov 30         Robert Parker Mills, Lyceum lecture "Tallow Dips"

Dec 10         Ross Crane, carttonist & lecturer (Lyceum course)

Dec 11         "The Bird of Paradise" with Lenore Ulrich

Dec 25         Richards & Pringle's Famous Minstrels



Jan 14           David Warfield in "The Auctioneer" (drama)

Jan 18           May Robson in "Martha-By-The-Day" (comedy)

Jan 22           International Operatic Company (concert)

Feb 7           "Mutt & Jeff in Mexico" (comedy)

Feb 10          Sybil Sammis MacDermid, American singer (concert)

Feb 16          Portland Ad Club Male Quartette (concert)

Feb 27          "The Chocolate Soldier" with Whitney Opera Company

Feb 28          "The Yellow Ticket" (drama)

Mar 14         "The Whirl of the World" with Texas Guinan (musical)

Mar 16         "Potash & Perlmutter" (comedy)

Mar 21         Moving pictures: "Bringing Up Father" (Vitagraph)

Mar 27         Josef Konicny (violin), Martha Stelze (soprano) and Mary Tris

(piano) (Lyceum concert)

Apr 5           Lecture by Dr. Thomas E. Green, Vice President of the American

Peace Society: "The Forces That Failed"

Apr 7, 8        "The Passing Show" (Elks Club amateur musical)

Apr 9           "The Candy Shop" with William Rock & Maude Fulton (comedy)

Apr 10         Rose Stahl in "A Perfect Lady" (comedy)

May 8           John Drew in "Rosemary" (drama)

May 11         Marie Tempest in "Nearly Married" (farce)

May 15         "Everywoman" with Alice Baxter (comedy)

May 16         Guy Bates Post in "Omar, The Tentmaker" (Persian romance)

Jun 10                    Anna Pavlova (ballerina) cancelled

Jun 28                    Maude Adams in J.M. Barrie's "Quality Street" (comedy)

Jul 3             "Sari" with Mizzi Hajos (musical)

Aug 1           Richards & Pringle's Famous Georgia Minstrels with street parade

& concert in front of theater before performance

Aug 22         Al Jolson in "Dancing Around" (musical)

Aug 27, 28    "It Can't Be Done" (musical revue)

Oct 3           "The Calling of Dan Matthews" (comedy)

Oct 10          "A Pai of Sixes" with Oscar Figman (farce)

Oct 17          Ruth St. Denis & Ted Shawn- New, Oriental, Classic and Modern


Oct 26          Ralph Parlette, humorist & lecturer (Lyceum program)

Nov 2          "Peg O' My Heart" with Kitty O'Connor & Stanley Hamilton


Nov 5          "When Dreams Come True" (comedy drama)

Nov 7          Moving pictures: Chicago Tribune newsreels "The German Side

of the War" (five reels)

Nov 12         Albert Edward Wiggam, lecture "Heredity, Eugenics &

Civilization" (Lyceum program)

Nov 17         "Twin Beds" (comedy)

Nov 25         Oxford Company operatic concert (Lyceum program)

Nov 30         Riheldaffer-Skibinsky concert- Grace Hall-Riheldaffer, soprano,

and Alexander von Kibinsky, violinist (Lyceum program)

Dec 2           "Daddy Longlegs" with Renee Kelly (comedy)

Dec 3           Apollo Concert Company (Lyceum program)




Jan 8            William Miller, lecturer & humorist (Lyceum program)

Jan 10           Grinnell College (Iowa) Glee Club concert (Elks Club sponsored)

Jan 21           Judge George Alden (Lyceum lecturer)

Jan 22           "The Shepherd of the Hills" (drama)

Jan 23           "The Girl From Nowhere" with speech by author-producer F.

Stuart-White (musical comedy)

Feb 7           "Bird of Paradise" with Carlotta Monterey (drama)

Feb 9           Emilio de Gogorza concert (operatic baritone)

Feb 14          "The Typhoon" with Walker Whiteside & Lillian Cavanaugh


Feb 16          "Mr. Jackson in the Mountains" with the Oberammergau Players

Feb 17          Metropolitan Male Quartette (Lyceum concert)

Mar 1           Sidney Landon, humorist & impersonator (Lyceum program)

Mar 5           "It Pays to Advertise" (comedy)

Mar 10         Schumann Quartette (Lyceum concert)

Mar 16, 17    "An Irish Eden" with local amateurs under the auspices of the

American Order of Hibernians & Ladies Auxiliary

Mar 21         Bishop Edwin Holt Hughes, preacher & orator (Lyceum lecture)

Apr 2           "Mutt & Jeff in College" (comedy)

Apr 23         "Bringing Up Father" (comedy)

May 5           Lecture "What's Wrong With The World" by Peter Collins (free

Knights of Columbus program)

May 18-20    "Twilight Sleep" lecture and moving pictures on painless

childbirth (ladies only on 18th and 19th, gentlemen only on 20th)

Jun 5            May Robson in "The Making Over of Mrs. Matt" (comedy)

Jun 12                    "The Passing Show of 1915" with Willie & Eugene Howard

(musical variety show)

Jun 25-29     Moving pictures: D.W. Griffith's "The Birth of a Nation"

Jun 29          Democratic Party meeting to ratify nomination of Wilson-Marshall ticket, with speakers Col. Howard Hathaway, Sen George Turner and Hon. Ole Hanson

Aug 16         Free lecture "Why Do Nations War?" by Hon. J.F. Rutherford

Aug 26         Nicholas Murray Butler speaks in support of Republican Party, attacking President Wilson

Aug 27-Sep 2  Alexander, The White Mahatma (magician, mind reader) Note: A

violent confrontation occurred between union shingleweavers and

scabs after the August 29th performance.

Sep 3            "A World of Pleasure" with William Morris (musical)

Sep 6            Moving pictures: Thomas Ince's "Civilization"

Sep 11          Speech by Roland H Hartley, Republican candidate for governor.

Hartley introduced by Newton Jones and H D Cooley

Oct 10          Leo, Jan & Mischel Cherniavsky concert (violin, cello, piano)

Oct 17          Cord-Rummel Recital Company (Lyceum concert)

Nov 12         Eddy & His Company of Mediums (spiritualists)

Nov 24, 25   Everett High School operetta "HMS Pinafore" (Gilbert & Sullivan)

Nov 28         "It Pays to Advertise" (Cohan comedy)

Dec 7           "Twin Beds" (comedy)

Dec 29-Jan 1  Moving pictures: Return engagement of D.W. Griffith's "The

Birth of a Nation" (see Jun 25-29)




Jan 9            Marlo, The Wonder Worker (Lyceum magic act)

Jan 21           Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra concert

Jan 23           Pierce Players, sketches & impersonations (Lyceum program)

Feb 13          Oxford Operatic Company in George Bernard Shaw's "Arms &

The Man" (drama)

Feb 18          Seattly Symphony Orchestra concert

Feb 22          Ida M. Tarbell, famed "muckraker" journalist and author,

speaking on "Industrial Idealism"

Feb 23          "Bird of Paradise" with Miss Olin Field (romance)

Feb 26          "The Blue Paradise" with Robert G. Pitkin (musical comedy)

Mar 5           James Goddard, bass-baritone with the Chicago Opera Company

(Lyceum concert)

Mar 10         "Katinka" (musical)

Mar 25         "Mutt & Jeff's Wedding" (comedy)

Apr 10         Theo Karle, tenor in concert (sponsored by Everett Ladies' Musical


Apr 17         Lecture by John Kendrick Bangs , author & humorist

Apr 19, 20    "Ditch Your Grouch" minstrel show sponsored by Everett Elks

Apr 24         Hawaiian Singers (Lyceum concert)

May 21         "September Morn" with William Moore (musical comedy)

Jul 27-29       Moving pictures: "Eyes of the World"

Aug 5           "Very Good Eddie" with George Mack & Helen Raymond

(musical comedy)

Aug 16         Lecture "Are We At the End of the World?" by Hon. J.F.

Rutherford of the New York bar

Sep 7-10       Ali Ben Deb, Mysteries of the Orient (illusions, electrical effects and

mental telepathy)

Oct 5           Kolb & Dill in "The High Cost of Loving" (musical comedy)

Oct 6           Miss Elsie Baker, vocalist, accompanied by William Durieux on

cello and Frank Hansen at the piano (Lyceum concert)

Oct 9           "Erstwhile Susan" with Henrietta Crosman (comedy)

Oct 23          Hettie Jane Dunaway Company in "The Red Rambler" (Lyceum


Oct 31          "The Million Dollar Doll" with Scott & Boardman (musical comedy)

Nov 1          Dustin Farnum in "The Virginian" (western drama)

Nov 5          Helen Hayes in "Pollyanna" (comedy)

Nov 8          Hampton Court Musical Quintette, drama and song (Lyceum


Nov 11         Illustrated lecture with music by E.G. Harlan of Camp Lewis

regarding the war, sponsored by National YMCA War Fund

Campaign Committee

Nov 24         "The Flame" with June Hawthorn (drama)

Nov 25         "Nothing But the Truth" with Max Figman (comedy)

Nov 27         Lecture by Francis Neilson, author, playwright (Lyceum program)

Dec 8           "Watch Your Step" (Irving Berlin musical)

Dec 11         The Zedlers musical quintette and Samaloff, Russian tenor

(Lyceum concert)

Dec 23         Anna Held in "Follow Me" (musical comedy)

Dec 30         "The Crash of Nations" lecture by J.P. McPherson



Jan 4            "The Bird of Paradise" (romance)

Jan 6            "Hamlet" (Shakespeare)

Jan 8            Olympian Choral Club Concert

Jan 17           "Acres of Diamonds" (Lyceum lecture by Dr. Russell H.


Feb 9           Lyceum lecture on Russia by Dr. E.H. Steiner

Feb 12          "Katzenjammer Kids" (musical comedy)

Feb 15          Lyceum lecture by Welsh humorist Arthur W. Evans

Feb 19          Barbazone Lowther, baritone, presented by the Everett Ladies'

Musical Club (concert)

Feb 28          Lecture "Burns of the Mountains" by James Burns (Lyceum?)

Mar 10         "Seven Days Leave" with Lillian Anderson (melodrama)

Mar 25         Kolb & Dill in "The High Cost of Loving" (musical comedy)

Mar 28-29     YMCA Patriotic Athletic Musical Exhibition

Apr 5           "Johnny Get Your Gun" with Louis Bennison (comedy)

Apr 6           Liberty Bond Rally

Apr 18         Liberty Bond Rally with speaker Major Charles Gordon

Apr 22         "The Irish Agent" with Robert McIver (comedy) cancelled?

Apr 28         "The Story of Belgian Children" program by Mme. Horta,

color pictures of Belgium under German rule

May 10         Cyril Maude in "Grumpy" (musical comedy)

May 11         "The Pirates of Penzance" (Gilbert & Sullivan operetta)

presented by the Everett Elks Club to benefit Snohomish

County orphans

May 28         Red Cross Benefit Dance Recital by students of Mrs. W.H.


Jun 8            Paulist Choristers Concert to aid war-torn France

Jun 16                    "Mary's Ankles" (farce) with Amy Leah Dennis & Bert Leigh

Jun 26                    Lectures: "The Story of the Gallipoli Campaign by A Survivor"

(Sgt. Dunk of the British Arny) and "A Stretcher Bearer's

Experiences on the Front" (Cpl.White)

Jul 28           "The Wanderer" (drama) with Nance O'Neill, Charles Dalton,

Frederick Lewis and a company of 200 players, a ballet troupe

of 90 and 120 live sheep

Aug 30         Benefit concert for the Fatherless Children of France with Inga

Orner, Philip K. Hillstrom, the Everett Elks Band and the

Everett Swedish Glee Club

Aug 31         Moving pictures:"Pershing's Raiders"


In September of 1918 the Everett Theatre began regular showings of motion pictures with less frequent live performances as feature attractions and added attractions. From this point on live acts are indicated by bold italic type.


Sep 3-5         "Salome" (Fox, Theda Bara)

Sep 6-7         "Bound in Morocco" (Artcraft, Doug Fairbanks)

Sep 8-9         "A Desert Wooing" (Paramount, Enid Bennett)

                    "The Summer Girls" (Sennett, Louise Fazenda)

Sep 11-12     "The Great Love" (Paramount, D.W. Griffith dir)

Sep 16          "A Nine O'Clock Town" (Ince-Triangle, Charles Ray)

Sep 17          "Till I Come Back To You" (Artcraft, C.B. de Mille dir)

                    "Hick Manhattan" (Paramount, Peggy Hopkins Joyce)

Sep 18-19     "The Firefly of France" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

Sep 20-21     "Sauce For The Goose" (Selznick, Constance Talmadge)

Sep 22-23     "Heart of the Wilds" (Artcraft, Elsie Ferguson)

Sep 24-26     "Riddle Gawne" (Artcraft, W.S. Hart)

Sep 27-28     "On the Quiet" (Paramount, John Barrymore)

Sep 29-30     "Sandy" (Paramount, Jack Pickford)

Oct 1-3        "The Hun Within" (Paramount, Dorothy Gish)

                    "The Cook" (Paramount, Fatty Arbuckle & Buster Keaton)

Oct 4-5        "The Cruise of the Make-Believes" (Paramount, Lila Lee)

Oct 7th (live) Leona Stater in "My Soldier Girl")

Oct 8           "Johanna Enlists" (Artcraft, Mary Pickford)


Theaters, schools, churches and other public gathering places were closed October 9th through November 11th due to the Spanish Influenza epidemic.


Nov 12-14    "Johanna Enlists" (Artcraft, Mary Pickford)

Nov 15-16    "The Claws of the Hun" (Paramount, Charles Ray)

Nov 17         "Come On In" (Paramount, Shirley Mason)

Nov 18-19    "The Goat" (Artcraft, Fred Stone)

Nov 20         "The One Woman" (Select, Lawson Butt)

                    "Beware of Boarders" (Paramount/Keystone, Ford Sterling)

Nov 22-23    "Out of a Clear Sky" (Paramount, Marguerite Clark)

Nov 24         "Following the Flag to France" (US govt documentary on America's first year in the war)

Nov 25-27    "The Romance of Tarzan" (First National, Elmo Lincoln)

Nov 27-30    "Shoulder Arms" (First National, Charles Chaplin)

Dec 1-2        "A Woman of Impulse" (Paramount, Lina Cavalieri)

Dec 3-5        "He Comes Up Smiling" (Artcraft, Doug Fairbanks)

Dec 6-7        "The Law of the North" (Paramount, Charles Ray)

Dec 8-9        "Battling Jane" (Paramount, Dorothy Gish)

Dec 10-11    "The Border Wireless" (Artcraft, W.S. Hart)

                    "Tell That to the Marines" (Paramount, J. M. Flagg)

Dec 12-13    "Mrs. Leffingwell's Boots" (Select, Constance Talmadge)

Dec 13-14    "The Man From Funeral Range" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

Dec 15         "The Blue Bird" (Artcraft, Maurice Tourneur dir)

Dec 16-17    "Such a Little Pirate" (Paramount, Lila Lee)

Dec 18-19    "Private Peat" (Paramount/Artcraft, Harold Peat)

                    "Whose Little Wife Are You?" (Paramount/Sennett, P.Haver )

Dec 20-21    "Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman" (John Barrymore)

Dec 22-23    "The Make-Believe Wife" (Paramount, Billie Burke)

                    Newsreel (1000 ft) of surrender of German fleet

                    Concert by Lindgren on Kimball unit organ

Dec 24-26    "My Cousin" (Artcraft, Enrico Caruso)

                    "The Sheriff" aka "Out West" (Paramount, Fatty Arbuckle

and Buster Keaton)

Dec 27-28    "The Gypsy Trail" (Paramount, Bryant Washburn)

Dec 29-30    "Women's Weapons" (Paramount, Ethel Clayton)

                    Sunday concert by Lindgren on Kimball unit organ

D 31-Jan 2    "A Daughter of the Old South" (Paramount, Pauline Frederick)

                    "Her First Mistake" (Sennett, LouiseFazenda)



Jan1-2          "A Daughter of the Old South" (Paramount, Pauline Frederick)

Jan 3-4         "Mirandy Smiles" (Paramount, Vivian Martin)

Jan 5-7         "Sporting Life" (dir. Maurice Tourneur)

Jan 8-9         "Under the Greenwood Tree" (Artcraft, Elsie Ferguson)

Jan 10           "Fuss & Feathers" (Paramount, Enid Bennett)

Jan 13  (live) "Business Before Pleasure"

Jan 14           "The Greatest Thing In Life" (Artcraft, Lillian Gish, dir. D.W.


Jan 15-16      "Too Many Millions" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

Jan 17-18      "Arizona" (Artcraft, Doug Fairbanks)

Jan 19  (live) "Twin Beds"

Jan 20  (live) Ernestine Schumann-Heinke concert

Jan 21           "Branding Broadway" (Artcraft, W.S. Hart)

Jan 22-23      "Goodbye Bill" (Paramount, Shirley Mason)

Jan 24-26      "The Squaw Man" (Paramount, dir. C.B.DeMille)

Jan 27-28      "String Beans" (Paramount, Charles Ray)

Jan 29-30      'The Mystery Girl" (Paramount, Ethel Clayton)

Jan 31-Feb1  "Quicksands" (Paramount, Dorothy Dalton)

                    "The Village Chestnut" (Sennett, Chester Conklin)

Feb 2           "Little Miss Hoover" (Paramount, Marguerite Clark)

                    Berthold Lindgren organ concert

Feb 3-4        "Under Four Flags" (U.S. Govt documentary on Doughboys in France)   

Feb 3-7 (live) Hardeeny The Hancuff King

Feb 5-6        "The Way of a Man With a Maid" (Paramount, Bryant Washburn)

Feb 7-8        "The Hope Chest" (Paramount, Dorothy Gish)

Feb 9-10       "The Heart of Wetona" (Select, Norma Talmadge)

                    "Camping Out" (Paramount?, Fatty Arbuckle?)

Feb 11          "Little Women" (Paramount/Artcraft special)

Feb 12 (live) "Cinderella" with Zara Clinton

Feb 13          "Little Women" (Paramount/Artcraft special)

                    Everett Department Store fashion show

Feb 14          "Jane Goes A-Wooing" (Paramount, Vivian Martin)

                    "Wanted- $5,000" (Pathe, Harold Lloyd)

Feb 15 (live) "Furs & Frills" with Richard Carle

Feb 16-18     "The Silver King" (Paramount/Artcraft, William Faversham)

Feb 19-20     "The Secret Garden" (Paramount, Lila Lee)

Feb 20         Everett Department Store fashion show

Feb 21-22     "Under the Top" (Artcraft, Fred Stone)

                    "Impropaganda" (Paramount, J.M. Flagg?)

Feb 23-25     "Don't Change Your Husband" (Artcraft, Gloria Swanson)

Feb 26-27     "The Dub" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

                    "Going, Going, Gone" (Pathe, Harold Lloyd)

Feb 27         Everett Department Store fashion show

Feb 28          "His Parisian Wife" (Artcraft, Elsie Ferguson)

Mar 1-4        "A Romance of Happy Valley" (Artcraft, Lillian Gish)

Mar 5           "Venus in the East" (Paramount, Bryant Washburn)

Mar 5           Everett Department Store fashion show

Mar 6 (live) "Turn to the Right" with Ethel Strickland & Allen Mathes

Mar 7-8        "Here Comes the Bride" (Paramount, John Barrymore)

Mar 9 (live) "As You Were" with Kolb & Dill

Mar 9-10      "Breed of Men" (Artcraft, W.S. Hart)

Mar 11-13     "Happy Though Married" (Paramount, Enid Bennett)

Mar 14-15     "Hard-Boiled" (Paramount, Dorothy Dalton)

Mar 16-18     "The Girl Dodger" (Paramount, Charles Ray)

Mar 19-20     "The Two Brides" (Paramount, Lina Cavalieri)

Mar 21-22     "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch" (Paramount, Marguerite


Mar 23-24     "Borrowed Clothes" (Universal/Jewel, Mildred Harris)

                    "Love" (Paramount, Fatty Arbuckle)

Mar 26 (live) "Mutt & Jeff in the Woolly West"

Mar 27         "You Never Saw Such a Girl" (Paramount, Vivian Martin)

Mar 27 (live) Fashion Show    

Mar 28-29     "Boots" (Paramount, Dorothy Gish)

Mar 30-31     "Maggie Pepper" (Paramount, Ethel Clayton)

Apr 1-2        "Romance of Arabella" (Selznick, Constance Talmadge)

Apr 3           "The Winning Girl" (Paramount, Shirley Mason)

Apr 4-5        "The Probation Wife" (Selznick, Norma Talmadge)

Apr 6           "Johnny Get Your Gun" (Artcraft, Fred Stone)

 Apr 7 (live) Viola Harper in "Pollyanna"

Apr 8           "Johnny Get Your Gun" (Artcraft, Fred Stone)

Apr 9-10      "Poor Boob" (Paramount, Bryant Washburn)

Apr 11-12     "Alias Mike Moran" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

Apr 13-15     "Three Men & A Girl" (Paramount, Marguerite Clark)

Apr 16-17     "Puppy Love" (Paramount, Lila Lee)

Apr 18-19     "The Marriage Price" (Artcraft, Elsie Ferguson)

Apr 20         "The Poppy Girl's Husband" (Artcraft, W.S. Hart)

Apr 21 (live) Washington State College Glee Club & Band Concert

Apr 22         "The Poppy Girl's Husband" (Artcraft, W.S. Hart)

Apr 23-24     "Extravagance" (Metro, Dorothy Dalton)

                    Harold Lloyd comedy

Apr 25-26     "The Sheriff's Son" (Paramount, Charles Ray)

                    "Reilly's Wash Day" (Paramount/Sennett, Carles Murray)

April 27 (live) Sunday organ concert by Berthold Lindgren

Apr 27-29     "The Girl Who Stayed Home" (Artcraft, Carol Dempster, D.W.

Griffith, director)

Ap 30-My 1  "Partners Three" (Paramount, Enid Bennett)

May 2 (live) John Charles Thomas & Carolyn Thomson in "Maytime"

May 3           "Pettigrew's Girl" (Paramount, Ethel Clayton), Flagg comedy

May 4-6        "Captain Kidd, Jr." (Artcraft, Mary Pickford)

May 7           "Little Comrade" (Paramount, Vivian Martin)

May 7 (live) Meeting of the Loyal Legion

May 8           "Little Comrade" (Paramount, Vivian Martin)

May 9-10      "Peppy Polly" (Paramount, Dorothy Gish)

May 11-13    "Good Gracious Annabelle" (Paramount, Billie Burke)

May 14-16    "The Test of Honor" (Paramount, John Barrymore)

                    Sidney Drew comedy

May 17-20    "The Roaring Road" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

May 21--24   "For Better, For Worse" (Artcraft, Gloria Swanson)

May 25-26    "Eyes of the Soul" (Artcraft, Elsie Ferguson)

May 26 (live) Afternoon Organ Concert by Berthold Lindgren

May 27         "The Home Breaker" (Paramount, Dorothy Dalton)

May 28-31    "Greased Lightning" (Paramount, Charles Ray)

Jun 1-5         "Unpardonable Sin" (Blanche Sweet)

Jun 6-7         "Leave It To Susan" (Goldwyn, Madge Kennedy)

June 8-10      "Vicky Van" (Paramount, Ethel Clayton)

Jun 11-14     "The False Faces" (Paramount, Henry Walthall & Lon Chaney)

                    Mack Sennett comedy

Jun 15-17     "Green Eyes" (Paramount, Dorothy Dalton)

Jun 18-21     "The Turn in the Road" (Artcraft, Helen Jerome Eddy)

Jun 22-23     "The Man Hunter" (Fox, William Farnum)

June 23 (live) Lecture on investment opportunity with Norway Pacific

 Construction & Drydock Company

Jun 24                    "The Man Hunter" (Fox, William Farnum)

Jun 25-28     "Let's Elope" (Paramount, Marguerite Clark)

                    "Hearts & Flowers" (Paramount/Sennett, Louise Fazenda)

Jun 29-Jul 1  "Taxi" (Triangle, Taylor Holmes)

Jul 2-5                    "A Desert Hero" (Paramount, Fatty Arbuckle)

                    "The Rescuing Angel" (Paramount, Shirley Mason)

Jul 6-8                    "The Busher" (Paramount, Charles Ray)

Jul 9-12        "The Red Lantern" (Metro, Alla Nazimova)

                    "Squared" (Paramount, Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Drew)

Jul 13-16       "Sunnyside" (First National, Charles Chaplin)

                    "The Profiteers" (Pathe, Fannie Ward)

Jul 13 (live) Berthold Lindgren Sunday Organ Concert

Jul 17 (live) Harvey's Greater Minstrels

Jul 18-19       "I'll Get Him Yet" (Paramount, Dorothy Gish)

Jul 20-22 (live) Beatriz Michelena in "Just Squaw"

Jul 23-26       "Square Deal Sanderson" (Artcraft, W.S. Hart)

                    "The Con in Economy" (comedy)

Jul 27-29       "Putting It Over" (Paramount, Bryant Washburn)

Jul 30-Aug 2 "Hay Foot, Straw Foot" (Paramount, Charles Ray)

Aug 3-5        "Other Men's Wives" (Paramount, Dorothy Dalton)

Aug 6-9        "Bill Apperson's Boy" (First National, Jack Pickford)

Aug 10-12    "Experimental Marriage" (Select, Constance Talmadge)

Aug 13-16    "The Love Burglar" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

Aug 17-19    "Getting Mary Married" (Select, Marion Davies)

Aug 20-23    "The Better Wife" (Select, Clara Kimball Young)

Aug 24-26    "A Daughter of the Wolf" (Paramount, Lila Lee)

Aug 27-30    "The Heart of Humanity" (Universal, Dorothy Phillips)

Aug 31-Sep 2 "The Woman Thou Gavest Me" (Paramount, Katherine


Sep 3-5         "Wagon Tracks" (Artcraft, W.S. Hart)

Sep 6--9        "The Haunted Bedroom" (Paramount, Enid Bennett)

Sep 10-12     "A Romance of the Air" (Bert Hall)

Sep 13-16     "Her Code of Honor" (Florence Reed)

Sep 17-20     "The Way of a Woman" (Select, Norma Talmadge)

Sep 21-23     "A Society Exile" (Artcraft, Elsie Ferguson)

Sep 24-27     "His Majesty, The American" (United Artists, Doug Fairbanks)

Sep 28-29     "The Heart of Youth" (Paramount, Lila Lee)

Se 30-Oc 4   "Bill Henry" (Paramount, Charles Ray)

Oct 5-6        "Happiness a la Mode" (Select, Constance Talmadge)

Oct 7-11       "The Shepherd of the Hills" (Harry Lonsdale)

Oct 12-14     "The Virtuous Thief" (Paramount, Enid Bennett)

Oct 15-18     "A Sporting Chance" (Paramount, Ethel Clayton)

Oct 19-21     "Love Insurance" (Paramount, Bryant Washburn)

Oct 22-25     "A House Divided" (Herbert Rawlinson)

                    "Back Stage" (Paramount, Fatty Arbuckle & Buster Keaton)

Oct 26-28     "Wolves of the Night" (Fox, William Farnum)

Oc 29-No 1  "Out of Luck" (Paramount, Dorothy Gish)

Nov 2-4       "The Wild Westerner" (Universal, Art Acord)

Nov 5-8       "The Brat" (Metro, Alla Nazimova)

Nov 9-11      "Mary Regan" (First National, Anita Stewart)

Nov 12-15    "The Girl From The Outside" (Goldwyn, Clara Horton)

Nov 16-17    "Through The Wrong Door" (Goldwyn, Madge Kennedy)

Nov 18-22    "The Egg Crate Wallop" (Paramount, Charles Ray)

Nov 23-29    "The Miracle Man" (Paramount, Betty Compson & Lon Chaney)

No30-De2    "Witness for the Defense" (Paramount, Elsie Ferguson)

Dec 3-6        "The Misleading Widow" (Paramount, Billie Burke)

Dec 7-9        "The Isle of Conquest" (Selznick, Norma Talmadge)

Dec 10-13    "Crooked Straight" (Paramount, Charles Ray)

Dec 14-16    "Turning the Tables" (Paramount, Dorothy Gish)

Dec 17-20    "Why Smith Left Home" (Paramount, Bryant Washburn)

Dec 21         "Strictly Confidential" (Goldwyn, Madge Kennedy)

Dec 22         "Toby's Bow" (Goldwyn, Tom Moore)

Dec 23-26    "Broken Blossoms" (United Artists, Lillian Gish, dir D.W.


Dec 27-30    "The Right to Happiness" (Universal, Dorothy Phillips)

De31-Ja 3?    "The Jinx" (Goldwyn, Mabel Normand)



De31-Ja3?     "The Jinx" (Goldwyn, Mabel Normand)

Jan 7-10        "John Petticoats" (Paramount, W.S. Hart)

Jan 11-13      "Counterfeit" (Paramount, Elsie Ferguson)

Jan 14-17      "The Garage" (Paramount, Fatty Arbuckle & Buster Keaton) and "Hell's Island" (Paramount, Jack Holt & Lon Chaney)

Jan 18-19      "The Willow Tree" (Metro, Viola Dana)

Jan 20-24      "Heart O' the Hills" (First National, Mary Pickford)

Jan 25-28      "Hawthorne of the U.S.A." (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

Jan 29- Feb 1 "Auction of Souls" (motion picture with live personal appearance by Armenian refugee Aurora Mardiganian

Feb 2-5        "Red Hot Dollars" (Paramount, Charles Ray) w/live

appearance by Bob Finley & Mack Sennett's Bathing Girls

Feb 6-7        "Too Much Johnson" (Paramount, Bryant Washburn)

Feb 8-10       "The Walk-Offs" (Metro, May Allison)

Feb 8  (live) Berthold Lindgren organ concert

Feb 11-14     "Stronger Than Death" (Metro, Alla Nazimova)

Feb 15-17     "The Right of Way" (Metro, Bert Lytell)

Feb 18-21     "The Woman in the Suitcase" (Paramount, Enid Bennett)

Feb 22-24     "The Winning Stroke" (Fox, George Walsh)

Feb 25-28     "Wings of the Morning" (Fox, William Farnum)

Mar 1-2        "The Perfect Lover" (Selznick, Eugene O'Brien)

Mar 3-6        "A Scream in the Night" (Select, Ruth Budd)

Mar 4 (live) Everett Department Store Easter Fashion Show

Mar 7-9        "The Beauty Market" (First National, Katherine 


Mar 10-13     "The Superman" (motion picture novelty) with live stage

act by strong man Sajatovich

Mar 11 (live) Everett Department Store Fashion Show

Mar 14-15     "Mind-the-Paint Girl" (First National, Anita Stewart)

Mar 16-20?   "Double Speed" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

Mar 18 (live) Everett Department Store Fashion Show

Mar 22-23     "The Gay Lord Quex" (Goldwyn, Tom Moore)

Mar 24-27     "Back to God's Country" (First National, Nell Shipman)

Mar 25 (live) Everett Department Store Fashion Show

Mar 28-30     "Water, Water Everywhere" (Goldwyn, Will Rogers)

Mar 29 (live) "Let's Go" with Gertrude Hutcheson

Mar 30 (live) The Hubert Twins, child boxers (prologue?)

Ma 31-Ap 3 "A Day's Pleasure" (First National, Charles Chaplin) and

                    "Brothers Divided" (Pathe, Frank Keenan)

Apr 1  (live) Everett Department Store Fashion Show

Apr 4-6        "She Loves & Lies" (Selznick, Norma Talmadge)

Apr 5 (live) "Flo Flo" (musical review)

Apr 7-10      "Alarm Clock Andy" (Paramount, Charles Ray)

Apr 11-13     "The Thunderbolt" (First National, Katherine McDonald)

Apr 12 (live) "Three Faces East" with Violet Heming (mystery)

Apr 14-17     "Two Weeks" (First National, Constance Talmadge)

Apr 18-19     "The Brute Breaker" (Universal, Frank Mayo)

Apr 20-24     "Pollyanna" (United Artists, Mary Pickford)

Apr 25-26     "Young Mrs. Winthrop" (Paramount, Ethel Clayton)

Apr 26 (live) Kolb & Dill in "Wet & Dry" (musical comedy)

Ap 27-May 1 "Excuse My Dust" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

May 2-4        "His House in Order" (Paramount, Elsie Ferguson)

May 5-8        "April Folly" (Paramount, Marion Davies)

May 9-10      "The Broken Butterfly" (Robertson-Cole, Lew Cody, Maurice Tourneur dir.)

May 11-15    "The Silver Horde" (Goldwyn, Myrtle Stedman)

May 16 (live) Beatriz Michelina & Co. in "The Flame of Hellgate"

May 17 (live) "Rigoletto" with Sonora Grand Opera Co

May 18-22    "Down on the Farm" (United Artists/Mack Sennett,

Louise Fazenda)

May 23-25    "The Stolen Kiss" (Realart, Constance Binney)

May 25 (live) Gus Hill's World Famous Minstrels with George Wilson

May 26-29    "My Lady's Garter" (Paramount, Holmes Herbert)

May 30-Jun 2  "Who's Your Servant?" (Robertson-Cole, Lois Wilson) with

live prologue, Baby Evelyn Hayes singing and dancing

Jun 3-5         "Bumping into Broadway" (Pathe/Hal Roach film short,

Harold Lloyd) with live performance "1920 Bathing

Girl Revue"

Jun 6-8         "The Speed Maniac" (Fox, Tom Mix) plus

                    "Should Husbands Dance?" (Christie, Dorothy Devore)

Jun 9-12       "The Heart of a Child" (Metro, Alla Nazimova) plus

                    "Her First Kiss" (Fox, Ethel Teare)

Jun 13-15     "Judy of Rogue's Harbor" (Realart, Mary Mile Minter) plus "Why Wild Men Go Wild" (untraced film)

Jun 16-19     "A Modern Salome" (Metro, Hope Hampton) plus

                    "A Roman Scandal" (Christie, Eddie Barry)

Jun 20-22     "Miss Hobbs" (Realart, Wanda Hawley) plus

                    "Twas Midnight" (untraced film)

Jun 23-26     "The Dancing Fool" (Paramount, Wallace Reid) plus

                    "Spring" (untraced film)

Jun 27-29     "Greater Than Fame" (Selznick, Elaine Hammerstein) plus "Papa by Proxie" (Christie? Untraced)

Jun 30-Jul 3  "Terror Island" (Paramount, Houdini) plus "From Hand to Mouth" (Hal Roach/Pathe, Harold Lloyd)

Jul 4-5          "The Dark Mirror" (Paramount, Dorothy Dalton)

Jul 6-10        "Paris Green" (Paramount, Charles Ray)

Jul 11-14       "Romance" (Paramount, Doris Keane)

Jul 15-17       "The Fortune Teller" (Robertson-Cole film, Marjorie Rambeau)

Jul 18-19       "Haunting Shadows" (Robertson-Cole film, H.B. Warner)

Jul 20-24       "The Mollycoddle" (United Artists, Douglas Fairbanks)

Jul 25-27       "The Cheater" (Metro, May Allison)

Jul 28-31       "The Daredevil" (Fox, Tom Mix)

Aug 1-3        "A Manhattan Knight" (Fox, George Walsh)

Aug 4-7        "His Royal Slyness" (Pathe, Harold Lloyd) plus "The Best of Luck" (Metro, Jack Holt)

Aug 8-9        "Heart of Juanita" (Robertson-Cole film, Beatriz Michelena)

Aug 10-14    "Suds" (United Artists, Mary Pickford)

Aug 15-17    "A Twilight Baby" (First National, Virginia Rappe)

Aug 18-21    "A Daughter of Two Worlds" (First National, Norma Talmadge)

Aug 22-24    "The Turning Point" (First National, Katherine McDonald)

Aug 25-28    "Sick Abed" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

Aug 29-31    "The Greatest Question" (First National, Lillian Gish, D.W. Griffith dir.)

Sep 1-3         "Let's Be Fashionable" (Paramount, Doug MacLean)

Sep 4-7         "Ladder of Lies" (Paramount, Ethel Clayton)

Sep 8-11       "Homer Comes Home" (Paramount, Charles Ray)

Sep 12-14     "Shod With Fire" (Fox, William Russell)

Sep 15-18     "The Great Accident" (Goldwyn, Tom Moore) and slow motion films of Babe Ruth (perhaps "Play Ball With Babe Ruth"?)

Sep 19-21     "Jes' Call Me Jim" (Goldwyn, Will Rogers)

Sep 22-24     "Don't Ever Marry" (First National, Wesley Barry)

Sep 24 (live) G.M. Anderson's "Frivolities of 1920" (musical revue)

Sep 25-28     "What Happened to Jones" (Paramount, Bryant Washburn)

Sep 29-Oct 2  "The Idol Dancer" (First National, Richard Bathelmess, D.W. Griffith dir.)

Oct 1 (live) Ralph Dunbar production "Robin Hood" (comic opera)

Oct 3-4        "The Grey Wolf's Ghost" (Superior, H.W. Warner)            

Oct 4 (live) Band Concert by crew of ship U.S.S. Mississippi

Oct 5-9        "In Search of a Sinner" (First National, Constance Talmadge)

Oct 10-12     "Passion's Playground" (First National, Katherine MacDonald)

Oct 13-16     "Out of the Storm" (Goldwyn, John Bowers)

Oct 17-19     "A Splendid Hazard" (First National, Henry B. Walthall)

Oct 20-22     "The Cost" (Paramount, Violet Heming)

Oct 23-25     "The Penalty" (Goldwyn, Lon Chaney)

Oct 26-30     "Scratch My Back" (Goldwyn, T.Roy Barnes)

Oct 27 (live) Speech by Parley Parker Christensen, Farm Labor Party candidate for president

Oct 31-Nov 2 "The Terror" (Fox, Tom Mix)

Nov 2-6       "Going Some" (Goldwyn, Helen Ferguson)

Nov 7-9       "The Little Wanderer" (Fox, Shirley Mason)

Nov 10-13    "Sand" (Paramount, W.S. Hart) with live act, Joe Roberts on the banjo

Nov 14-15    "The Strange Boarder" (Goldwyn, Will Rogers)

Nov 16-20    "45 Minutes From Broadway" (Associated First National, Charles Ray)

Nov 21-23    "The Notorious Miss Lisle" (Associated First National, Katherine MacDonald)

Nov 24-27    "Yes or No" (First National, Norma Talmadge)

Nov 26 (live) Henry B. Walthall in Ibsen's "Ghosts"

Nov 28-30    "Married Life" (Sennett/First National, Ben Turpin)

Dec 1-5        "The Woman and the Puppet" (Goldwyn, Geraldine Farrar) plus "Four Times Foiled" (animal film)

Dec 6-8        "Partners of the Night" (Goldwyn, Pinna Nesbit)

Dec 9-11      "The North Wind's Malice" (Goldwyn, Tom Santschi)

Dec 12-14    "Cupid, the Cowpuncher" (Goldwyn, Will Rogers)

Dec 15-18    "The Branding Iron" (Goldwyn, James Kirkwood)

Dec 19-21    "Stop Thief" (Goldwyn, Tom Moore)

Dec 22-24    "The Revenge of Tarzan" (Goldwyn, Gene Pollar)

Dec 25-27    "Overland Red" (Universal, Harry Carey) plus the original 1903 one-reeler "The Great Train Robbery" (Edison, Bronco Billy Anderson)

Dec 28-31    "A Cumberland Romance" (Realart, Mary Miles Minter)

Dec 29 (live) "Tiger Rose" (melodrama)



Jan 1-3         "The Life of the Party" (Paramount, Fatty Arbuckle) plus

motion pictures of Everett High School's football team's

championship game

Jan 4-7         "Good References" (First National, Constance Talmadge)

Jan 7 (live) A.H. Wood presents "Up in Mabel's Room" (farce)

Jan 8-9         "A Dark Lantern" (Realart, Alice Brady)

Jan 10-14 (live) Murdock, the Mystic Seer (psychic, magician)         

Jan 15-17      "Curtain" (First National, Katherine MacDonald)

Jan 18-22      "Peaceful Valley" (Associated Frist National, Charles Ray)

Jan 20 (live) "The Bird of Paradise" with Florence Rockwell (musical


Jan 23-25      "The Inferior Sex" (First National, Mildred Harris Chaplin)

Jan 25-29      "The Master Mind" (Associated First National, Lionel


Jan 30-Feb 1 "Love Madness" (Pathe, Louise Glaum)

Feb 2-4        "Desert Love" (Fox, Tom Mix)

Feb 5-8        "The Joyous Troublemaker" (Fox, William Farnum)

Feb 9-12       "Get Out & Get Under" (Hal Roach/Pathe, Harold Lloyd) plus

"What Happened to Rosa" (Goldwyn, Mabel Normand)

Feb 13-17     "Nineteen and Phyllis" (First National, Charles Ray)

Feb 18-24     "The Kid" (First National, Charles Chaplin)

Feb 25-28     "Brewster's Millions" (Paramount, Fatty Arbuckle)

Mar 1-3        "Love, Honor & Behave" (Associated First

National/Sennett, Charles Murray)       

Mar 3 (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store

Mar 4-8        "Outside the Law" (Universal, Lon Chaney, Priscilla Dean)

Mar 9-11      "Dangerous Business" (First National, Constance Talmadge)

Mar 10 (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store

Mar 12-14     "Blue Streak McCoy" (Universal, Harry Carey)

Mar 14 (live) Kolb & Dill in "The High Cost of Loving"

Mar 15-18     "The Mark of Zorro" (United Artists, Doug Fairbanks)

Mar 19-22     "Passion" (First National, Pola Negri)

Mar 23-25     "Twin Beds" (First National, Carter DeHaven)

Mar 24 (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store

Mar 26-30     "Forbidden Fruit" (Paramount, Agnes Ayres, C.B. DeMille prod/dir)

Mar 31-Apr 4 "Humoresque" (Paramount, Alma Rubens)

Mar 31 (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store

Apr 5-6 (live) Amateur musical production "Cheer Up" presented by

the American Legion

Apr 7-9        "Always Audacious" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

Apr 7 (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store

Apr 10-13     "The Roundup" (Paramount, Fatty Arbuckle)

Apr 14-15     "A Full House" (Paramount, Bryant Washburn)

Apr 14 (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store

Apr 16-19     "The Truth About Husbands" (Bennett Prod., Anna Lehr)

Apr 20-23     "Conrad in Quest of His Youth" (Paramount, Thomas Meighan)

Apr 21 (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store

Apr 24-26     "The Devil's Passkey" (Universal, Sam De Grasse)

Apr 27-30     "The Woman in His House" (First National, Mildred

Harris Chaplin)

Apr 28 (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store

May 1-4        "The Killer" (Pathe, Jack Conway)

May 5-7        "Bunty Pulls the Strings" (Goldwyn, Leatrice Joy)

May 5 (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store

May 8-10      "Trumpet Island" (Vitagraph, Marguerite De La Motte)

May 11-14    "The Charm School" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

May 11 (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store

May 15-19    "The Passion Flower" (First National, Norma Talmadge)

May 20-23    "Man-Woman-Marriage" (Associated First National, Dorothy


May 24-27    "Prisoners of Love" (Goldwyn, Betty Compson)

May 25 (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store

May 28-31    "Reputation" (Universal, Priscilla Dean) plus talking picture

"Shell Shocked" (untraced)

Jun 1-4         "Sowing the Wind" (First National, Anita Stewart)

Jun 2 (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store

Jun 5-8         "Peck's Bad Boy" (First National, Jackie Coogan)

Jun 9-11       "The Cradle of Courage" (Paramount, W.S. Hart)

Jun 9 (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store with movies being

filmed of theater-goers and downtown Everett

Jun 12-13     "Drag Harlan" (Fox, William Farnum)

Jun 14-15 (live) Elks amateur musical "The Whirl O' The Town"

Jun 16-19     "Through the Back Door" (United Artists, Mary Pickford)

Jun 16-19  (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store with movies of

theater-goers, downtown Everett and 16 local girls competing

in  a "Mary Pickford Contest" (filmed on June 9th)

Jun 20-22     "The Jucklins" (Paramount, Monte Blue)

Jun 23-24     "The Unknown Wife" (Universal, Edith Roberts)

Jun 23 (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store

Jun 25-28     "Kazan" (film w/ Jane Novak & Kazan The Wonder Dog)

Jun 29-Jul 2 "Habit" (Associated First National, Mildred Chaplin)

Jun 30 (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store

Jul 3-6                    "The Road Demon" (Fox, Tom Mix) plus "Now or Never"

(Hal Roach/Pathe, Harold Lloyd)

Jul 7-10        "Paying the Piper" (Paramount, Dorothy Dickson)

Jul 7 (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store

Jul 11-12       "Chickens" (Paramount, Doug MacLean)

Jul 13-16       "The Flower of Love" (United Artists, Carol Dempster,

D.W. Griffith dir)

Jul 14 (live) E.F. La Montagne & His Country Store

Jul 17-19       "The Passionate Pilgrim" (Paramount, Matt Moore)

Jul 18 (live) Ruth Chatterton in "Mary Rose" (comedy drama)

Jul 20-22       "The Girl in the Taxi" (Associated First National, Carter DeHaven)

Jul 23-25       "Lessons in Love" (First National, Constance Talmadge)

Jul 26-29       "Playthings of Destiny" (First National, Anita Stewart)

With live concert by Seattle songwriter Harold Weeks on

 July 26th only

Jul 30-Aug 2 "The Sky Pilot" (First National, John Bowers)

Aug 3-6        "Silk Hosiery" (Famous Players, Enid Bennett) plus

"Among Those Present" (Pathe, Harold Lloyd)

Aug 7-9        "Trust Your Wife" (Associated First National, Katherine


Aug 10-12    "The Great Adventure" (First National, Lionel Barrymore)

with Mrs. Hake at the organ

Aug 13-16    "The Golden Snare" (Associated First National, Lewis Stone)

Aug 17-20    "The Price of Possession" (Paramount, Ethel Clayton)

Aug 21-23    "Deep Waters" (Paramount, John Gilbert)

Aug 24-27    "The Rookie's Return" (Paramount, Doug MacLean)

Aug 28-30    "What's Worth While?" (Paramount, Claire Windsor)

Aug 31-Sep 4 "I Do" (Pathe, Harold Lloyd) plus "An Amateur Devil"

(Paramount, Bryant Washburn)

Sep 5-6         "The Frontier of the Stars" (Paramount, Thomas Meighan)

Sep 7-10       "Crazy to Marry" (Paramount, Fatty Arbuckle)

Sep 11-14     "The Old Nest" (Goldwyn, Mary Alden)

Sep 15-17     "The Sign on the Door" (First National, Norma Talmadge)

Sep 18-20     "Half an Hour" (Paramount, Dorothy Dalton)

Sep 21-24     "The Great Moment" (Paramount, Gloria Swanson)

Sep 25-26     "I Am Guilty" (J.Parker Read, Louise Glaum)

Sep 27-28     "The Career of Katherine Bush" (Paramount, Catherine Calvert)

Sep 29-Oct 1 "Mother o' Mine" (Ince, Betty Blythe)

Oct 2-4        ""Hands Off" (Fox, Tom Mix)

Oct 5-6        "The Dark Star" (Paramount, Marion Davies)

Oct 6-8        "At the End of the World" (Paramount, Betty Compson)

Oct 9-10       "The U.P. Trail" (Pathe, Kathlyn Williams)

Oct 11-12     "The Firing Line" (Paramount, Irene Castle)

Oct 11 (live) Farewell organ concert by Berthold Lindgren, who is to be

replaced by Mabel Jenkins as the Everett Theatre organist)

Oct 13-15     "Homespun Folks" (Ince, Lloyd Hughes)

Oct 16-20     "The Affairs of Anatol" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

Oct 21-22     "Home Talent" (Mack Sennett, Charles Murray) with live


Oct 23-24     "Passing Through" (Paramount, Douglas MacLean)

Oct 25-26     "The Leopard Woman" (Ince, Louise Glaum)

Oct 27-29     "Cappy Ricks" (Paramount, Thomas Meighan)

Oct 30-31     "The Love Special" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

Nov 1-2       "A Broken Doll" (Associated, Monte Blue)

Nov 3-5       "The Girl From God's Country" (Warren Corp., Nell Shipman)

Nov 6-7       "The Ten Dollar Raise" (Associated, Marguerite De La Motte)

Nov 8-9       "Wealth" (Paramount, Ethel Clayton)

Nov 10-12    "The Great Impersonation" (Paramount, James Kirkwood)

Nov 13-15    "Never Weaken" (Roach/Pathe, Harold Lloyd)

Nov 16-17    "The Idol of the North" (Paramount, Dorothy Dalton)

Nov 18-19    "The Scuttlers" (Fox, William Farnum)

Nov 20-22    "Wet Gold" (Goldwyn, Ralph Ince) and "The Playhouse"

(First National, Buster Keaton)

Nov 23-28    "Way Down East" (United Artists, Lillian Gish, D.W.

Griffith, dir.)

Nov 29-30 (live) American Legion amateur revue "You'll Be Surprised"

Dec 1-3        "The Blot" (Lois Weber)

Dec 4-5        "The City of Silent Men" (Paramount, Thomas Meighan)

Dec 6-7        "A Thousand to One" (AP)

Dec 8-10      "The Sheik" (Rudolph Valentino)

Dec 11         "The Gilded Lily" (Paramount, Mae Murray)

Dec 12-13    "The Forbidden Thing" (Mary Mears)

Dec 14-17    "Two Minutes to Go" (First National, Charles Ray)

Dec 18-21    "The Idle Class" (First National, Charles Chaplin)

Dec 22-24    "Bits of Life" (First National, )

Dec 25-26    "The Cup of Life" (Madge Bellamy)

Dec 27-29    "O'Malley of the Mounted" (Paramount, W.S. Hart)

Dec 30-31    "The Gilded Lily" (Paramount, Mae Murray)

Dec 31 (midnight) "Ladies Must Live" (Betty Compson)



Jan 1-2         "Ladies Must Live" (Paramount, Betty Compson)

Jan 3-4         "Buried Treasure" (Paramount, Marion Davies)

Jan 5-7         "Man of the Forest" (Hodkinson, Claire Adams)

Jan 8-10        "Sailor-Made Man" (Roach/Associated, Harold Lloyd)

Jan 11-12      "The Witching Hour" (Paramount, Elliott Dexter)

Jan 13-15      "Courage" (First National, Naomi Childers)

Jan 16-17      "The Home Stretch" (Paramount, Doug MacLean)

Jan 18-20      "Wedding Bells" (First National, Constance Talmadge)

Jan 21-25      "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" (Metro,

Rudolph Valentino)

Jan 26-28      "What Every Woman Knows" (Paramount, Lois Wilson)

Jan 29-30      "White & Unmarried" (Paramount, Thomas Meighan)

Jan 31-Feb 1 "The Wild Goose" (Paramount, Mary MacLaren)

Feb 2-4        "Stranger Than Fiction" (First National, Katherine


Feb 5-6        "The Whistle" (Paramount, W.S. Hart)

Feb 7-8        "The Lost Romance" (Paramount, Jack Holt)

Feb 9-11       "Nobody" (First National, Jewel Carmen)

Feb 12-13     "The Woman God Changed" (Paramount, Seena Owen)

Feb 14-15     "Dangerous Lies" (Paramount, David Powell)

Feb 16-18     "The Little Minister" (Paramount, Betty Compson)

Feb 19-22     "Star Dust" (Assoc./First National, Hope Hampton)

Feb 23-25     "The Child Thou Gavest Me" (First National, Barbara


Feb 26-27     "A Prince There Was" (Paramount, Thomas Meighan)

Feb 28-Mar 2 "The Call of the North" (Paramount, Jack Holt)

Mar 3-4        "Experience" (Paramount, Richard Barthelmess)

Mar 5-6        "White Oak" (Paramount, W.S. Hart)

Mar 7-8        "The Golem" (PAGU/Famous Players, Paul Wegener)

Mar 9-11      "Miss Lulu Bett" (Paramount, Milton Sills)

Mar 12-15     "Saturday Night" (Paramount, Leatrice Joy)

Mar 16-18     "Rent Free" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

Mar 19-20     "Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford" (Paramount, Sam Hardy)

Mar 21-22     "A Perfect Crime" (Associated, Monte Blue)

Mar 23-25     "Jim, The Penman" (First National, Lionel Barrymore)

Mar 26-28     "Forever" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

Mar 29-Apr 1 "Enchantment" (Paramount, Marion Davies)

Apr 2-3        "Seven Years Bad Luck" (Robertson/Cole, Max Linder)

plus "The Northern Trail" (Selig-Rork, Lewis Stone)

Apr 4-5        "Wife Against Wife" (First National, Pauline Stark)

Apr 6-7        "Big Happiness" (Robertson-Cole, Dustin Farnum)

Apr 8           "The Foolish Age" (Robertson-Cole, Doris May)

Apr 9-11      "Moran of the Lady Letty" (Paramount, Rudolph


Apr 12-15     "Salvation Nell" (First National, Pauline Stark)

Apr 16-19     "Fool's Paradise" (Paramount, Dorothy Dalton, C.B.

DeMille dir)

Apr 20-22     "The Wonderful Thing" (First National, Norma


Apr 23-26     "Pay Day" (First National, Charles Chaplin) plus "The

Easy Road" (Paramount, Thomas Meighan)

Apr 27-29     "Serenade" (First National, George Walsh)

Apr 30-May 1 "R.S.V.P." (First National, Charles Ray)

May 2-4        "Devotion" (Prod/dist.unknown, Hazel Dawn)

May 5-6        "Boomerang Bill" (Paramount, Lionel Barrymore)

May 7-8        "One Arabian Night" (released as "Sumurun")

(PAGU/First National, Pola Negri)

May 9-10      "Carnival" (Alliance, Ivor Novello)

May 11-13    "The Bride's Play" (Paramount, Marion Davies)

May 14-15    "Don't Tell Everything" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

May 16-17    "Disraeli" (United Artists, George Arliss)

May 18-20    "Dream Street" (United Artists, Carol Dempster, dir. D.W. Griffith)

May 20-22    "The Iron Trail" (United Artists, Wyndham Standing)

May 23-24    "Greater Than Love" (J.Parke Read, Louise Glaum)

May 25-27    "Come On Over" (Goldwyn, Colleen Moore)

May 28-29    "Dangerous Curve Ahead" (Goldwyn, Helene Chadwick)

May 30-31    "Snowblind" (Goldwyn, Mary Alden)

Jun 1-2         "The Invisible Power" (Goldwyn, House Peters)

Jun 3-6         "Orphans of the Storm" (United Artists, Lillian &

Dorothy Gish, dir. D.W. Griffith)

Jun 7-10       "Beyond the Rocks" (Paramount, Rudolph Valentino &

Gloria Swanson)

Jun 11-13     "Penrod" (First National, Wesley Barry)

Jun 14-15     "Beyond the Rainbow" (Robertson-Cole, Billie Dove)

Jun 16-17     "Man to Man" (Universal, Harry Carey)

Jun 18-21     "Smilin' Through" (First National, Norma Talmadge)

Jun 22-24     "Wild Honey" (Universal, Priscilla Dean)

Jun 25-26     "Back Pay" (Paramount, Seena Owen)

Jun 27-28     "Love" (Assoc./J.Parker Read, Louise Glaum)

Jun 29-Jul 1 "Woman's Place" (Assoc.First National, Constance


Jul 2-4                    "Tol'able David" (First National, Richard Barthelmess)

Jul 5-7                    "The Trap" (Universal, Lon Chaney)

Jul 8-10        "Foolish Wives" (Universal, Erich von Stroheim)

Jul 11-13       "Reported Missing" (Select, Owen Moore)

Jul 14-15       "The Conquest of Canaan" (Paramount, Thomas


Jul 16-17       "The Lane That Had No Turning" (Paramount, Agnes


Jul 18-20       "A Game Chicken" (Paramount, Bebe Daniels)

Jul 21-22       "Love's Redemption" (Associated First National, Norma


Jul 23-25       "Yellow Men & Gold" (Goldwyn, Richard Dix)

Jul 26-27       "Beating the Game" (Goldwyn, Tom Moore)

Jul 28-29       "Under the Lash" (Paramount, Gloria Swanson)

Jul 30-Aug 1 "When Romance Rides" (Goldwyn, Claire Adams)

Aug 2-3        "All's Fair in Love" (Goldwyn, Richard Dix) with live

prologue by young violinist Ebla Frederickson

Aug 4-5        "The Lotus Eater" (First National, John Barrymore)

Aug 6-7        "The Seventh Day" (First National, Richard Barthelmess)

Aug 8-9        "His Back Against the Wall" (Goldwyn, Raymond


Aug 10-11    "The Grim Comedian" (Goldwyn, Jack Holt)

Aug 12-14    "One Clear Call" (First National, Milton Sills)

Aug 15-16    "A Doll's House" (United Artists, Alla Nazimova)

Aug 17-18    "The Beautiful Liar" (First National, Katherine


Aug 19-21    "Trouble" (Associated First National, Jackie Coogan)

Aug 22-24    "Fair Lady" (United Artists, Betty Blythe)

Aug 25-26    "The Song of Life" (First National, Grace Darmond)

Aug 27-28    "The Man From Lost River" (Goldwyn, House Peters)

Aug 29-31    "From the Ground Up" (Goldwyn, Tom Moore)

Sep 1-2         "The Invisible Fear" (First National, Anita Stewart)

Sep 3-4         "Three Live Ghosts" (Paramount, Norman Kerry)

Sep 5-6         "Footlights" (Paramount, Elsie Ferguson)

Sep 7-8         "The Prince Chap" (Paramount, Thomas Meighan)

Sep 9-11       "Hurricane's Gal" (First National, Dorothy Phillips)

Sep 12-14     "The Law & The Woman" (Paramount, Betty Compson)

Sep 15-16     "My Lady Friends" (First National, Mr. & Mrs. Carter


Sep 17-18     "Golden Dreams" (Goldwyn, Rose Dion)

Sep 19-20     "After the Show" (Paramount, Lila Lee)

Sep 21-22     "Her Social Value" (First National, Katherine


Sep 23-26     "The Eternal Flame" (First National, Norma Talmadge)

Sep 27-29     "Polly of the Follies" (First National, Constance


Sep 30-Oct 3 "Blood & Sand" (Paramount, Rudolph Valentino)

Oct 4-6        "A Question of Honor" (First National, Anita Stewart)

Oct 7-10       "The Masquerader" (Associated First National, Guy Bates


Oct 11-13     "The Dictator" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

Oct 14-17     "A Tailor Made Man" (United Artists, Charles Ray)

Oct 18-20     "Love Is An Awful Thing" (Selznick, Owen Moore)

Oct 21-25     "Manslaughter" (Paramount, Thomas Meighan)

Oct 26-27     "The Siren Call" (Paramount, Dorothy Dalton)

Oct 28-31     "The Old Homestead" (Paramount, Theodore Roberts)

Nov 1-3       "Pink Gods" (Paramount, Bebe Daniels) and "Golf"

(Vitagraph, Larry Semon)

Nov 4-7       "East is West" (First National, Constance Talmadge)

Nov 8-10      "Thunderclap" (Fox, Mary Carr)

Nov 11-14    "Burning Sands" (Paramount, Milton Sills)

Nov 15-17    "Her Gilded Cage" (Paramount, Gloria Swanson)

Nov 18-21    "Kindred of the Dust" (First National, Miriam Cooper)

Nov 22-24    "Across the Deadline" (Universal, Frank Mayo) and "The

Film Cop" (?) with live prologue featuring Edna

Wallace Hopper, 62-yr-old "flapper"

Nov 25-28    "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow" (Paramount, Thomas

Meighan) plus "The Electric House" (First National, Buster Keaton)

Nov 29-Dec 1 "The Valley of Silent Men" (Paramount, Alma


Dec 2-6        "When Knighthood Was In Flower" (Paramount, Marion


Dec 7-9        "In the Name of the Law" (FBO, Jean Adair)

Dec 10-12    "Clarence" (Paramount, Wallace Reid)

Dec 13-15    "The Impossible Mrs. Bellew" (Paramount, Gloria

Swanson) and "The Saw Mill" (Vitagraph, Larry Semon)

Dec 16-19    "Lorna Doone" (Associated First National, Madge


Dec 20-22    "The Young Diana" (Paramount, Marion Davies)

Dec 23-27    "Tess of Storm Country" (United Artists, Mary Pickford)

Dec 28-30    "The Light in the Dark" (Associated First National, Hope


Dec 31-Jan 5 "One Exciting Night" (United Artists, Carol Dempster,

dir. D.W. Griffith) with live prologue by child dancer

"Baby Anita" Coutts

Dec 31         Midnight Matinee: "You Never Can Tell" (United Artists,

Bebe Daniels)



Jan 1-5         "One Exciting Night" (United Artists, Carol Dempster, dir.

D.W. Griffith) with live prologue by child dancer "Baby

Anita" Coutts

Jan 6-10        "Omar the Tentmaker" (Associated First National, Guy Bates

Post) with live prologue featuring baritone Anatole

Berezovsky and dance pupils of Eileen Kinsey, including Anita Coutts and Kathleen O'Neill

Jan 11-13      "The Hands of Nara" (Metro, Clara Kimball Young)

Jan 14-17      "The Pride of Palomar" (Paramount, Forrest Stanley)

Jan 18-19      "Nice People" (Paramount, Bebe Daniels & Wallace Reid)

Jan 20-23      "To Have and To Hold" (Paramount, Betty Compson)

with live prologue featuring violinist Max Elster, dancer

Margaret Turner, tenor Elmer Armstrong, plus dancers Betty Spooner & Nevada Jackson in "Dance de Apache"

Jan 24-26      "The Fast Mail" (Fox, Buck Jones)

Jan 27-30      "Back Home & Broke" (Paramount, Thomas Meighan) with

live prologue featuring vocalist Eddie O'Connor

Jan 31-Feb 2 "Monte Cristo" (Fox, John Gilbert)

Feb 3-6        "The Voice From the Minaret" (First National, Constance


Feb 7-9        "Alias Julius Caesar" (Associated First National, Charles Ray)

Feb 10-13     "Fury" (Associated First National, Richard Barthelmess)

with live prologue by banjoist Jack Jefferson

Feb 14-16     "A Fool There Was" (Fox, Estelle Taylor)

Feb 17-20     "Ebb Tide" (Paramount, Noah Beery) with live prologue

featuring Elmer Armstrong, Hawaiian dancer

Princess Tehura, steel guitarists The Larson Bros.

and Eight Dancing Demons

Feb 21-23     "Prisoner of Zenda" (Metro, Ramon Novarro)

Feb 24-26     "Nero" (Fox, Jacques Gretillat) with live prologue featuring

 "Danse Roman" by Betty Spooner, Ethel Horowitz & Anna

Purdy, presented by Margaret Turner

Feb 27-Mar 1 "A Daughter of Luxury" (Paramount, Agnes Ayres)

Mar 2-3        "Singed Wings" (Paramount, Bebe Daniels)

Mar 4-6        "Trifling Women" (Metro, Barbara LaMarr)

Mar 7-9        "Her Husband's Trademark" (Paramount, Gloria Swanson)

Mar 10-13     "The Third Alarm" (FBO, Ralph Lewis)

Mar 14-20     "Robin Hood" (United Artists, Douglas Fairbanks) with live

 prologue featuring vocalist Leon Sperry and chorus

Mar 21-22     "My Friend The Devil" (Fox, Charles Richman)

Mar 23-26     "Quincy Adams Sawyer" (Metro, Lon Chaney) with live

 prologue featuring dancers Beatrice Cook and Madeline


Mar 27-30     "Kick In" (Paramount, Betty Compson) with live prologue

 featuring songs by Elmer Armstrong, Grace Clayton and

Charles Cone, "The Art Trio"

Mar 31-Apr 3 "The Pilgrim" (First National, Charles Chaplin) and "Mad

Love" (Goldwyn, Pola Negri)

Apr 4-6        "Making a Man" (Paramount, Jack Holt)

Apr 7-9        "The Christian" (Goldwyn, Richard Dix)

Apr 10-13     "Susanna" (Sennett/Allied, Mabel Normand) with live prologue

 by songstress Miss Liberty Meredith

Apr 14-17     "Peg O'My Heart" (Metro, Laurette Taylor) with live prologue

 by tenor David Elprin

Apr 18-20     "Thirty Days" (Paramount, Wallace Reid) with live prologue

 featuring dance act "The Four Konvict Kut-Ups" presented

by Margaret Turner

Apr 21-24     "Hearts Aflame" (Metro, Anna Q. Nilsson) with live prologue

 featuring violinist Marion Payzant

Apr 25-27     "All the Brothers Were Valiant" (Metro, Lon Chaney) with live

 prologue by Margaret Turner & Charles Cone, a song &

dance act

Apr 28-30     "Mighty Lak' a Rose" (Associated First National, James

Rennie) with live prologue featuring "Baby Anita" Coutts      

May 1-2        "Outcast" (Paramount, Elsie Ferguson)

May 3-4        "Adam & Eva" (Paramount, Marion Davies)

May 5-8        "Grumpy" (Paramount, Theo Roberts) and "The Blacksmith"

(First National, Buster Keaton)

May 9-11      "Java Head" (Paramount, Leatrice Joy)

May 12-16    "The Isle of Lost Ships" (Associated First National, Anna Q.

Nilsson) with live prologue featuring Charles Cone in "Old

Bill Bluff"

May 17-18    "The Toll of the Sea" (metro, Anna May Wong) and "A Ladies

Man" (Metro, Bull Montana)

May 19-23    "Adam's Rib" (Paramount, Milton Sills, dir.DeMille) with live

 prologue featuring soprano Miss Elsie Brosche

May 23 (live) University of California Glee Club Concert       

May 24-26    "Bell Boy 13" (Associated First National, Douglas MacLean)

May 27-30    "Souls For Sale" (Goldwyn, Eleanor Boardman) with live

prologue by dancers Beatrice Cook & Jack Hake "Dance

Espanole" plus movie footage of local citizens at Hewitt & Colby taken May 26th

May 31-Jun 2 "You Can't Fool Your Wife" (Paramount, Lewis Stone) and

"The Counter Jumper" (Vitagraph, Larry Semon) with live

prologue featuring band "Jack's Jazz Boys"

Jun 3-5         "The Famous Mrs. Fair" (Metro, Myrtle Stedman) with live

prologue featuring jazz dance by Nevada Jackson & Madeline Freese. (Jun 4th only Lloyd Black does 4-minute talk "Know Everett")

Jun 6-12       "Safety Last!" (Pathe, Harold Lloyd)

Jun 13 (live) Margaret Turner Dance Pageant, featuring 50 of her

students performing "Artists in Miniature" and "A Visit to


Jun 14-16     "The Rustle of Silk" (Paramount, Betty Compson) and "The

Paleface" (First National, Buster Keaton) with live prologue

featuring pianist June Kathryn Carboneau

June 17-20    "The Ne'er-Do-Well" (Paramount, Thomas Meighan)

Jun 21-23     "Prodigal Daughters" (Paramount, Gloria Swanson)

Jun 24-27     "Bella Donna" (Paramount, Pola Negri) with live prologue

 featuring jazz band "King Tut" and "The Desert Sirens"

Jun 28-30     "The Glimpses of the Moon" (Paramount, Bebe Daniels) with

 live prologue featuring "King Tut" jazz band and "The

Desert Sirens" on Jun 28th and "Five Harmony Boys & Two

Dancing Girls" Jun 29th & 30th

Jul 1-3                    "The White Frontier" (aka "Slander the Woman") (Asssociated

First National, Dorothy Phillips)

July 1 (live) Everett Swedish Glee Club Concert

July 4-6         "The Go-Getter" (Paramount, T.Roy Barnes)

Jul 7-10        "Within the Law" (First National, Norma Talmadge) and

"Daydreams" (First National, Buster Keaton)

Jul 11-13       "Only 38" (Paramount, May McAvoy)

Jul 14-17       "The Bright Shawl" (First National, Richard Barthelmess)

Jul 18-20       "The Woman With Four Faces" (Paramount, Betty Compson)

Jul 21-24       "Penrod & Sam" (First National, Ben Alexander)

Jul 25-27       "Children of Jazz" (Paramount, Theodore Kosloff)

Jul 28-31       "The Girl I Loved" (United Artists, Charles Ray) and Dempsey-

Gibbons fight films

Aug 1-3        "A Gentleman of Leisure" (Paramount, Jack Holt)

Aug 4-7        "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" (Paramount, Mary Miles


Aug 8-10      "Law of the Lawless" (Paramount, Dorothy Dalton)

Aug 11-14    "The Girl of the Golden West" (Associated-First National,

Sylvia Breamer) with live prologue featuring dancers Nevada

Jackson & Betty Spooner

Aug 15-17    "Salome" (Allied, Alla Nazimova) and "The Balloonatic" (First

National, Buster Keaton)

Aug 18-22    "The Spoilers" (Goldwyn, Milton Sills)

Aug 23-24    "Jazzmania" (Metro, Mae Murray)

Aug 25-28    "Homeward Bound, Paramount, Thomas Meighan)

Aug 29-31    "My American Wife" (Paramount, Gloria Swanson)

Sep 1-4         "Hollywood" (Paramount, Hope Drown)

Sep 5-7         "Minnie" (Associated First National, Leatrice Joy)

Sep 8-11       "Daddy" (First National, Jackie Coogan)

Sep 12-14     "The White Flower" (Paramount, Betty Compson)

Sep 15-18     "Enemies of Women" (Goldwyn, Lionel Barrymore)

Sep 19-21     "The French Doll" (Metro, Mae Murray)

Sep 22-25     "Bluebeard's Eighth Wife" (Paramount, Gloria Swanson)

Sep 26-28     "The Girl Who Came Back" (Preferred, Miriam Cooper) and

 live feature attraction Bob Finley & The Cinema Girl Revue

Sep 29-Oct 2 "The Merry-Go-Round" (Universal, Norman Kerry)

Oct 3-6        "Where the North Begins" (Warner Bros., Rin Tin Tin) and

 newsreel of the Japanese earthquake disaster

Oct 7-9        "Strangers of the Night" (Metro, Enid Bennett) with live

prologue featuring "The Buccaneer Dance" by Nevada


Oct 10-12     "Three Ages" (Metro, Buster Keaton)

Oct 13-16     "The White Rose" (United Artists, Mae Marsh, dir.Griffith)

Oct 17-19     "Peacock Alley" (Metro, Mae Murray) and "Asleep at the

Switch" (Sennett-Pathe, Ben Turpin)

Oct 20-23     "The Eternal Struggle" (Metro, Renee Adoree)

Oct 24-26     "Lawful Larceny" (Paramount, Hope Hampton)

Oct 27-30     "The Cheat" (Paramount, Pola Negri)

Oct 31-Nov 2 "Where the Pavement Ends" (Metro, Edward Connelly)

Nov 3-6       "To the Last Man" (Paramount, Richard Dix)

Nov 7-9       "The Silent Partner" (Paramount, Leatrice Joy)

Nov 10-14    "Ashes of Vengeance" (Associated-First National, Norma


Nov 15-16    "Fascination" (Metro, Mae Murray)

Nov 17-21    "Circus Days" (Associated-First National, Jackie Coogan)

Nov 22-23    "The Love Piker" (Goldwyn-Cosmopolitan, Anita Stewart) and

"The Dare Devil" (Sennett-Pathe, Ben Turpin)

Nov 24-27    "Ruggles of Red Gap" (Paramount, Edward Everett Horton)

Nov 28-30    "Potash & Perlmutter" (Associated First National, Alexander

Carr & Barney Bernard)

Dec 1-4        "Zaza" (Paramount, Gloria Swanson)

Dec 5-7        "Going Up" (Associated Exhibitors, Doug MacLean)

Dec 8-10      "The Gold Diggers" (Warner Bros., Hope Hampton)


On the morning on December 11th, 1923 a fire broke out at the east end of the Everett Theatre, extensively damaging the building and its contents. It was rebuilt from the ruins and reopened August 29th, 1924.





David Dilgard- Northwest Room, Everett Public Library


























From Opening Night Through the Fire-

November 4th, 1901-December 10th, 1923


"1905, The New Norway" (lecture) 3-15-09

"1920 Bathing Girl Revue" 6-3-20 through 6-5-20

"$10,000 Beauty, A" 9-9-07

Abbott, Bessie  (soprano, DeKoven Opera Co.) 1-30-14

"Aberdeen" 11-20-04 and 11-21-04

Aborn Opera Company (Lyceum act, Milton Aborn) 2-29-12

"Acres of Diamonds" (Lyceum lecture) 1-17-18

"Across the Deadline" (Universal film, Frank Mayo) 11-22-22

through 11-24-22

"Adam & Eve" (Paramount film, Marion Davies) 5-3-23 and 5-4-23

"Adam's Rib" (Paramount film, Milton Sills) 5-19-23 through 5-23-23

Adams, Maude 6-3-13, 6-28-15

"Affairs of Anatol, The" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 10-16-21

through 10-20-21

African Hunt motion pictures (Paul Rainey) 1-20-13 through 1-22-13

"After the Show" (Paramount film, Lila Lee) 9-19-22 and 9-20-22

Al G. Field's Greater Minstrels 4-3-03, 4-29-04

"Alarm Clock Andy" (Paramount film, Charles Ray) 4-7-20 through


"Alaskan, The" 11-15-07, 12-27-09

Albini, The Great 12-23-05 and 12-24-05

Alden, Judge George (Lyceum lecturer) 1-21-16

"Alexander the Great" 10-6-03

Alexander, the White Mahatma (magician, seer) 8-27-16 through


Ali Ben Deb, Mysteries of the Orient 9-7-17 through 9-10-17

"Alias Julius Caesar" (Associated First National film, Charles Ray)

2-7-23 through 2-9-23

"Alias Mike Moran" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 4-11-19 and


"All-of-a-Sudden Peggy" 6-6-07

"All the Brothers Were Valiant" (Metro film, Lon Chaney) 4-25-23

through 4-27-23

"All's Fair in Love" (Goldwyn film, Richard Dix) 8-1-22 and 8-2-22

Allen, Charles R. 2-10-06

"Alma, Where Do You Live?" 3-30-12, 3-9-13

Aloha Quartette 5-14-14 and 5-15-14

"Alphonse & Gaston" 11-26-02

"Altar of Friendship, The" 7-9-03

"Always Audacious" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 4-7-21 through


"Amateur Devil, An" (Paramount film, Bryant Washburn)  8-31-21

through 9-4-21

"American Cousin, An" 4-25-07

American Grand Opera Co 6-17-03

"American Girl, An" 6-22-11 through 6-24-11

American Legion amateur musical "Cheer Up" 4-5-21 and 4-6-21

American Legion amateur musical revue "You'll Be Surprised"

11-29-21 and 11-30-21

"American Lord, The" 3-4-10

American Order of Hibernians sponsored show "An Irish Eden"

3-16-16 and 3-17-16

American Peace Society lecture 4-5-15

"Among Those Present" (Pathe film, Harold Lloyd) 8-3-21 through


Amsden, Claude 1-1-06

Amundsen, Capt. Roald 3-25-08, 4-8-13

Anderson, G.M. "Frivolities of 1920" (musical revue) 9-24-20

Anderson, Lillian 3-10-18

"Anderson, Peterson och Lundstrom" 3-29-07

Angell, Capt. H. (lecturer) 3-15-09

Anglin, Margaret 8-12-10, 10-24-13

"Animal Life in Antarctica" (film narrated by Charles B. Hanford)

3-29-14 through 3-31-14

"Ann La Mont" 10-21-05

"Anthony & Cleopatra" 3-4-08

Apollo Concert Company (Lyceum act) 12-3-15

Appleton & Perry 4-18-06, 3-10-07

"April Folly" (Paramount film, Marion Davies) 5-5-20 through 5-8-20

"Arabian Nights" 11-19-05, 8-11-07

Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty" 6-22-12

"Arcadians, The" 3-27-11

Arctander, Dr. J.W. 9-5-05

"Are We at the End of the World?" (lecture) 8-16-17

"Are You A Mason?" 1-31-04

"Are You Crazy?" 12-15-07

"Arizona" 12-2-04, 11-15-05, 11-20-06 cancelled, 1-16-08, 12-7-08

"Arizona" (Artcraft film, Doug Fairbanks) 1-17-19 and 1-18-19

Arlund, Virgie 12-13-04

Armour, Hamilton 2-10-02

Armour Stock Company 9-4-05, 9-24-05

"Arms & The Man" 2-13-17

Armstrong & Holly (musical sketch team) 8-6-06 through 8-8-06,

8-10-06 and 8-11-06

Armstrong, Elmer (tenor) 1-20-23 through 1-23-23, 2-17-23 through

2-20-23, 3-27-23 through 3-30-23

"Around the Town" 3-28-06, 3-14-07

Art Trio (dancers) 3-27-23 through 3-30-23

Artisano player piano demo 9-10-07

"Artists in Miniature" (dance pupil recital) 6-13-23

"As a Man Thinks" 7-3-13

"As the Sun Went Down" 2-18-10

"As Told in the Hills" 10-14-06, 2-1-08

"As You Were" 3-9-19

"Ashes of Vengeance" (Associated First National film, Norma

Talmadge) 11-10-23 through 11-14-23

Ashley, Herbert 11-26-02

"Asleep at the Switch" (Sennett-Pathe film, Ben Turpin) 10-17-23

through 10-19-23

"Asleep in a Barber's Chair" 12-31-07

"At the End of the World" (Paramount film, Betty Compson)

10-6-21 through 10-8-21

"At Yale" 2-23-07

"Auction of Souls" (motion picture with live appearance by

Armenian refugee Aurora Mardiganian) 1-29-20 through 2-1-20

"Auctioneer, The" 1-14-15

"Autumn Leaves" 11-14-04

"Awakening, The" 10-31-07

"Awakening of Helena Ritchie, The" 8-12-10, 10-10-12

Ayers, Mary 3-22-08

Aylesworth, Arthur 5-27-12

Aylesworth, Grace 3-24-12

"Babes in Toyland" 12-26-08

"Baby Mine" 10-4-11, 10-6-12

"Bachelor's Baby, The" 4-5-13

"Bachelor's Romance, A" 6-13-09

"Back Home & Broke" (Paramount film, Thomas Meighan) 1-27-23

through 1-30-23

"Back Stage" (Paramount film, Fatty Arbuckle & Buster Keaton)

10-22-19 through 10-25-19

"Back to God's Country" (First National, Nell Shipman) 3-24-20

through 3-27-20

Baker, Bert 11-20-09

Baker, Miss Elsie (Lyceum vocalist) 10-6-17

Ballet Russes 10-10-11

Baldauf, Frank orchestra see Pringle Stock Company

"Balloonatic, The" (First National film, Buster Keaton) 8-15-23

through 8-17-23

Bangs, John Kendrick (humorist) 4-17-17

Banner Rebekah Lodge 60 8-6-03

Barham, Helen 5-16-11

Barlow, Milt G. 9-7-03

Barlow Stock Company 2-29-05-3-5-05

Barlow's Minstrels (see also Greater Barlow Minstrels) 4-5-02

Barnes & Stock 5-21-14 through 5-23?-14

Barnett, Zoe 11-26-09, 12-1-12

Barnum, George 10-5-03

Barnum, The Hypnotist 1-25-12 through 1-27-12

"Barrier, The" 5-16-11

Barriscale, Bessie 9-23-05

Barrows, Betty see Pringle Stock Company

Barrymore, John  9-7-06 (mentioned in Herald review, see also Flom)

Basketball: (Girls) Colfax High vs. Everett High 4-28-06

Basketball: YMCA Juniors vs. Snohomish High School 4-13-06

Bates, Blanche 6-6-12

"Battle of the Sexes, The" (Mutual film, Lillian Gish, dir D.W.

Griffith) 5-7-14 and 5-8-14

Battleship New York minstrel show 12-12-03

Battleship Pennsylvania minstrel & musical comedy 7-13-11

"Battling Jane" (Paramount film, Dorothy Gish) 12-8-18 and 12-9-18

Baumgardt, Professor B.R. lecturer 10-24-14

Baxter, Alice 5-15-15

Bayside Catholic Church choir benefit 2-17-09

Beamish, Frank 4-28-07

"Beating the Game" (Goldwyn film, Tom Moore) 7-26-22 and


"Beautiful Liar, The" (First National film, Katherine MacDonald)

8-17-22 and 8-18-22

"Beauty Doctor, The" 9-12-07

"Beauty Market, The" (First National film, Katherine McDonald)

3-7-20 through 3-9-20

"Beauty Spot, The" 2-2-11

Beck-Singer presentation 1-19-13

"Becky Sharpe" 8-5-10

Belanger, wrestling match against Santell 6-19-08

Belasco-George Juvenile Specialty Co & Brass Band 10-4-02

"Believe Me" 8-31-13

Bell, Digby 12-3-03, 10-13-06

"Bell Boy 13" (Associated First National film, Douglas MacLean)

5-24-23 through 5-26-23

"Bella Donna" (Paramount film, Pola Negri) 6-24-23 through 6-27-23

"Bella Donna" (play) 5-27-13

"Belle of New York, The" 11-15-02, 8-21-08

Bellew, Kyrle 10-11-04

Bellien, Fred see Everett Theatre Stock Company

Ben Greet Players (Lyceum act) 4-15-13

"Ben Hur" ca 1-24-09 cancelled

Bennison, Louis 4-5-18

Berado & Feldes 6-5-14 through 6-7-14

Beresford, Harry 4-1-05, 4-19-09

Berezovsky, Anatole (baritone) 1-6-23 through 1-10-23

Bergen, Thurlow 1-4-11, 9-24-11

Bernard, Edward see Pringle Stock Company

Bernard, Frank 11-4-01

Bernard, Sam 10-14-11

Berrell, George B. 8-27-06

Berry, Joseph 3-6-05 through 4-2-05

"Best of Luck, The" (Metro film, Jack Holt) 8-4-20 through 8-7-20

"Better Wife, The" (Select film, Clara Kimball Young) 8-20-19

through 8-23-19

"Beverly" 1-1-10

"Beware of Boarders" (Paramount/Keystone film, Ford Sterling)


"Beyond the Rainbow" (Robertson-Cole film, Billie Dove) 6-14-22

and 6-15-22

"Beyond the Rocks" (Paramount film, Rudolph Valentino & Gloria

Swanson) 6-7-22 through 6-10-22

"Big Happiness" (Robertson-Cole film, Dustin Farnum) 4-6-22 and


"Bill Apperson's Boy" (First National film, Jack Pickford) 8-6-19

through 8-9-19

"Bill Henry" (Paramount film, Charles Ray) 9-30-19 through


"Billionaire, The" 1-?-04 cancelled

"Bird of Paradise, The" (musical) 12-3-13, 12-11-14, 2-7-16, 2-23-17,

1-4-18, 1-20-21

"Birth of a Nation, The" (Griffith film, Lillian Gish) 6-25-16 through

6-29-16, 12-29-16 through 1-1-17

"Bits of Life" (First National film, Lon Chaney) 12-22-21 through


Black, Lloyd (lecturer) 6-3-23 through 6-5-23

"Black Crook, The" 4-3-08

Black Patti's Troubadors 12-6-01

"Blacksmith, The" (First National film, Buster Keaton) 5-5-23

through 5-8-23

"Blindness of Virtue, The" 2-5-14

Blinn, Holbrook 12-8-12

"Blood & Sand" (Paramount film, Rudolph Valentino) 9-30-22

through 10-3-22

Bloom, Max 10-4-09, 5-29-11, 9-5-11

Blosser, Professor (illustrated lecture) 6-28-12, 7-16-12

"Blot, The" (Warren Corp. film, Lois Weber) 12-1-21 through


Blow, Lila 9-25-05, 12-16-07

"Blue Bird, The" (Artcraft film, Maurice Tourneur dir.) 12-15-18

"Blue Paradise, The" 2-26-17

"Blue Streak McCoy" (Universal film, Harry Carey) 3-12-21 through


"Bluebeard's Eighth Wife" (Paramount film, Gloria Swanson)

9-22-23 through 9-25-23

Boardman (of Scott & Boardman) 10-31-17

"Bohemian Girl, The" 3-18-04, 6-4-10 cancelled, 2-29-12

Bonita 4-20-10

"Bonnie Briar Bush, The" 10-31-02, 2-28-05, 3-11-07

"Boomerang Bill" (Paramount film, Lionel Barrymore) 5-5-22 and


"Boots" (Paramount film, Dorothy Gish) 3-28-19 and 3-29-19

"Border Wireless, The" (Artcraft film, W.S. Hart) 12-10-18 and


"Borrowed Clothes" (Universal/Jewel film, Mildred Harris) 3-23-19

and 3-24-19

Boston Opera Company 11-3-14

Bostonian Minstrel Maids 9-20-08

Bostonians, The 2-22-04

"Bought & Paid For" 10-20-12, 1-2-14

"Bound in Morocco" (Artcraft film, Doug Fairbanks) 9-6-18 and


Bowers, Frederick V. 9-25-09

Bowser, Charles 2-22-02

Boyd, Archie 1-4-09

Boyle, Bobbie (comic) 4-16-05 through 4-23-05

"Boys & Betty, The" 1-19-10

Bradley, Alma 1-16-08

Bradley, Anne 11-20-13

Brady, William A. 1-12-04, 10-20-12

"Branding Broadway" (Artcraft film, Wm. S. Hart) 1-21-19

"Branding Iron, The" (Goldwyn film, James Kirkwood) 12-15-20

through 12-18-20

Brandon Stock Company 11-15-06 through 11-18-06, 11-24-06

"Brat, The" (Metro film, Alla Nazimova) 11-5-19 through 11-8-19

Brattstrom, David 12-22-04, 4-17-10

Bray, Will H. 9-8-04

Bretonne, May 9-7-03

"Breed of Men" (Artcraft film, W.S. Hart) 3-9-19 and 3-10-19

"Brewster's Millions" (Paramount film, Fatty Arbuckle) 2-25-21

through 2-28-21

"Brewster's Millions" (play) 4-24-08, 2-13-09, 2-12-10

"Bride's Play, The" (Paramount film, Marion Davies) 5-11-22 through


"Bridge Builder, The" 4-9-11 through 4-14-11

"Bright Shawl, The" (First National film, Richard Barthelmess)

7-14-23 through 7-17-23

"Bringing Up Father" (play) 4-2-16

"Bringing Up Father" (Vitagraph film) 3-21-15

"Broadway Jones" 2-22-13

"Broken Blossoms" (United Artists film, Lillian Gish, dir. by D.W.

Griffith) 12-23-19 through 12-26-19

"Broken Butterfly, The" (Robertson-Cole film, Lew Ayres) 5-9-20

and 5-10-20

"Broken Doll, A" (Associated, Monte Blue) 11-1-21 and 11-2-21

"Broken Heart, A" 1-18-06

Bronte, Beatriz 5-14-04

Brosche, Elsie (soprano) 5-19-23 through 5-23-23

Brotherhood of Owls concert 1-20-09

"Brothers Divided" (Pathe film, Frank Keenan) 3-31-20 through


Brown, Charley 11-17-09

Browning, Bessie 4-3-08

Brune, Mrs. 4-16-03

"Brute Breaker, The" (Universal film, Frank Mayo) 4-18-20 and


Bryson, Helen 1-19-07

"Buckaneer Dance, The" (prologue act)  10-7-23 through 10-9-23

Buckler, Henry 4-5-13

Bulger, Harry 10-26-11

"Bumping Into Broadway" (Pathe/Hal Roach film short, Harold

Lloyd) 6-3-20 through 6-5-20

"Bunco in Arizona" 11-29-08

Bunny, John (Vitagraph motion pictures) 6-15-14 and 6-16-14

Bunting, Emma 11-4-09

"Bunty Pulls the Strings" (Goldwyn film, Leatrice Joy) 5-5-21

through 5-7-21

"Bunty Pulls the Strings" (play)5-22-12

Burgess, Neil 10-11-02

"Burgomaster, The" 1-7-02, 9-25-03, 4-11-08, 6-10-09

"Buried Treasure" (Paramount film, Marion Davies) 1-3-22 and


"Burning Sands" (Paramount film, Milton Sills) 11-11-22 through


Burns, James (lecturer) 2-28-18

Burns, Robert birthday celebration 1-25-02

"Burns of the Mountains" (lecture) 2-28-18

Burrows, Betty see Pringle Stock Company

"Busher, The" (Paramount film, Charles Ray) 7-6-19 through 7-8-19

"Business Before Pleasure" 1-13-19

Busley, Jessie 10-25-06, 10-10-07

"Busy Izzy" 12-17-11 cancelled

"Buster Brown" 1-6-06, 3-3-07 through 3-5-07, 3-13-08

Butler, Laura 3-12-07

Butler, Nicholas Murray  8-26-16

"Butterfly, The" 5-20-07

"By Right of Sword" 4-10-02

"Cabiria" (Italian motion picture) 9-4-14 through 9-7-14

Cady, of Rice & Cady 12-3-08

Cahill, Marie 1-19-10

Caldwell, Betty 9-10-11

Caldwell, Carl 9-30-06

Calgary Stampede motion pictures 1-31-13 through 2-2-13

"Call of the North, The" (Paramount film, Jack Holt) 2-28-22

through 3-2-22

"Calling of Dan Matthews, The" 10-3-15

Cameron, Grace 8-19-08, 9-13-08, 1-8-11

"Camille" 2-20-11 through 2-20-11

Camp Lewis lecturer, E.G. Harlan 11-11-17

Campbell, Mrs. Patrick 4-18-08

Campeau, Frank 3-20-08

"Camping Out" (Paramount? film, Fatty Arbuckle?) 2-9-19 and


"Campus, The" 6-22-12

"Candy Shop, The" 4-9-15

"Cappy Ricks" (Paramount film, Thomas Meighan) 10-27-21 through


"Captain Kidd, Jr." (Artcraft film, Mary Pickford) 5-4-19 through


Carboneau, June Kathryn (pianist) 6-14-23 through 6-16-23

"Career of Katherine Bush, The" (Paramount film, Catherine Calvert)

9-27-21 and 9-28-21

Carewe, Jeanette 3-23-08

Carle, Richard 4-30-09, 2-15-19

"Carnival" (Alliance film, Ivor Novello) 5-9-22 and 5-10-22

Carpenter, Maonu (vocalist) 5-16-14 through 5-20-14

Carroll, Edmund 11-11-08

Carroll, Richard F. 12-27-09

Carter, Charles 9-23-05

Carter, Floyd see Hildreth & Carter Stock Company

Carter, Mrs. Leslie 7-26-04, 3-2-10, 3-15-12

"Case of Becky, The" 6-19-13

"Casey Jones" 5-15-12 cancelled

"Casino Girl, The" 11-4-01

"Cat & The Fiddle, The" 10-9-09

Catlett, Walter 12-1-12

Cavanagh, Lillian 2-14-16

Cawthorn, Herbert 1-7-02

Cawthorn, Joe 4-23-07

Chaney, Lon (unbilled in “Rich Mr. Hoggenheimer”) 11-4-11

Channing Ellery's Royal Italian Band 11-19-01, 10-26-02, 10-10-03

"Chaperons, The" 9-10-03, 9-13-05

Chapine 12-12-12

Chapman, Will 9-7-11, 9-11-11 through 9-13?-11

Chapman-Meade Players 9-7-11, 9-11-11 through 9-13?-11

Charles Yale Company 12-4-01

"Charm School, The" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 5-11-21

through 5-14-21

Chatterton, Ruth 7-18-21

"Cheat, The" (Paramount film, Pola Negri) 10-27-23 through


"Cheater, The" (Metro film, May Allison) 7-25-20 through 7-27-20

"Checkers" 10-6-06, 10-19-07, 10-10-08

"Cheer Up" (amateur American Legion musical) 4-5-21 and 4-6-21

Cherniavsky Trio concert (Leo, Jan & Mischel Cherniavsky) 10-10-16

Chicago Opera Company (Lyceum program) 3-5-17

Chicago Symphony Orchestra 2-16-02

Chicago Tribune war newsreels 11-7-15

"Chief Justice, The" 2-25-04

"Chickens" (Paramount film, Doug MacLean) 7-11-21 and 7-12-21

"Child Thou Gavest Me, The" (First National film, Barbara

Castleton) 2-23-22 through 2-25-22

"Children of Jazz" (Paramount film, Theodore Kosloff) 7-25-23

through 7-27-23

"Chinatown Trunk Mystery, The" 1-1-11

"Chinese Honeymoon, A" 1-2-05

"Chinook, The" 3-10-03

"Chocolate Soldier, The" 2-18-12, 10-25-12, 10-26-13, 2-27-15

"Chorus Lady, The" 1-2-09, 3-24-12

Christensen, Parley Parker (presidential candidate, Farm Labor Party)

speech 10-27-20

"Christian, The" (Goldwyn film, Richard Dix) 4-7-23 through 4-9-23

"Christian, The" (play) 3-15-02, 3-31-06, 6-2-09 through 6-5-09

Christian Science lecture 3-7-02, 2-17-03, 1-10-04, 5-15-08, 9-24-12

"Christopher, Jr." 6-13-07, 7-28-07 and 7-29-07, 7-5-08

"Cinderella" (amateur benefit) 4-13-03

"Cinderella" (Everett school students) 5-30-11

"Cinderella" 2-12-19

"Cinema Girl Revue, The" 9-26-23 through 9-28-23

"Circus Days" (Associated First National film, Jackie Coogan)

11-17-23 through 11-21-23

"City of Silent Men, The" (Paramount film, Thomas Meighan)

12-4-21 and 12-5-21

"Civilization" (Ince/Triangle film, Enid Markey) 9-6-16

Clara Mathes Company (stock) 3-6-05 through 4-2-05

"Clarence" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 12-10-22 through


Clark, Creston 4-4-08

Clark, Grace Estelle 11-28-02

Clark, Marguerite 2-7-08

Clarke, Della 7-3-10

Clarke, Thomas H. see Everett Theatre Stock Company

Claudius (banjo player) 4-16-05 through 4-23-05

Claussen, Madame Julia 10-27-14 cancelled?

"Claws of the Hun, The" (Paramount film, Charles Ray) 11-15-18

and 11-16-18

Claxton, Kate 3-16-03

Clayton, Grace (vocalist) 3-27-23 through 3-30-23

"Cleopatra" 10-20-04

"Cleopatra" 10-10-11

Cleveland, Henry B. see Everett Theatre Stock Company

Clifford, Bessie 10-10-09

Clifford, Billy 12-14-09, 10-29-11, 9-14-12, 8-31-13

Clifford, David 8-25-07

Clifton, Bessie 12-2-05

"Climax, The" 10-30-09

Clinton, Zara 2-12-19

Clute, Gerald see Pringle Stock Company

Coghlan, Rose 3-28-02, 4-18-03 cancelled, 4-4-04, 5-18-07, 6-15-13

Cohan & Harris' Comedians 2-12-10

Cohan, George M. 5-24-04

Cohan, Helen 5-24-04

Cohan, Jeremiah "Jerry" 5-24-04

Cohan, Josephine 5-24-04, 12-8-11

Colfax High School girls basketball against Everett High 4-28-06

"Colleen Brawn" 3-17-14

"College Pennant, The" 1-9-12 and 1-10-12

"College Widow, The" 11-2-06

Collier, William 9-7-06

Collins, Peter (lecturer) 5-5-16

Collins, Sam 3-12-07

"Come On In" (Paramount film, Shirley Mason) 11-17-18

"Come On Over" (Goldwyn film, Colleen Moore) 5-25-22 through


"Comedy of Errors" 4-15-13

"Comin' Thro' the Rye" 3-28-08, 9-19-08

"Commencement Days" 9-25-09

Commercial Club, Everett (sponsor lecture) 6-28-12

Common, Aimee 11-10-07

"Common, Law, The" 11-10-13

"Commuters, The" 11-26-11 cancelled

"Con in Economy, The" (motion picture) 7-23-19 through 7-26-19

Condit, Si see Pringle Stock Company

Cone, Charles (vocalist) 3-27-23 through 3-30-23, 4-25-23 through

4-27-23, 5-12-23 through 5-16-23

"Confession, The" 1-26-13

Connor, John Lane 3-2-08

Connaught, Duke of (Bugle Band) 11-29-09

"Conquest of Canaan, The" (Paramount film, Thomas Meighan)

7-14-22 and 7-15-22

"Conrad in Quest of His Youth" (Paramount film, Thomas Meighan)

4-20-21 through 4-23-21

"Convict's Daughter, The" 10-4-05, 10-7-06

Conway, Frank 12-12-08

Conwell, Dr. Russell H. (Lyceum lecturer) 1-17-18

Cook, Beatrice (dancer) 3-23-23 through 3-26-23, 5-27-23 through


"Cook, The" (Paramount film, Fatty Arbuckle & Buster Keaton)

10-1-18 through 10-3-18

Cooley, Homer D  (political rally for Hartley) 9-11-16

Corbett, James J. 10-24-08

Corcoran, Jane 10-27-06

Cord-Rummel Recital Company (Lyceum concert) 10-17-16

Corinne 2-20-09

Corthell, Herbert 11-29-14

Cortland, Marjorie 10-4-11

"Cost, The" (Paramount film, Violet Heming) 10-20-20 through


"Counsel For The Defense, The" 8-9-07 and 8-10-07

"Counter Jumper, The" (Vitagraph film, Larry Semon) 5-31-23

through 6-2-23

"Counterfeit" (Paramount film, Elsie Ferguson) 1-11-20 through


"Country Courtship, The" 4-5-05 through 4-7-05

"Country Girl, A" 3-12-07

"Country Squire, The" 2-16-08

"County Chairman, The" 10-31-04

"County Fair, The" 10-11-02, 8-8-09

Country Store, E.F. La Montagne & His 3-3-21, 3-10-21, 3-24-21,

3-31-21, 4-7-21, 4-14-21, 4-21-21, 4-28-21, 5-5-21, 5-11-21,

5-25-21, 6-2-21, 6-9-21, 6-16-21 through 6-19-21, 7-7-21,


"Courage" (First National film, Naomi Childers) 1-13-22 through


Courtleigh, Florence 9-27-07

"Cousin Kate" 4-12-06

Coutts, "Baby Anita" (child dancer) 12-31-22 through 1-5-23, 1-6-23

through 1-10-23, 4-28-23 through 4-30-23

"Cow Puncher, The" 10-13-07, 4-5-08

"Cowboy, The" 7-25-09

"Cowboy & The Lady, The" 11-25-01, 3-14-03

"Cowboy From the West, The" 6-9-08 and 6-10-08

"Cowboy's Girl, A" 3-6-07, 9-4-11

"Cozy Corners" 7-1-08 and 7-2-08

"Cradle of Courage, The" (Paramount film, W.S. Hart) 6-9-21

through 6-11-21

Crane, Ross (cartoonist) 12-10-14

Crane, William H. 4-20-03, 4-11-13

"Crash of Nations, The" 12-30-17

"Crazy to Marry" (Paramount film, Fatty Arbuckle) 9-7-21 through


Creatore & His Italian Band 3-14-05

"Creole Spy, The" 1-5-05 and 1-6-05

"Critic, The" (film) 8-6-06 through 8-8-06, 8-10-06 and 8-11-06

"Crooked Straight" (Paramount film, Charles Ray) 12-10-19 through


Crosby, R.W. 12-25-05

Crosman, Henrietta see Crossman

Crossman, Henrietta 6-28-06, 6-6-07, 4-7-14, 10-9-17

"Cruise of The Make-Believes, The" (Paramount film, Lila Lee)

10-4-18 and 10-5-18

Culligan's Nashville Students Big Colored Minstrel Show 10-3-09

"Cumberland Romance, A" (Realart film, Mary Miles Minter)

12-28-20 through 12-31-20

Cunningham, Arthur 3-6-09

"Cup of Life, The" (Associated/Ince film, Madge Bellamy) 12-25-21

and 12-26-21

"Cupid at Vassar" 5-1-08

"Cupid, the Cowpuncher" (Goldwyn film, Will Rogers) 12-12-20

through 12-14-20

"Curtain" (First National film, Katherine MacDonald) 1-15-21

through 1-17-21

Curtiss Comedy Company 5-27-06 through 6-3-06, 11-19-07 and


"Dad's Girl" 8-1-09

"Daddy" (First National film, Jackie Coogan) 9-8-23 through 9-11-23

"Daddy Longlegs" 12-2-15

"Dairy Farm, The" 10-17-03

Dale, Estelle 11-2-06

Dalton, Charles 3-13-02, 6-18-09, 7-28-18

Damerel, George 9-22-12

Daly, Bernard 2-26-08, 1-21-10

"Dance de Apache" (prologue number) 1-20-23 through 1-23-23

"Dance Espanol" (prologue number) 5-27-23 through 5-30-23

"Dance Mad" 1-7-13

"Dancing Around" 8-22-15

"Dancing Fool, The" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 6-23-20

through 6-26-20

Dandy Dixie Minstrels 7-13-07

"Dangerous Business" (First National film, Constance Talmadge)

3-9-21 through 3-11-21

"Dangerous Curve Ahead" (Goldwyn, Helene Chadwick) 5-28-22

and 5-29-22

"Dangerous Lies" (Paramount film, David Powell) 2-14-22 and


Daniels, of Tegge & Daniels 4-29-05 and 40-30-05

"Danites, The" 5-10-02, 2-19-05 through 2-22-05, 6-1-07

"Danse Roman" (prologue number) 2-24-23 through 2-26-23

"Dare Devil, The" (Sennett-Pathe film, Ben Turpin) 11-22-23 and


"Daredevil, The" (Fox film, Tom Mix) 7-28-20 through 7-31-20

"Dark Lantern, A" (Realart film, Alice Brady) 1-8-21 and 1-9-21

"Dark Mirror, The" (Paramount film, Dorothy Dalton) 7-4-20 and


"Dark Star, The" (Paramount film, Marion Davies) 10-5-21 and


"Darkest Hour, The" 1-19-06"

Darktown Minstrels (Woman's Book Club) 10-2-08 and 10-3-08

"Daughter of Luxury, A" (Paramount film, Agnes Ayres) 2-27-23

through 3-1-23

"Daughter of the Old South, A" (Paramount film, Pauline Frederick)

12-31-18 through 1-2-19

"Daughter of the Wolf, A" (Paramount film, Lila Lee) 8-24-19

through 8-26-19

"Daughter of Two Worlds, A" (First National film, Norma

Talmadge) 8-18-20 through 8-21-20

"David Garrick" 1-9-10 and 1-10-10

"David Harum" 4-20-04, 9-29-06, 4-2-11 through 4-8-11

Davis, Emma Marie 11-14-04 through 11-21-04

"Davy Crockett" 11-5-04, 11-16-04

Day, Miss Anna 11-11-11

Day, Mabel 9-15-06, 1-23-08, 9-5-09

"Day's Pleasure, A" (First National film, Charles Chaplin) 3-31-20

through 4-3-20

"Daydreams" (First National film, Buster Keaton) 7-7-23 through


"Dawn of Tomorrow, The" 4-6-11

Dean, Ben 11-15-05

Dean, Rev. John M. 12-31-07

DeAngelis, Jefferson 11-27-03, 2-2-11

Decorah, Iowa Luther College Band 8-2-11

Dee's Comedians (vaudeville act) 1-19-08

"Deep Purple" 1-28-12

"Deep Waters" (Paramount film, John Gilbert) 8-21-21 through


DeForest, Dr. Lee 5-26-10

De Ives of Ray & De Ives (song & dance) 5-16-14 through 5-20-14

DeKoven Opera Company 1-30-14

DeLong, Madie 12-25-05

DeMille, Cecil B.  9-14-07 supporting role

Democratic Party rally to ratify Wilson-Marshall ticket 6-29-16

Dempsey-Gibbons fight films 7-28-23 through 7-31-23

Dennis, Amy Leah 6-16-18

Dentler, Marion 11-15-14

"Denver Express, The" 9-28-07

"Desert Hero, A" (Paramount film, Fatty Arbuckle) 7-2-19 through


"Desert Love" (Fox film, Tom Mix) 2-2-21 through 2-4-21

"Desert Sirens, The" (prologue act) 6-24-23 through 6-28-23

"Desert Wooing, A" (Paramount film, Enid Bennett) 9-8-18 and


"Desperate Chance, A" 1-5-08

"Destruction of San Francisco, The" (slide program?) 7-29-06

DeSwirsky, Countess & Orchestra 12-2-11 cancelled

"Devil, The" 12-6-08, 3-5-11 through 3-11-11

"Devil's Auction, The" 12-4-01, 1-21-03, 2-3-04, 12-10-04, 11-3-06,


"Devil's Passkey, The" (Universal film, Sam De Grasse) 4-24-21

through 4-26-21

"Devotion" (motion picture, Hazel Dawn) 5-2-22 through 5-4-22

DeVoy, Emmett 11-25-09

Diamond Brothers Minstrels 2-15-02

"Dictator, The" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 10-11-22 through


Dill, Max 3-19-11, 11-4-11, with Kolb 10-5-17, 3-25-18, 3-9-19,


Dillon, Ben 5-23-03

Dimond., Louis (pianist) 2-25-08

"Discovery of the South Pole, The" illustrated lecture by Capt. Roald

Amundsen 4-8-13

"Disraeli" (United Artists film, George Arliss) 5-16-22 and 5-17-22

"District Leader, The" 5-7-08

"Ditch Your Grouch" 4-19-17 and 4-20-17

"Divorcons" 2-11-08

Dixie Troubadors, The 8-10-09

Dockstader, Lew  with Primrose & Dockstader's Minstrels 12-27-01,

12-20-02 (cancelled), with Dockstader's Minstrels 6-20-07,

6-13-08 and 5-7-11

Dockstader's Minstrels 6-20-07, 6-13-08, 5-7-11

Dodge, Sandford 1-21-12

"Doll's House, A" (United Artists film, Alla Nazimova) 8-15-22 and


"Dolly Varden" 12-8-03

"Don Caesar de Bazan" 3-1-05

Don Fulano, the Educated Horse (vaudeville act) 1-19-08

"Don't Change Your Husband" (Artcraft film, Gloria Swanson)

2-23-19 through 2-25-19

"Don't Ever Marry" (First National film, Wesley Barry) 9-22-20

through 9-24-20

"Don't Tell Everything" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 5-14-22 and


"Don't Tell My Wife" 9-23-08, 11-20-10 through 11-26-10

Doone, Allen 1-2-07

"Dora" 1-21-06

"Dora Thorne" 10-21-06

"Dorcas" 3-2-06

"Dorothy" 9-19-06

"Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall" 12-11-06

D'Orsay, Lawrence 3-21-05

"Double Speed" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 3-16-20 through


Dovey, Ethel 5-7-08

"Down on the Farm" (United Artists/Mack Sennett film, Louise

Fazenda) 5-18-20 through 5-22-20

"Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" 5-28-05

"Drag Harlan" (Fox film, William Farnum) 6-12-21 and 6-13-21

"Dream City" 3-1-08

"Dream Street" (United Artists film, Carol Dempster, D.W. Griffith

 dir.) 5-18-22 through 5-20-22

Drew, Grace 3-9-13

Drew, John 5-8-15

Drofnah, Marie 3-1-05

"Dub, The" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 2-26-19 and 2-27-19

"DuBarry" 7-26-04

Dublin Duo 6-12-14 through 6-14-14

Duke of Connaught's Bugle Band 11-29-09

Dunaway, Hettie Jane 10-23-17

Dunbar, Ralph production of "Robin Hood" (comic opera) 10-1-20

Dunk, Sgt. (British soldier) 6-26-18

Dunlap, Adeline 4-13-12

Dunlay, Willie 10-17-08

Dunmore, Eveleen 1-2-05

Dunn, Arthur 11-15-04

Dunsworths, The (Irish comics) 5-21-14 through 5-23?-14

Durand, Jesse 1-2-02

D'Urbano's Italian Band 11-20-05 and 11-21-05

Durieux, William (cellist, Lyceum concert) 10-6-17

"Earl of Pawtucket, The" 3-21-05

Early & Laight (comics) 5-16-14 through 5-23?-14

"East Is West" (First National film, Constance Talmadge) 11-4-22

through 11-7-22

"East Lynne" 7-6-06 and 7-7-06

"Easterner, The" 6-12-09

"Easy Road, The" (Paramount film, Thomas Meighan) 4-23-22

through 4-26-22

"Ebb Tide" (Paramount film, Noah Beery) 2-17-23 through 2-20-23

Ebner, George 12-3-11

Ed Redmond Stock Company 11-5-04 through 11-13-04

Eddy, Dr. & His Company of Mediums 11-9-13, 11-12-16

Edeson, Robert 11-21-06 cancelled

Edison Kinetophone talking motion pictures 10-8-13 through


"Education of Mr. Pipp, The" 10-13-06

Edwards, Snitz 12-16-07

"Egg Crate Wallop, The" (Paramount film, Charles Ray) 11-18-19

through 11-22-19

Eight Dancing Demons (prologue act) 2-17-23 through 2-20-23

"El Capitan" 12-17-01, 12-31-05

"Electric House, The" (First National film, Buster Keaton) 11-25-22

through 11-28-22

"Eleventh Hour, The" 3-18-02

Elks Club amateur musical "The College Pennant" 1-9-11 and


Elks Club amateur musical "The Elks Tooth" 12-6-10 and 12-7-10

Elks Club amateur musical "A Night in Bohemia" 4-27-09 and


Elks Club amateur musical "The Passing Show" 4-7-15 and 4-8-15

Elks Club amateur musical "The Whirl O' The Town" 6-14-21 and


Elks Club band (benefit concert) 8-30-18

Elks Club benefit for orphanage "Pirates of Penzance" 5-11-18

Elks Club sponsored concert, Grinnell College Glee Club 1-10-16

Elks Club sponsored lecture by "Fighting Bob" Evans 3-27-09

Elks Club memorial 12-7-02

Elks Club minstrel show 6-3-08 and 6-4-08, 11-22-09 and 11-23-09,

4-19-17 and 4-20-17

Elks Club Society Vaudeville 1-28-13 and 1-29-13

"Elks Tooth, The" 12-6-10 and 12-7-10

Ellerman, Professor (magician, mind-reader)

9-11-09 and 9-12-09

Ellery, Channing (Royal Italian Band) 11-19-01, 10-26-02, 10-10-03

Elliot, Edythe 6-6-08 through 6-12-08, 6-13-08

Elliot, Gertrude 4-6-11

Elliott, Maxine 5-20-02, 1-9-11

Elprin, David (tenor) 4-14-23 through 4-17-23

Elster, Max (violinist) 1-20-23 through 1-23-23

Eltinge, Julian 12-7-13

Elwell, A.T. (baritone) 4-10-05 through 4-15-05

Emery, Tom 5-27-12

Emory, Polly 2-5-14

Empire Theatre Company 1-18-06 through 1-21-06

"Enchantment" (Paramount film, Marion Davies) 3-29-22 through


"Enchantress, The" 9-29-13

"Enemies of Women" (Goldwyn film, Lionel Barrymore) 9-15-23

through 9-18-23

"Enigma, The" 5-20-11

Enoch Arden Concert Company 2-7-02

"Eric of Sweden" 3-5-04

Erickson, Knute 2-19-03

Erickson, Nelse 11-1-02, 11-12-03

"Erstwhile Susan" 10-9-17

"Escape From Sing Sing, The" 12-23-05 and 12-24-05

"Escaped From Sing Sing" 11-6-04, 3-8-08

"Eternal Flame, The" (First National film, Norma Talmadge) 9-23-22

through 9-26-22

"Eternal Struggle, The" (Metro film, Renee Adoree) 10-20-23

through 10-23-23

Evans, Arthur W. (Welsh humorist, Lyceum) 2-15-18

Evans, Rear Admiral "Fighting Bob" 3-27-09

"Evening with the Stars, An" lecture 10-24-14

Everett Choral Society Concert 6-9-09, 12-7-09, 5-11-10

Everett Commercial Club (sponsor lecture) 6-28-11

Everett Department Store Fashion Show 2-13-19, 2-20-19, 2-27-19,

3-5-19, 3-27-19, 3-4-20, 3-11-20, 3-18-20, 3-25-20, 4-1-20

Everett High School football, films of championship game 1-1-21

through 1-3-21

Everett High School girls basketbal vs. Colfax High School 4-28-06

Everett High School Commencement 5-30-02, 6-12-03, 6-3-04,

6-16-05, 6-13-06, 6-19-07, 6-17-08, 6-16-09, 6-1-10, 6-7-11,

6-5-12, 6-3-14

Everett High School Drama students 4-30-08

Everett High School opera "HMS Pinafore" 11-24-16 and 11-25-16

Everett High School Senior Class play "Fanchon the Cricket" 5-5-11

and 5-6-11

Everett High School Senior Class play "The Crisis" 5-3-12 and 5-4-12

Everett High School Senior Class play "The Maneuvers of Jane"

4-24-14 and 4-25-14

Everett High School Senior Class play "Priscilla" 12-17-12

Everett High School Senior Class play "Trelawney of Wells" 4-25-13

and 4-26-13

Everett Ladies' Musical Club (sponsors) concert 4-10-17, 2-19-18

Everett Liederkranz Sacred Concert 10-20-07

Everett motion pictures, filmed 6-9-21 shown 6-16-21 through

6-19-21; filmed 5-26-23, shown 5-27-23 through 5-30-23

Everett Public Library benefit 5-1-02, 5-2-02, 10-2-08 and 10-3-08

Everett public school students play "Cinderella" 5-30-11

Everett Swedish Glee Club 8-30-18, 7-1-23

Everett Theatre Stock Company 8-15-09, 8-22-09 through 8-26-09,

8-30-09 through 9-4-09

Everton, Paul 1-3-08, 12-4-08, 12-3-09, 12-11-11

"Everybody Works But Father" 1-11-10 and 1-12-10

"Everywoman" 5-11-15

Ewing, William G. 3-7-02

"Excuse Me" 4-6-12

"Excuse My Dust" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 4-27-20 through


"Experience" (Paramount film, Richard Barthelmess) 3-3-22 and


"Experiences in Alaska" (lecture) 9-5-05

"Experimental Marriage" (Select film, Constance Talmadge) 8-10-19

through 8-12-19

"Exposure of the Land Swindlers, The" (3-reel Kalem film) 4-19-13

and 4-20-13

"Extravagance" (Metro film, Dorothy Dalton) 4-23-19 and 4-24-19

Ey, Luella Mor 11-17-07

"Eyes of the Soul" (Artcraft film, Elsie Ferguson) 5-25-19 and


"Eyes of the World" (Cluny-States Rights film, Monroe Salisbury)

7-27-17 through 7-29-17

"Facing The Music" 10-24-08

"Fair & Warmer" 11-14-16

"Fair Lady" (United Artists film, Betty Blythe) 8-22-22 through


Fairfield, Flora 9-29-07

Falkner, George 12-30-06

"False Faces, The" (Paramount film, Henry B. Walthall and Lon

Chaney) 6-11-19 through 6-14-19

Famous Juvenile Bostonians 9-2-11

"Famous Mrs. Fair, The" (Metro film, Myrtle Stedman) 6-3-23

through 6-5-23

"Fanchon the Cricket" (EHS senior play) 5-5-11 and 5-6-11

Farm Labor Party candidate for presidency (speech) 10-27-20

Farnum, Dustin 11-1-17

Farrell, Frank 2-1-14

Fashion Show (Everett Department Store sponsor) 2-13-19, 2-20-19,

2-27-19, 3-5-19, 3-27-19, 3-4-20, 3-11-20, 3-18-20, 3-25-20,


"Fascinating Widow, The" 12-7-13

"Fascination" (Metro film, Mae Murray) 11-15-23 and 11-16-23

Fassell, Frank 9-7-08

"Fast Mail, The" (Fox film, Buck Jones) 1-24-23 through 1-26-23

"Fast Mail, The" (play) 2-17-07

"Faust" 5-17-02, 1-25-05, 5-29-14

"Fedora" 9-3-11

Fealy, Maude 11-23-06, 12-20-07

Feldes of Berado & Feldes 6-5-14 through 6-7-14

Felt, Augusta 10-5-12

Female Baritone, The (Madge Melburne) 8-6-06 through 8-8-06,

8-10-06 and 8-11-06

Ferguson, Barney 9-16-02

Fern Children, The (song & dance) 8-6-06 through 8-8-06, 8-10-06

and 8-11-06

Field, Miss Olin 2-23-17

"Fifty Miles From Boston" 12-20-08, 9-26-09

"Fighting Bob" 9-26-03

Figman, Max 4-20-05, 12-5-06, 12-13-07, 11-14-08, 12-5-10, 11-25-17

Figman, Oscar 9-25-03, 4-6-07, 4-30-11, 1-14-12

"Film Cop, The" (motion picture) 11-22-22 through 11-24-22

"Final Settlement, The" 2-27-11 through 3-4-11

"Fine Feathers" 6-15-13

"Finger of Circumstance, The" 5-17-08

Finley, Bob (with Mack Sennett Bathing Girls) 2-2-20 through

2-5-20; (with The Cinema Girl Revue) 9-26-23 through 9-28-23

"Finnegan's Ball" 10-21-02

"Firefly of France, The" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid)

9-18-18 and 9-19-18

Fireman's Relief Fund benefit vaudeville 8-10-06

"Firing Line, The" (Paramount film, Irene Castle) 10-11-21 and


"First Duchess of Marlborough, The" 11-30-01

Fisher & Ryley 10-27-02

Fiske, Minnie Maddern (Mrs.) 7-3-05, 8-5-10, 11-25-13

Fitzsimmons, Robert 9-27-02, 12-11-02

"Five Harmony Boys & Two Dancing Girls" (prologue act) 6-29-23

and 6-30-23

Flack, Nannette 3-30-12

"Flame, The" 11-24-17

"Flame of Hellgate, The" (play) 5-16-20

"Flaming Arrow, The" 10-12-08

Fletcher, Jeanie 12-20-06

Flint, Douglas 4-12-02

"Flirting Princess, The" 10-26-11

"Flo Flo" (musical review) 4-5-20

"Floradora" 10-27-02, 8-22-08

Flournoy, Al G. (comic) 8-6-06 through 8-8-06, 8-10-06 and 8-11-06

"Flower of Love, The" (United Artists film, Carol Dempster, D.W.

Griffith dir.) 7-13-21 through 7-16-21

"Flower of the Ranch, The" 3-26-11 through 4-1-11, 9-10-11

Fogarty, Frank 1-7-14

"Follow Me" 12-23-17

"Following the Flag to France" (US government moving pictures of

America's first year at war) 11-24-18

"Fool of Fortune, A" 6-3-06

"Fool There Was, A" (Fox film, Estelle Taylor) 2-14-23 through


"Fool's Paradise" (Paramount film, Dorothy Dalton) 4-16-22 through


"Foolish Age, The" (Robertson-Cole film, Doris May) 4-8-22

"Foolish Wives" (Universal, Erich von Stroheim) 7-8-22 through


Football films (EHS team championship game) 1-1-21 through


"Footlights" (Paramount film, Elsie Ferguson) 9-5-22 and 9-6-22

"For Better, For Worse" (Artcraft film, Gloria Swanson) 5-21-19

through 5-24-19

"For Love & Law" 10-8-05

"For Mother's Sake" 1-9-04, 9-8-07

"For The Stars & Stripes" 7-2-06 through 7-3-06

"Forbidden Fruit" (Paramount film, Agnes Ayres) 3-26-21 through


"Forbidden Thing, The" (Dwan Prod. Film, Mary Mears) 12-12-21

and 12-13-21

"Forces That Failed, The" (lecture) 4-5-15

"Forever" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 3-26-22 through 3-28-22

"Forget Me Not" 3-28-02

"Forgiven" 9-7-11

"Fortune Hunter, The" 12-8-11

"Fortune Teller, The" (Robertson-Cole film, Marjorie Rambeau)

7-15-20 through 7-17-20

"Forty-five Minutes From Broadway" (Associated First National film,

Charles Ray) 11-16-20 through 11-20-20

"Forty-five Minutes From Broadway" (musical play) 3-16-07,

2-28-08, 11-14-09

Four American Trumpeters, The 10-27-05

Four Cohans, The 5-24-04

"Four Konvict Kut-Ups" (prologue act) 4-18-23 through 4-20-23

"Four Corners of the Earth, The" 9-29-08

"Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The" (Metro, Rudolph

Valentino) 1-21-22 through 1-25-22

"Four Times Foiled" (animal film) 12-1-20 through 12-5-20

"Foxy Grandpa" 1-7-04

"Foxy Quiller" 12-15-02

Foy, Eddie & The Seven Little Foys 6-9-13

France war aid benefit concert by Paulist Choristers 6-8-18

France, war aid for fatherless children 8-30-18

Franco, The Man With A Hundred Faces 5-14-14 and 5-15-14

Frankenfield, Laura 3-8-06

Frawley, Daniel 11-20-01

"Freckles" 5-4-13

Frederickson, Ebla (young violinist) 8-2-22 and 8-3-22

"Free Lance, The" 4-23-07

"Freedom of Suzanne, The" 10-27-06

Freese, Madeline (dancer) 3-23-23 through 3-26-23, 6-3-23 through


"French Doll, The" (Metro film, Mae Murray) 9-19-23 through


Friend, William 10-18-04

"Friend of the Family, A" 10-5-03, 10-18-04

"Friends" 12-10-02, 11-15-06 and 11-16-06

Friganza, Trixie 10-6-11

"Frisky Mrs. Johnson, The" 12-31-03, 1-1-04

"Frivolities of 1920" (musical review) 9-24-20

"From Hampton Roads to San Francisco" (lecture) 3-27-09

"From Hand to Mouth" (Hal Roach/Pathe film, Harold Lloyd)

6-30-20 through 7-3-20

"From the Ground Up" (Goldwyn film, Tom Moore) 8-29-22

through 8-31-22

"From Tree to Tire" (free movie, B.F. Goodrich) 12-12-11

"Frontier of the Stars, The" (Paramount film, Thomas Meighan)

9-5-21 and 9-6-21

"Full House, A" (Paramount film, Bryant Washburn) 4-14-21 and


Fulton, Maude 4-9-15

"Funny Side of Broadway, The" 11-12-07

"Furs & Frills" 2-15-19

"Fury" (Associated First National film, Richard Barthelmess) 2-10-23

through 2-13-23

"Fuss & Feathers" (Paramount film, Enid Bennett) 1-10-19

G.A.R. Memorial Day observance 5-30-04

"Gaiety Girl" 1-21-02

Gale, Florence 3-23-07

Gallagher & Weborg (Chinese acrobats) 8-10-06

Gallagher, Fred- of Gallagher & Weborg (Chinese acrobats) 8-10-06

Gallagher & Barrett 10-21-02

Gallatin, Alberta 2-9-04, 4-12-06, 12-11-06

"Galley Slave, The" 1-16-11 through 1-21-11

Galloway, James 11-17-02

"Gambler & His Girl, The" 5-26-07

"Gambler's Wife, The" 2-3-05 and 2-4-05, 3-2-05

"Gamblers, The" 12-11-11

"Game Chicken, A" (Paramount film, Bebe Daniels) 7-18-22 through


"Garage, The" (Paramount film, Fatty Arbuckle & Buster Keaton)

1-14-20 through 1-17-20

"Garden of Allah, The" 11-17-16

Gardner, Charles A. 3-18-02

Garrison, Don & Mabel 6-12-14 through 6-14-14

Gaskell & McVitty 9-25-13

Gaumont talking motion pictures 6-24-14 through 6-26-14

"Gay Dr. Lyon, The" 6-2-07

"Gay Lord Quex, The" (Goldwyn film, Tom Moore) 3-22-20 and


"Gay Parisienne, The" 9-5-09

Gear, Eugene see Everett Theatre Stock Company

Gear, Florence 11-12-06, 5-1-08, 4-4-09

"Gee Whiz and Gee Whee" 12-5-05

"Gentleman of France" 10-31-03

"Gentleman of Leisure, A" (Paramount film, Jack Holt) 8-1-23

through 8-3-23

George, Grace 2-11-08

Germain, Bea see Pringle Stock Company

Germain, Karl (magician) 12-29-08

"German Side of the War, The" Chicago Tribune newsreels 11-7-15

Gerschel, Minnie see Pringle Stock Company

"Get Out & Get Under" (Hal Roach/Pathe film, Harold Lloyd)

2-9-21 through 2-12-21

"Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford" (Paramount film, Sam Hardy) 3-19-22

and 3-20-22

"Getting Mary Married" (Select film, Marion Davies) 8-17-19 through


"Ghosts" (Ibsen play) 2-9-04, 11-26-20

Gibbons vs. Dempsey fight films 7-28-23 through 7-31-23

"Gilded Fool, A" 6-1-05, 9-30-06

"Gilded Lily, The" (Paramount film, Mae Murray) 12-11-21, 12-30-21

and 12-31-21

Gilmore, Paul 2-17-04, 3-4-05, 2-23-07, 3-14-08

"Gingerbread Man, The" 1-23-08, 5-9-09, 5-12-10

Girdelles, The (acrobats) 8-6-06 through 8-8-06, 8-10-06 and 8-11-06.

"Girl & The Stampede, The" 1-9-09

"Girl at the Helm, A" 12-14-09

"Girl Dodger, The" (Paramount film, Charles Ray) 3-16-19 through


"Girl From Albany, The" 11-6-04

"Girl From Dixie, A" 5-14-04

"Girl From God's Country, The" (Warren Corp. film, Nell Shipman)

         11-3-21 through 11-5-21

"Girl From Kay's, The" 9-25-05

"Girl From Mimms, The" 10-25-13

"Girl From Nowhere, The" 1-23-16

"Girl From Rector's, The" 8-21-09, 5-14-11, 3-19-12

"Girl From Sweden, The" 12-25-05

"Girl From the Outside" (Goldwyn film, Clara Horton) 11-12-19

through 11-15-19

"Girl From Tokyo, The" 2-16-13

"Girl From U.S.A., The" 9-29-12

"Girl I Loved, The" (United Artists film, Charles Ray) 7-28-23

through 7-31-23

"Girl in the Taxi, The" (Associated First National film, Carter

DeHaven) 7-20-21 through 7-22-21

"Girl in the Taxi, The" (play) 10-9-11, 11-27-13

"Girl of the Golden West, The" (Associated First National, Sylvia

Breamer) 8-11-23 through 8-14-23

"Girl of the Streets" 12-4-07

"Girl Question, The" 3-30-09

"Girl, The Man & The Game, The" 10-29-11, 9-14-12

"Girl Who Came Back, The" (Preferred film, Miriam Cooper)

9-26-23 through 9-28-23

"Girl Who Has Everything, The" 11-9-07

"Girl Who Stayed at Home, The" (Artcraft film, Carol Dempster,

D.W. Griffith dir.) 4-27-19 through 4-29-19

"Girls" 4-1-09

Glaser, Lulu 12-8-03, 4-20-12

"Glimpses of the Moon, The" (Paramount film, Bebe Daniels)

6-28-23 through 6-30-23

"Glittering Gloria" 10-27-04

Glover's Company (Theatre Royal, Glasgow)


"Go-Getter, The" (Paramount film, T. Roy Barnes) 7-4-23 through


"Goat, The" (Artcraft film, Fred Stone) 11-18-18 and 11-19-18

Goddard, James (bass-baritone) 3-5-17

"Going, Going, Gone" (Pathe film, Harold Lloyd) 2-26-19 and


"Going Up" (Associated Exhibitors film, Douglas MacLean) 12-5-23

through 12-7-23

"Going Some" (Goldwyn film, Helen Ferguson) 11-2-20 through


"Gold Diggers, The" (Warner Bros. film, Hope Hampton) 12-8-23

through 12-10-23

Golden, Marta 3-1-12

Golden, Richard 12-14-01, 12-15-02, 11-2-03

"Golden Dreams" (Goldwyn film, Rose Dion) 9-17-22 and 9-18-22

"Golden Snare, The" (Associated First National film, Lewis Stone)

8-13-21 through 8-16-21

Golding, Pearl 9-8-07, 5-15-12 cancelled

"Golem, The" (PAGU/Famous Players film, Paul Wegener) 3-7-22

and 3-8-22

"Golf" (Vitagraph film, Larry Semon) 11-1-22 through 11-3-22

Gompers, Samuel L  (President of AF of L)  11-14-13

"Good Gracious Annabelle" (Paramount film, Billie Burke) 5-11-19

through 5-13-19

"Good References" (First National film, Constance Talmadge) 1-4-21

through 1-7-21

"Goodbye Bill" (Paramount film, Shirley Mason) 1-22-19 and 1-23-19

Goodrich, B.F. (rubber company) free motion picture showing

"From Tree to Tire" 12-12-11

Goodrich, Edna 6-12-09

Goodwin, Nat 5-20-02, 7-9-03, 6-1-05, 4-25-07, 6-12-09

Gordon Highlanders of Canada 2-14-04

Gordon, Major Charles (speaker) 4-18-18

Gordon, Kitty 9-29-13

Gorgoza, Emilio (concert) 2-9-16

Gorton's Famous All White Minstrels 9-10-02, 9-11-02

Gorton's Minstrels 1-12-08

"Governor's Wife, A" 6-25-11 through 6-28?-11

Graham, Hilda see Pringle Stock Company

"Grand Duchess, The" 3-14-05

Grau's Opera Company 12-17-01

"Greased Lightning" (Paramount film, Charles Ray) 5-28-19 through


"Great Accident, The" (Goldwyn film, Tom Moore) 9-15-20 through


"Great Adventure, The" (First National film, Lionel Barrymore)

8-10-21 through 8-12-21

Great Albini, The 12-23-05 and 12-24-05

"Great Diamond Robbery, The" 1-2-11 through 1-7-11

"Great Divide, The" 12-31-08

Great Eastern Vaudeville Company  12-25-02

"Great Impersonation, The" (Paramount film, James Kirkwood)

         11-10-21 through 11-12-21

"Great Love, The" (Paramount film, D.W. Griffith dir.) 9-11-18 and


"Great Moment, The" (Paramount film, Gloria Swanson) 9-21-21

through 9-24-21

"Great Runaway Automobile, The" (film) 4-10-05 through 4-15-05

"Great Train Robbery, The" (Edison 1-reel film from 1903, Bronco

Billy Anderson) 12-25-20 through 12-27-20

Greater Barlow Minstrels (see also Barlow Minstrels) 4-25-03

"Greater Than Fame" (Selznick film, Elaine Hammerstein) 6-27-20

through 6-29-20

"Greater Than Love" J. Parke Read film, Louise Glaum) 5-23-22 and


"Greatest Question, The" (First National film, Lillian Gish, D.W.

Griffith dir.) 8-29-20 through 8-31-20

"Greatest Thing in Life, The" (Artcraft film, Lillian Gish, D.W.

Griffith, dir.) 1-14-19

"Greatest Thing in the World, The" 4-4-04

Green, Dr. Thomas E. (lecturer) 4-5-15

Green, Sara 8-10-09

"Green Eyes" (Paramount film, Dorothy Dalton) 6-15-19 through


Greet, Ben 4-15-13

Grey & Heckert's Comedians 11-6-02

Grey, Dorothy 10-1-11

"Grey Wolf's Ghost, The" (Superior film, H.W. Warner) 10-3-20 and


Griffith, D.W. 10-20-04  in a supporting role in "Cleopatra" under

         the stage name Lawrence Griffith

Griffith, John 12-25-06

Griffith, Lillian see Pringle Stock Company

Griffith, S.M. see Pringle Stock Company

"Grim Comedian, The" (Goldwyn film, Jack Holt) 8-10-22 and


Grinnell College Glee Club (Elks sponsored) 1-10-16

Grossman, L.G. (vaudeville manager) 8-6-06 through 8-8-06, 8-10-06

and 8-11-06

"Grumpy" (Paramount film, Theo Roberts) 5-5-23 through 5-8-23

"Grumpy" (play) 5-10-18

"Guilty Without Crime" 2-16-05 through 2-18-05

Guinan, Texas 2-26-11, 3-14-15

Gus Hill's World Famous Minstrels 5-25-20

"Gypsy Trail, The" (Paramount film, Bryant Washburn) 12-27-18 and


"Habit" (Associated First National film, Mildred Chaplin) 6-29-21

through 7-2-21

Hajos, Mizzi 6-19-12, 7-3-15

Hake, Jack (dancer) 5-27-23 through 5-30-23

Hake, Mrs. (organist) 8-10-21 through 8-12-21

Hale, Elizabeth 2-10-02, 7-2-06 through 7-8-06

"Half an Hour" (Paramount film, Dorothy Dalton) 9-18-21 through


Hall, Pauline (Opera Company) 3-2-06

"Ham Tree, The" 2-15-07, 5-14-08, 2-28-14

Hamilton, Stanley 11-2-15

"Hamlet" 1-6-18

Hampton Court Musical Quintette (Lyceum concert) 11-8-17

Handcuff King, The (Hardeeny) 2-3-19 through 2-7-19

"Hands of Nara, The" (Metro film, Clara Kimball Young) 1-11-23

through 1-13-23

"Hands Off!" (Fox film, Tom Mix) 10-2-21 through 10-4-21

Hanford, Charles B. 4-4-02, 3-2-03, 4-23-04, 3-1-05, 2-21-06,

3-26-07, 3-4-08, 3-5-09, 3-4-10, 3-29-14 through 3-31-14

(narrating films)

"Hanky Panky" 7-8-13

Hanmer, Clara 5-9-02, 5-10-02

Hanna, Judge S.J. 1-10-04

Hansen, Frank (pianist, Lyceum concert) 10-6-17

Hanson, Hon. Ole (speaker at Demo Party meeting) 6-29-16

"Happiness a la Mode" (Select film, Constance Talmadge) 10-5-19

and 10-6-19

"Happy Hooligan" 1-28-04

"Happy Though Married" (Paramount film, Enid Bennett) 3-11-19

through 3-13-19

"Happyland" 2-7-08

"Hard-Boiled" (Paramount film, Dorothy Dalton) 3-14-19 and


Hardeeny, The Handcuff King 2-3-19 through 2-7-19

Hardy, Virginia 11-21-16

Harlan, Adelaide 12-30-06

Harlan, E.G. (lecturer) 11-11-17

Harold Nelson Stock Company 1-2-10 through 1-16-10

Harper, Viola 4-7-19

Harrington, Bobby 3-14-07

Hart, Joe 1-7-04

Hart, William S. 3-20-08

Hartley, Roland H  (speaker)  9-11-16

Hartman, Ferris 9-6-02, 8-29-09, 7-21-11, 6-22-12

Harvey's Greater Minstrels 7-17-19

Hathaway, Col. Howard (speaker at Demo Party mtg) 6-29-16

Hatton, Raymond see Hildreth & Carter Stock Company, Everett

Theatre Stock Company

"Haunted Bedroom, The" (Paramount film, Enid Bennett) 9-6-19

through 9-9-19

"Haunting Shadows" (Robertson-Cole film, H.B. Warner) 7-18-20

and 7-19-20

"Havana" 3-10-11

Haverly's Mastodon Minstrels 11-11-02, 10-24-03, 12-5-04

Hawaiian Singers (Lyceum concert) 4-24-17

Hawthorn, June 11-11-17

"Hawthorne of the U.S.A." (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 1-25-20

through 1-28-20

Hayes, Baby Evelyn (song and dance prologue) 5-30-20 through


Hayes, Helen 11-5-17

"Hay Foot, Straw Foot" (Paramount film, Charles Ray) 7-30-19

through 8-2-19

"Hazel Kirke" 8-26-06

"He Came From Milwaukee" 10-14-11

"He Comes Up Smiling" (Artcraft film, Doug Fairbanks) 12-3-18

through 12-5-18

Hearn, Alma 10-1-05

Hearn, Edward see Everett Theatre Stock Company, Pringle Stock


Hearn, Thomas 11-20-06 cancelled

"Heart & The Hand, The" lecture by Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan

Macy sponsored by YMCA 4-8-14

"Heart Breakers, The" 9-22-12

"Heart O' the Hills" (First National film, Mary Pickford) 1-20-20

through 1-24-20

"Heart of a Child, The" (Metro film, Alla Nazimova) 6-9-20 through


"Heart of Humanity, The" (Universal film, Dorothy Phillips) 8-27-19

through 8-30-19

"Heart of Juanita" (Robertson-Cole film, Beatriz Michelena) 8-8-20

and 8-9-20

"Heart of the Wilds" (Artcraft film, Elsie Ferguson) 9-22-18 and


"Heart of Wetona, The" (Select film, Norma Talmadge) 2-9-19 and


"Heart of Youth, The" (Paramount film, Lila Lee) 9-28-19 and


"Hearts Aflame" (Metro film, Anna Q. Nillson) 4-21-23 through


"Hearts & Flowers" (Paramount/Sennett film, Louise Fazenda)

6-25-19 through 6-28-19

"Hearts of Oak" 11-28-02

Heath, Marie 1-9-04

Heimlich, Laura see Hildreth & Carter Stock Company

"Heir to the Hurrah, The" 4-20-06, 1-8-07, 11-6-07

Held, Anna 3-28-04, 12-23-17

"Hell's Island" (Paramount film, Jack Holt & Lon Chaney) 1-14-20

through 1-17-20

"Hello Bill" 11-20-02

Heming, Violet 4-12-20

Hemmi, Aida 6-4-10 cancelled

Hemstreet, Frank (baritone) 9-10-07

Hendricks, Ben 5-6-03, 3-5-04, 4-4-05, 4-8-06, 4-14-07, 12-22-07

"Henrietta" 11-24-02

"Henry The Eighth" 2-14-10

"Her Code of Honor" (Tribune-UBTA film, Florence Reed) 9-13-19

through 9-16-19

"Her Double Life" 3-8-06

"Her First Mistake" (Sennett film, Louise Fazenda) 12-31-18 through


"Her First Kiss" (Fox film, Ethel Teare) 6-9-20 through 6-12-20

"Her Gilded Cage" (Paramount film, Gloria Swanson) 11-15-22

through 11-17-22

"Her Husband's Trademark" (Paramount film, Gloria Swanson)

"Her Social Value" (First National film, Norma Talmadge) 9-21-22

and 9-22-22

"Here Comes the Bride" (Paramount film, John Barrymore) 3-7-19

and 3-8-19

"Heredity, Eugenics & Civilization" (lecture) 11-12-15

Hermann, Adelaide (magician's widow) 10-27-05

Hermann The Great 11-12-02

Hermsen, Harry 9-27-06, 6-10-09

"Heroes One and All" (2-reel Lubin film) 4-19-13 and 4-20-13

Hettie Jane Dunaway Co. (Lyceum attraction) 10-23-17

Hi Henry's Greatest Minstrels 10-8-06, 1-3-09

"Hick Manhattan" (Paramount film, Peggy Hopkins Joyce) 9-17-18

Hicks, Earl 9-8-08

"High Cost of Loving, The" 10-5-17, 3-25-18

"High Road, The" 11-25-13

"Highwayman, The" 11-30-07

Hildreth & Carter Stock Company 5-29-09 through 6-5-09, 6-7-09

and 6-8-09, 6-13-09

Hildreth, Robert 5-29-09 through 6-5-09, 6-7-09 and 6-8-09, 6-13-09, Hill, Gus (World Famous Minstrels) 5-25-20

Hillstrom, Phillip K. 8-30-18

Hilyard, Norman 3-6-05 through 4-2--05

"Hip! Hip! Hooray!" 12-3-08

"His Back Against the Wall" (Goldwyn film, Raymond Hatton)

8-8-22 and 8-9-22

"His House in Order" (Paramount film, Elsie Ferguson) 5-2-20

through 5-4-20

"His Majesty, The American" (United Artists film, Doug Fairbanks)

9-24-19 through 9-27-19

"His Mother's Sin" 2-7-05 and 2-8-05

"His Night Out" 5-14-05 through 5-17-05

"His Parisian Wife" (Artcraft film, Elsie Ferguson) 2-28-19

"His Royal Slyness" (Pathe film, Harold Lloyd) 8-4-20 through 8-7-20

Hitchcock, Raymond 10-14-02, 5-4-07

"HMS Pinafore" 8-2-02, 11-24-16 and 11-25-16

Hodgkins, Marie 9-17-07

Hoffman, Gertrude 10-10-11

Hoffman, Josef pianist 2-4-02

Holland, E.M. 10-11-04

"Hollywood" (Paramount film, Hope Drown) 9-1-23 through 9-4-23

Holmes & Holmes 4-10-05 through 4-15-05

"Holy City, The" 11-17-07, 10-22-08

"Home Breaker, The" (Paramount film, Dorothy Dalton) 5-27-19

"Home Stretch, The" (Paramount film, Doug MacLean) 1-16-22 and


"Home Talent" (Mack Sennett film, Charles Murray) 10-21-21 and


"Homer Comes Home" (Paramount film, Charles Ray) 9-8-20

through 9-11-20

"Homespun Folks" (Ince film, Lloyd Hughes) 10-13-21 through


"Homeward Bound" (Paramount film, Thomas Meighan) 8-25-23

through 8-28-23

"Honest Blacksmith, The" 9-27-02

"Honest Hearts" 10-1-05

"Honeymoon Trail" 11-20-09, 1-22-11

"Honeymooners, The" 10-17-08

"Hooligan in New York" 2-18-06

Hope, Beryl  8-7-09

"Hope Chest, The" (Paramount film, Dorothy Gish) 2-7-19 and


Hopper, DeWolf 12-3-03, 2-7-08, 11-2-14

Hopper, Edna Wallace (62-year-old "flapper") 11-22-22 through


Horowitz, Ethel (dancer) 2-24-23 through 2-26-23

Horta, Mme. (lecturer) 4-28-18

"House Divided, A" (Blackton film, Herbert Rawlinson)

10-22-19 through 10-25-19

"House of Bondage" 12-28-08

Howard, Leota 5-27-06 through 5-29-06

Howard, George B. 6-13-07, 7-28-07 through 8-11-07, 6-21-08

through 7-5-08

Howard, Eugene 6-12-16

Howard, Wille 6-12-16

Howard Stock Company 6-13-07, 7-28-07 through 8-11-07, 6-21-08

through 7-5-08

Hubert Twins (child boxers) 3-30-20

Hughes, Bishop Edwin Holt (Lyceum preacher) 3-21-16

"Human Hearts" 11-5-07, 11-18-09

Hume, Edward 9-18-09

"Humoresque" (Paramount film, Alma Rubens) 3-31-21 through


"Hun Within, The" (Paramount film, Dorothy Gish) 10-1-18 through


Hunting, Percy 5-28-05

"Hunting For Hawkins" 11-6-02

"Hurricane's Gal" (First National film, Dorothy Phillips) 9-9-22

through 9-11-22

"Husband on a Salary" 11-26-10 through 12-3-10

Hutcheson, Gertrude  3-29-20

Hymer, John B. 4-14-02

"I Am Guilty" (J.Parker Read film, Louise Glaum) 9-25-21 and


"I Do" (Pathe film, Harold Lloyd) 8-31-21 through 9-4-21

"I'll Get Him Yet" (Paramount film, Dorothy Gish) 7-18-19 and


Ibsen's "Ghosts" 2-9-04

"Idle Class, The" (First National film, Charles Chaplin) 12-18-21

through 12-21-21

"Idler, The" 1-10-11 through 1-15-11

"Idol Dancer, The" (First National film, Richard Barthelmess, D.W.

Griffith dir.) 9-29-20 through 10-2-20

"Idol of the North, The" (Paramount film, Dorothy Dalton)

11-16-21 and 11-17-21

"Il Trovatore" 6-17-03, 4-2-10, 10-19-12

Iles Company 6-19-11 through 6-28?-11

Iles, Margaret 6-19-11 through 6-28?-11

Illington, Margaret 8-14-08, 4-24-14

"Illusion of Beatrice, The" 11-23-06

"Impossible Mrs. Bellew, The" (Paramount film, Gloria Swanson)

12-13-22 through 12-15-22

"Impropaganda" (Paramount film, J.M. Flagg?) 2-21-19 and 2-22-19

"In a Persian Garden" 2-17-09

"In Dahomey" 1-16-05

"In Dreamland" 11-25-09

"In Hayti" 2-6-10

"In Louisiana" 6-19-11 through 6-21-11

"In Missouri" 1-13-10 and 1-14-10

"In Old Kentucky" 10-7-05, 10-13-11

"In Old Vermont State" 5-30-07, 6-1-07

"In Search of a Sinner" (First National film, Constance Talmadge)

10-5-20 through 10-9-20

"In the Bishop's Carriage" 10-25-06, 10-10-07

"In the Name of the Law" (FBO film, Jean Adair) 12-7-22 through


"In the Shadow of the Cross" 8-27-06

"In the Toils" 6-14-08

"In the Valley of the Mohawk" 6-11-14

"In Wyoming" 11-26-08, 10-17-09

Indoor Merchant's Carnival 11-27-06

"Industrial Idealism" (lecture) 2-22-17

"Inferior Sex, The" (First National film, Mildred Harris Chaplin)

1-23-21 through 1-25-21

"Inferior Sex, The" (play) 1-9-11

"Innocent Sinner, An" 8-1-07 and 8-2-07

"Inside Track, The" 1-8-06

International Opera Company 1-22-15

"Invisible Fear, The" (First National film, Anita Stewart) 9-1-22 and


"Invisible Power, The" (Goldwyn film, House Peters) 6-1-22 and


"Irish Agent, The" 4-22-18 (possibly cancelled)

"Irish Eden, An" 3-16-16 and 3-17-16

"Irish Pawnbroker, The" 12-24-02

"Iron Trail, The" (United Artists film, Wyndham Standing) 5-20-22

through 5-22-22

Irving, Isabel 2-14-07, 11-9-07

Irwin, May 9-30-05

"Isle of Conquest, The" (Selznick film, Norma Talmadge) 12-7-19

through 12-9-19

"Isle of Lost Ships, The" (Associated First National, Anna Q.

Nillson) 5-12-23 through 5-16-23

"Isle of Spice" 9-20-07, 9-27-08

"It Can't Be Done" 8-27-15 and 8-28-15

"It Pays To Advertise" 3-5-16, 11-28-16

Izett, Jessie 9-15-07

"Jack O'Diamonds" 11-19-07

"Jack's Jazz Boys" (prologue act) 5-31-23 through 6-2-23

Jackson, Nevada (dancer) 1-20-23 through 1-23-23, 6-3-23 through

6-5-23, 8-11-23 through 8-14-23, 10-7-23 through 10-9-23

James, Louis 10-2-02, 10-6-03, 1-29-06, 10-20-06, 2-14-10

"Jane Goes A-Wooing" (Paramount film, Vivian Martin) 2-14-19

"Japanese Courtship, A" 12-1-06

Japanese earthquake disaster films 10-3-23 through 10-6-23

"Java Head" (Paramount film, Leatrice Joy) 5-9-23 through 5-11-23

"Jazzmania" (Metro film, Mae Murray) 8-23-23 and 8-24-23

Jefferson, Jack (banjoist) 2-10-23 through 2-13-23

Jefferson, Joseph 10-11-08

Jefferson, Thomas 12-8-02

Jefferson, William W. 10-11-08

Jeffries, James 12-11-02, 11-16-04

Jenkins, Mabel (Everett Theatre organist from October 1921)

Jensen, Eulalie 10-12-07

"Jerry From Kerry" 12-14-05, 12-2-06

"Jes' Call Me Jim" (Goldwyn film, Will Rogers) 9-19-20 through


"Jew & The Gentile, The" 10-11-05

"Jim" 5-27-06 through 5-29-06

"Jim, The Penman" (First National film, Lionel Barrymore) 3-23-22

through 3-25-22

"Jim, The Penman" (play) 9-24-11

"Jim, The Westerner" 5-1-05 through 5-3-05

"Jinx, The" (Goldwyn film, Mabel Normand) 12-31-19 through


"Johanna Enlists" (Artcraft film, Mary Pickford) 10-8-18, 11-12-18

through 11-14-18

"John Petticoats" (Paramount film, W.S. Hart) 1-7-20 through


"Johnny Get Your Gun" 4-5-18

"Johnny Get Your Gun" (Artcraft film, Fred Stone) 4-6-19 and


Johnson, Alice 10-5-03

Johnson, Jack (film) 5-4-09 and 5-5-09 perhaps cancelled

Johnson, Mildred 10-13-11

"Jolly American Tramp, A" 12-17-05, 3-31-07

"Jolly Musketeers, The" 11-30-06

Jolson, Al 8-6-06 through 8-8-06, 8-10-06 and 8-11-06, 8-22-15

"Jones & Jones" 1-16-10

Jones, Newton (political rally for Hartley)  9-11-16

Jordan, Anna 8-27-06

Jose, Richard 7-24-03, 9-23-08, 2-5-11

"Joyous Troublemaker, The" (Fox film, William Farnum) 2-5-21

through 2-8-21

Jubilee Singers 12-30-01

"Jucklins, The" (Paramount film, Monte Blue) 6-20-21 through


"Judy of Rogue's Harbor" (Realart film, Mary Miles Minter) 6-13-20

through 6-15-20

"Julius Caesar" 12-21-01, 3-26-07

"Just Out of College" 10-31-08

"Just Squaw" 7-20-19 through 7-22-19

Juvenile Bostonians 6-15-06, 9-19-06, 9-2-11

Karle, Theodore (tenor) 4-10-17

Kaston, The Mysterious 12-23-05 and 12-24-05

"Kathleen Mavourneen" 3-12-11 through 3-18-11

"Katinka" 3-10-17

"Katzenjammer Kids" 2-12-18

"Kazan" (Export & Import film, Jane Novak & Kazan, the Wonder

Dog) 6-25-21 through 6-28-21

Keane, Loraine 12-15-07

Kearney, John J. 10-15-07

Keating, Virginia 3-2-08

"Keeper of the Keys, The" 3-28-05 through 3-30-05

Keith, Adelaide 10-11-05

Kelcey, Herbert 10-14-03, 5-21-10

Keller, Helen (and Anne Sullivan Macy) 4-8-14

Kellie, Edward B. 1-31-04

Kelly, Loring see Pringle Stock Company

Kelly, Miss Malden & Co 4-10-05 through 4-15-05

Kelly, Renee 12-2-15

Kelso, Louis 1-22-11

Kendall, Ezra 9-2-03, 9-6-07, 12-2-09

Kent, Eleanor 11-26-09

Kent, S.Miller 11-25-01, 3-14-03, 9-26-03, 10-27-07

"Kerry Gow" 2-18-05, 1-2-07, 2-26-08

"Kick In" (Paramount film, Betty Compson) 3-27-23 through


"Kid, The" (First National film, Charles Chaplin) 2-18-21 through


Kidder, Katherine 10-3-04

"Killer, The" (Pathe film, Jack Conway) 5-1-21 through 5-4-21

"Kilties, The" 2-14-04

"Kindred of the Dust" (First National film, Miriam Cooper) 11-18-22

through 11-21-22

Kinetophone talking motion pictures (Edison) 10-8-13 through


"King Dodo" 10-14-02, 11-2-03, 11-26-09

"King of Tramps, The" 4-9-07

King, Pearl 10-11-05

King, Professor (& His Trick Dog) 4-29-05 and 4-30-05

"King Richard III" 12-25-06

"King Tut" (jazz band, prologue act) 6-24-23 through 6-28-23

Kinsey, Margaret (dance teacher) 1-6-23 through 1-10-23

Kirk LeShelle Comic Opera Company 12-30-02

Kirk LeShelle Company 3-11-10

Kirmess benefit for orphanage 9-1-10 through 9-3-10

"Kissing Girl, The" 2-26-11

"Kitty McKay" 9-20-14

"Klansman, The" 9-28-08

Knight, Roselie 11-7-05

"Knight for a Day, A" 9-18-09

Knights of Columbus sponsored lecture "What's Wrong With the

World" by Peter Collins 5-5-16

Knott, Roselle 10-10-12

"Know Everett" (lecture by Lloyd Black) 6-3-23 through 6-5-23

Knox Brothers (comics) 4-29-05 and 4-30-05

Kolb & Dill 10-5-17, 3-25-18, 3-9-19, 4-26-20

Kolb, Clarence 10-5-17, 3-25-18, 3-9-19, 4-26-20

Konicny, Josef (violinist) 3-27-15

Kopetsky, Antoinette 10-26-13

Kyle, Howard 4-21-02

"La Belle Russe" 3-23-07

"La Madeline" 4-7-02 cancelled

La Montagne, E.F. & His Country Store 3-3-21, 3-10-21, 3-24-21,

3-31-21, 4-7-21, 4-14-21, 4-28-21, 5-5-21, 5-11-21, 5-25-21,

6-2-21, 6-9-21, 6-16-21 through 6-19-21, 6-23-21, 7-7-21,


LaPierre, Irma 2-28-05

LaSalle Opera Company 10-6-11

"La Tosca" 2-24-02

Lackaye, Helen 11-6-07

Lackaye, Wilton 6-15-13

"Ladder of Lies" (Paramount, Ethel Clayton) 9-4-20 through 9-7-20

"Ladies Man, A" (Metro film, Bull Montana) 5-17-23 and 5-18-23

"Ladies Must Live" (Paramount film, Betty Compson) 12-31-21

(midnight), 1-1-22 and 1-2-22

"Lady & The Bootblack, The" (Barnes & Stock) 5-21-14 through


"Lady Audley's Secret" 2-4-05, 2-12-05

"Lady of Lyons, The" 1-12-06

Laight  (of Early & Laight, comics) 5-16-14 through 5-20-14

Lambardi (sic) Opera Company 4-2-10

"Land of Boo Hoo, The" 6-15-06

"Land of Nod, The" 12-15-08, 12-31-09

Landon, Sidney (Lyceum humorist & impersonator) 3-1-16

"Lane That Had No Turning, The" (Paramount film, Agnes Ayres)

         7-16-22 and 7-17-22

Langendorff, Frieda 12-7-09

Langwell, C. Arthur 9-10-07

Larrimore, Francine 5-27-12

Larson Brothers (steel guitarists) 2-17-23 through 2-20-23

Lauder, Harry in talking motion picture demo 5-9-14

"Law & The Woman, The" (Paramount film, Betty Compson)

9-12-22 through 9-14-22

"Law of the Lawless" (Paramount film, Dorothy Dalton) 8-8-23

through 8-10-23

"Law of the North, The" (Paramount film, Charles Ray) 12-6-18 and


"Lawful Larceny" (Paramount film, Hope Hampton) 10-24-23

through 10-26-23

Lawrence, Lillian 3-31-06

Lawton, Thais 2-2-05

Lea of Stanley & Lea (banjoists) 5-10-14 through 5-13-14

"Lea Kleschna" 7-3-05

"Leave It To Susan" (Goldwyn film, Madge Kennedy) 6-6-19 and


Lee, Knute 12-25-05

Leigh, Bert 6-16-18

Leighton, Harry 2-1-02

LeMonte European Dog & Monkey Circus 5-16-14 through 5-20-14

LeMoyne, Charles see Pringle Stock Company

LeMoyne, Sarah Cowell 11-30-01

"Lena Rivers" 11-4-09

Leonard, Frank H. 5-15-08

Leone, Maude 11-24-08

"Leopard Woman, The" (Ince film, Louise Glaum) 10-25-21 and


LeRoy & Lester 6-5-14 through 6-7-14

"Les Sylphides" 10-10-11

LeShelle, Kirke- Comic Opera Co 12-30-02

Leslie. Elsie 3-15-02

"Lessons in Love" (First National film, Constance Talmadge) 7-23-21

through 7-25-21

Lester of Leroy & Lester 6-5-14 through 6-7-14

"Let's Be Fashionable" (Paramount film, Doug MacLean) 9-1-20

through 9-3-20

"Let's Elope" (Paramount film, Marguerite Clark) 6-25-19 through


"Let's Go" 3-29-20

Lew Dockstader's Minstrels 6-20-07, 6-13-08, 5-7-11

Lewin, Harry see Pringle Stock Company

Lewis, Frederick 7-28-18

Lewis, Horace 11-3-02

Lewis, J.C. 1-8-09

Lewis & Lake Musical Comedy Co. 9-9-07, 9-12-07

Liberty Bond Rally 4-6-18, 4-18-18

Liebler & Company 1-28-12

Liederkranz Sacred Concert 10-20-07

"Lieutenant & The Cowboy, The" 1-1-09

"Life of the Party, The" (Paramount film, Fatty Arbuckle) 1-1-21

through 1-3-20

"Light in the Dark, The" (Associated First National film, Hope

Hampton) 12-28-22 through 12-30-22

"Lighthouse Robbery, The" 11-11-04 and 11-12-04, 1-23-05 and


"Lily, The" 6-13-11

Lindgren, Berthold (Everett Theatre organist from December 1918

through October 1921) 12-22-18 and 12-23-18, 12-29-18,

2-2-19, 4-27-19, 5-26-19, 7-13-19, 2-8-20, 10-11-21 (farewell


Linhard, Leo see Hildreth & Carter Stock Company

"Lion & The Mouse, The" 11-6-06, 1-3-08, 12-4-08

Little Chip 3-1-08

"Little Church Around The Corner, The" 2-10-06

"Little Comrade" (Paramount film, Vivian Martin) 5-7-19 and 5-8-19

"Little Dolly Dimples" 8-19-08, 9-13-08

"Little Duchess, The" 1-24-07

"Little Inspector, The" 8-30-07

"Little Johnny Jones" 9-27-07, 12-5-08

"Little Lord Fauntleroy" 4-26-11 through 4-29-11, 5-28-11

"Little Lost Sister" 1-12-13

"Little Minister, The" (Paramount film, Betty Compson) 2-16-22

through 2-18-22

"Little Minister, The" (play) 1-11-06, 9-2-06, 6-24-08 and 6-25-08

"Little Miss Fix It" 3-3-12

"Little Miss Hoover" (Paramount film, Marguerite Clark) 2-2-19

"Little Prospector, The" 8-31-08

"Little Swede, The" 2-26-05

"Little Wanderer, The" (Fox film, Shirley Mason) 11-7-20 through


"Little Women" 2-20-14 and 2-21-14

"Little Women" (Paramount/Artcraft film) 2-11-19, 2-13-19

Lloyd, Alice 3-3-12, 2-23-13, 1-7-14

"Lo" 10-23-09

Lockette, Mattie 3-3-07 through 3-5-07

Lohan, Oscar 8-12-09 and 8-13-09

Lohrman, Ed (illustrated songster) 8-6-06 through 8-8-06, 8-10-06

and 8-11-06

"Lola From Berlin" 2-20-09

Londale Theatre Company (stock) 1-30-05 through 2-26-05

"Lonesome Town" 3-19-11

Longfellow, Stephanie 10-19-07

Lonsdale, Richard see Pringle Stock Company

"Lord Strathmore" 2-14-03

Lorimer, Wright 10-25-09 and 10-26-09

"Lorna Doone" (Associated First National film, Madge Bellamy)

12-16-22 through 12-19-22

"Lost River" 1-22-04

"Lost Romance, The" (Paramount film, Jack Holt) 2-7-22 and 2-8-22

"Lotus Eater, The" (First National film, John Barrymore) 8-4-22 and


Loucks, Byron see Pringle Stock Company

"Love" (Associated/J.Parker Read film, Louise Glaum) 6-27-22 and


"Love" (Paramount film, Fatty Arbuckle) 3-23-19 and 3-24-19

"Love & Friendship" 11-13-04, 5-30-06 and 5-31-06

"Love Burglar, The" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 8-13-19 through


"Love, Honor & Behave" (Associated First National/Sennett film,

Charles Murray) 3-1-21 through 3-3-21

"Love Insurance" (Paramount film, Bryant Washburn) 10-19-19

through 10-21-19

"Love Is an Awful Thing" (Selznick film, Owen Moore) 10-18-22

through 10-20-22

"Love Madness" (Pathe, Louise Glaum) 1-30-21 through 2-1-21

"Love Piker, The" (Goldwyn-Cosmopolitan film, Anita Stewart)

11-22-23 and 11-23-23

"Love Special, The" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 10-30-21 and


"Love Tales of Hoffman, The" 11-10-11

"Love's Redemption" (Associated First National film, Norma

Talmadge) 7-21-22 and 7-22-22

"Lovers Lane" 3-6-03

Lovett, Beresford 6-6-09

Lowe, Isabelle 9-14-14

Lowther, Barbazon (baritone) 2-19-18

Loyal Legion meeting 5-7-19

Lumbermen's Quartet 2-10-07

"Lure, The" 11-3-13

Luther College Band & Chorus 8-9-06

Luther College Band from Decorah, Iowa 8-2-11

Lyceum Arts Conservatory Orchestra 11-18-16

Lyons, Toby 11-22-07

"Ma's New Husband" 10-25-08

"Macbeth" 1-3-06

MacCurdy, James Kyrle 1-13-07

MacDermid, Sybil Sammis (vocalist) 2-10-15

MacDonald, James F. 11-20-02

Mace, Fred 3-23-06

Mack, George 8-5-17

Mack, John 9-16-02

Mack, Ollie 5-15-12 cancelled

Mack, Willard 11-24-08

Mack Sennett Bathing Girls (with Bob Finley) 2-2-20 through 2-5-20

Mack Swain Theatre Company 1-7-06 through 1-12-06, 6-10 through

6-12-06, 8-26-06 through 9-2-06

MacMillan, Don 10-1-11

Macy, Anne Sullivan (and Helen Keller) 4-8-14

"Mad Love" (Goldwyn film, Pola Negri) 3-31-23 through 4-3-23

"Madagascar Courtship, A" 7-13-11

"Madame Satan" 5-8-11 through 5-13-11

"Madame Sherry" 4-30-11, 1-14-12

"Madame X" 4-13-12

Madison, Dr. (free medical lecture) 2-24-09

"Magda" 2-20-03

"Maggie Pepper" 5-17-13

"Maggie Pepper" (Paramount film, Ethel Clayton) 3-30-19 and


Maharh's Big Minstrel Carnival 4-4-06

"Maid & The Mummy, The" 10-10-06

Maitland, Arthur 12-25-09

"Make-Believe Wife, The" (Paramount film, Billie Burke) 12-22-18

and 12-23-18

"Making a Man" (Paramount film, Jack Holt) 4-4-23 through 4-6-23

"Making Over of Mrs. Matt, The" 6-5-16

"Mam'selle Napoleon" 3-28-04

"Man From Funeral Range, The" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid)

12-13-18 and 12-14-18

"Man From Lost River, The" (Goldwyn film, House Peters) 8-27-22

and 8-28-22

"Man From Mexico, The" 5-10-05 through 5-13-05, 7-30-07 and


"Man From Missouri, The" 11-7-09

"Man From Sweden, The" 2-19-03

"Man Hunter, The" (Fox film, William Farnum) 6-22-19 through


"Man of Mystery, The" 11-10-04

"Man of the Forest" (Hodkinson film, Claire Adams) 1-5-22 through


"Man of the Hour, The" 12-31-07, 12-25-09, 2-19-11

"Man on the Box, The" 12-5-06, 12-13-07

"Man to Man" (Universal film, Harry Carey) 6-16-22 and 6-17-22

"Man Who Loved His Wife, The" (film) see "Disraeli"

"Man Who Saw Tomorrow, The" (Paramount film, Thomas

Meighan) 11-25-22 through 11-28-22

"Man's Broken Promise, A" 11-28-07

"Man's World, A" 1-31-11

"Man-Woman-Marriage" (Associated First National film, Dorothy

Phillips) 5-20-21 through 5-23-21

"Maneuvers of Jane, The" (EHS Senior play) 4-24-14 and 4-25-14

"Manhattan Knight, A" (Fox film, George Walsh) 8-1-20 through


Mann, William - company 12-8-10

Mannering, Mary 1-31-11

Mannering, Moya 3-27-11

Mansfield, Richard 6-12-02

"Manslaughter" (Paramount film, Thomas Meighan) 10-21-22

through 10-25-22

Marble, Mary 3-1-08

Marbury, Jane 2-20-14 and 2-21-14

Mardiganian, Aurora (Armenian refugee) 1-29-20 through 2-1-20

"Margaret Turner Dance Pageant" (dance pupil recital) 6-13-23

Marino (violinist) 11-18-04

Marion, Ouina 9-29-12

"Mark of Zorro, The" (United Artists film, Doug Fairbanks) 3-15-21

through 3-18-21

Marlo, Edward, "The Wonder Worker" (Lyceum magic act) 1-9-17

Marlowe, Julia 6-15-11

"Marriage of Kitty, The" 4-20-05, 11-4-05, 11-12-06

"Marriage Price, The" (Artcraft film, Elsie Ferguson) 4-18-19 and


"Marriage Vow, The" 2-3-06 and 2-4-06

"Married Life" (Sennett/First National film, Ben Turpin) 11-28-20

through 11-30-20

"Marrying Mary" 4-4-09

Marshall & McDermott 5-14-14 and 5-15-14

Marshall, Edna 12-11-13

Marshall, Madelyn 9-13-05

"Martha-By-The-Day" 1-18-15

Martin & Emery Company 3-2-08

"Mary Jane's Pa" 12-5-10

"Mary Mary Quite Contrary" 6-28-06

"Mary Regan" (First National film, Anita Stewart) 11-9-19 through


"Mary Rose" (comedy drama) 7-18-21

"Mary's Ankles" 6-16-18

"Mary's Lamb" 4-30-09

Mase, Fred 3-5-07

Mason, Dan & Charles 11-9-01

Mason, Homer B. 3-14-09, 3-19-10

Mason, John 7-3-05, 7-3-13

Mason, Lillian 5-29-09 through 6-5-09, 6-7-09 and 6-8-09, 6-13-09,

8-15-09, 8-22-09 through 8-26-09, 8-30-09 through 9-4-09,


"Masquerader, The" (Associated First National film, Guy Bates Post)

10-7-22 through 10-10-22

"Master Mind, The" (Associated First National film, Lionel

Barrymore) 1-25-21 through 1-29-21

"Matchmaker, The" 2-21-09

Mathes, Allen 3-6-19

Mathes, Clara 3-6-05 through 4-2-05

Matthews, Bobby 11-26-02

Matsuda & The Royal Japanese Jugglers 4-26-02

Maude, Cyril 5-10-18

"Mayfire" 5-7-09

"Mayor of Tokyo, The" 10-15-07

"Maytime" 5-2-19

McCann, James R. 11-6-01

McCarthy, Myles or Miles 10-20-02

McCarthy, William J. 12-7-07

"McCarthy's Mishaps" 9-16-02

McCay, Alex see Pringle Stock Company

McDermott of Marshall & McDermott 5-14-14 and 5-15-14

McDonald, Flora 1-23-03

McDonald, J.T. 7-2-06 through 7-8-06

McDonald, W.H. 2-22-04

McDonald-Yman Stock Company 7-2-06 through 7-8-06

McDowell, Melbourne 2-24-02, 10-20-04

McEwen, The 8th Wonder of the World 6-8 through 6-11-03

McIntyre & Heath 2-15-07, 5-14-08, 2-6-10, 2-28-14

McIver, Robert 4-22-18 (possibly cancelled)

McKay, Alex see Pringle Stock Company

McNab, Anna 12-31-09

McNaughton, Charles 6-19-12

McNeil, Neil 3-21-09, 12-31-09

McPherson, J.P. (lecturer) 12-30-17

McQuarrie,, M.J. 12-25-09

McQuarrie's Minstrels 11-28-01

Meade, Beatrice 9-7-11, 9-11-11 through 9-13?-11

Meakins, Charles 4-15-11

Melburne, Madge "The Female Baritone" 8-6-06 through 8-8-06,

8-10-06 and 8-11-06

Melville, Rose 11-24-04, 12-26-06, 11-27-08, 2-10-12

"Member for Congress, A" 12-26-10 through 12-31-10

"Merchant of Venice, The" 4-23-04

Meredith, Miss Liberty (vocalist) 4-10-23 through 4-13-23

"Merry-Go-Round, The" (Universal film, Norman Kerry) 9-29-23

through 10-2-23

"Merry Widow, The" 2-20-10, 4-15-11

"Merry Wives of Windsor" 10-20-06

"Message From Mars, A" 6-9-06, 10-24-07, 6-6-09

Metropolitan Male Quartette (Lyceum) 2-17-16

"Michael Strogoff" 1-15-05

Michelena, Beatriz 7-20-19 through 7-22-19, 5-16-20

"Middleman, The" 1-17-05 and 1-18-05

"Midnight Flyer, The" 2-11-07

"Midnight Sons, The" 3-24-11

"Mighty Lak' a Rose" (Associated First National film, James Rennie)

4-28-23 through 4-30-23

"Mikado, The" 1-1-06, 11-2-14

Miller, Henry 10-14-13

Miller, William (Lyceum humorist, lecturer) 1-8-16

"Million Dollar Doll, The" 10-31-17

"Millionaire Tramp, A" 11-26-03

Mills, Robert Parker (lecture) 11-30-14

"Mills of the Gods, The" 4-18-09

Millward, Charles 1-2-14

"Mind-the-Paint Girl, The" (First National film, Anita Stewart)

3-14-20 and 3-15-20

"Minister's Son, The" 12-2-03

"Minnie" (Associated First National film, Leatrice Joy) 9-5-23

through 9-7-23

Minstrel show by crew of battleship New York 12-12-03

"Miracle Man, The" (Paramount film, Betty Compson & Lon

Chaney) 11-23-19 through 11-29-19

"Mirandy Smiles" (Paramount film, Vivian Martin) 1-3-19 and 1-4-19

"Misleading Widow, The" (Paramount film, Billie Burke) 12-3-19

through 12-6-19

"Miss Dudelsack" 4-20-12

"Miss Hobbs" (Realart film, Wanda Hawley) 6-20-20 through 6-22-20

"Miss Lulu Bett" (Paramount film, Milton Sills) 3-9-22 through


"Miss Nobody From Starland" 8-27-11

Mississippi, U.S.S. crew band concert 10-4-20

"Missouri Girl, The" 12-2-05, 3-24-07, 2-1-14

"Modern Eve, A" 1-19-13

"Modern Salome, A" (Metro film, Hope Hampton) 6-16-20 through


Modjeska, Helena 1-3-06

"Mollycoddle, The" (United Artists film, Doug Fairbanks) 7-20-20

through 7-24-20

Mong, William V. 2-19-05 through 2-22-05

Monroe, George 3-24-11

"Monsieur Beaucaire" 6-12-02

"Montana Limited, The" 11-8-08

"Monte Cristo" (Fox film, John Gilbert) 1-31-23 through 2-2-23

"Monte Cristo" (play) 12-7-06

Monterey, Carlotta 2-7-16

Moore, Florence 7-8-13

Moore, Olive 8-20-08 through 8-22-08

Moore, William 5-21-17

"Moran of the Lady Letty" (Paramount film, Rudolph Valentino)

4-9-22 through 4-11-22

"More Sinned Against Than Sinning" 1-20-06, 3-17-13

Morey, Luella 10-22-08

Morgan, Edward 3-15-02

Morley, Harry 7-25-09

Morley, Victor 10-10-09, 1-14-13, 2-23-14

Morris, William 11-22-04, 9-3-16

Morrison, Lew 5-17-02, 1-25-05

Morton, Julia 2-16-13

"Mother" 11-18-11

"Mother O' Mine" (Ince film, Betty Blythe) 9-29-21 through 10-1-21

"Mountebank, The" 4-22-02

"Mr. Jackson in the Mountains" 2-16-16

"Mr. Pickwick" 12-3-03

"Mrs. Black is Back" 9-30-05

"Mrs. Leffingwell's Boots" (Select film, Constance Talmadge)

12-12-18 and 12-13-18

"Mrs. Temple's Telegram" 9-5-07, 6-28 through 6-30-08, 1-23-11

through 1-29-11

"Mrs. Warren's Profession" 5-18-07

"Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch" 9-23-05, 4-20-07

"Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch" (Paramount film, Marguerite

Clark) 3-21-19 and 3-22-19

"Much Ado About Nothing" 3-2-03

Mullally, Annette see Everett Theatre Stock Company

"Mummy & The Hummingbird, The" 2-17-04, 3-4-05

Murdock, The Mystic Seer (psychic, magician) 1-10-21 through


Murphy, Joseph 2-18-05

Murray & Mack 2-11-03, 3-8-04, 3-28-06, 3-14-07, 11-12-07

Murray, Charles A. 3-30-12

Murray, Marjorie 9-20-14

Murray, Rose 5-12-10

"Music Master, The" 2-4-10

"Mutt & Jeff" 3-11-12, 3-16-13

"Mutt & Jeff in College" 4-2-16

"Mutt & Jeff in Mexico" 2-7-15

"Mutt & Jeff in Panama" 3-11-14

"Mutt & Jeff in the Woolly West" 3-26-19

"Mutt & Jeff's Wedding" 3-25-17

"My American Wife" (Paramount film, Gloria Swanson) 8-29-23

through 8-31-23

"My Cousin" (Artcraft film, Enrico Caruso) 12-24-18 through


"My Friend The Devil" (Fox film, Charles Richman) 3-21-23 and


"My Lady Nell" 11-12-04

"My Lady Friends" (First National film, Mr. & Mrs. Carter DeHaven)

9-15-22 and 9-16-22

"My Lady's Garter" (Paramount film, Holmes Herbert) 5-26-20

through 5-29-20

"My Mother-in-Law" 9-11-11 through 9-13?-11

"My Soldier Girl" 10-7-18

"My Southern Rose" 5-15-11 through 5-19-11

"My Sweetheart" 12-4-10

"My Wife's Family" 4-18-06, 3-10-07

"My Wife's Husband" 7-4-06 and 7-5-06

Myers, Amelia 9-6-02

Mylie, John 9-20-07

Mysteries of the Orient by Ali Ben Deb 9-7-17 through 9-10-17

Mysterious Kaston, The 12-23-05 and 12-24-05

"Mystery Girl, The" (Paramount film, Ethel Clayton) 1-29-19 and


"Nancy" 1-8-11

"Nathan Hale" 4-21-02

National Opera Company 6-4-10 cancelled

"Naughty Marietta" 1-16-13

"Navajos, The" 1-30-05

Nazimova 5-27-13

"Ne'er-Do-Well, The" (Paramount film, Thomas Meighan) 6-17-23

through 6-20-23

"Nearly Married" 5-11-15

Neill, James 10-31-03

Neilson, Francis (Lyceum lecturer) 11-27-17

Nelson, Harold 1-2-10 through 1-16-10

Nelson Stock Company see Harold Nelson Stock Company

"Nero" (Fox film, Jacques Gretillat) 2-24-23 through 2-26-23

Nethersole, Olga 2-1-07, 10-31-07, 2-7-10, 5-20-11

"Nettie the News Girl" 1-27-07

"Nevada" 10-7-02

"Never Weaken" (Roach/Pathe film, Harold Lloyd) 11-13-21

through 11-15-21

"New England Folks" 5-14-05 through 5-17-05

New York (battleship) amateur minstrel show 12-12-03

New York Grand Opera Company 5-29-14

"Newlyweds, The" 1-6-10 through 1-8-10

"Newlyweds & Their Baby, The" 4-1-12

Newsreel of German fleet surrender (motion picture) 12-22-18 and


Niblo, Fred 12-8-11

"Nice People" (Paramount film, Bebe Daniels & Wallace Reid)

1-18-23 and 1-19-23

Nicholson, Paul 3-30-09

Nickerson, Adelle 1-21-12

Nifty Trio 6-12-14 through 6-14-14

"Nigger, The" 1-4-11

"Night in Bohemia, A" 4-27-09 and 4-28-09

"Night in Wonderland, A" 4-7-07

"Night Off, A" 7-3-08 and 7-4-08

"Night on Broadway, A" 3-8-04

"Nine O'Clock Town, A" (Ince-Triangle film, CharlesRay) 9-16-18

"Nineteen and Phyllis" (First National film, Charles Ray) 2-13-21

through 2-17-21

"No Mother To Guide Her" 3-23-08

"Nobody" (First National film, Jewel Carmen) 2-9-22 through


"Nobody's Widow" 6-6-12

"Nominee, The" 8-3-07

Norba & Company 6-5-14 through 6-7-14

Norske Sangerforbund 8-1 through 8-3-03

"North Wind's Malice, The" (Goldwyn film, Tom Santschi) 12-9-20

through 12-11-20

"Northern Trail" (Selig-Rork film, Lewis Stone) 4-2-22 and 4-3-22

Northrup, H.S. 4-1-09

Norton, Carol 2-17-03

Norway Pacific Construction & Drydock Company, "investment

opportunity" lecture 6-23-19

Norwegian Singing Society 9-5-05

"Nothing But The Truth" 11-25-17

"Notorious Miss Lisle, The" (Associated First National film,

Katherine MacDonald) 11-21-20 through 11-23-20

"Notorious Mrs. Gay, The" 8-28-06

"Now or Never" (Hal Roach/Pathe film, Harold Lloyd) 7-3-21

through 7-6-21

"Nutmeg Match, A" 3-18-05

Nye, Ned 11-15-02

Ober, Robert 4-24-08, 2-13-09

Oberammergau Players 2-16-16

O'Connor, Eddie (vocalists) 1-27-23 through 1-30-23

O'Connor, Edward 9-26-09

O'Connor, Kitty 11-2-15

"Octaroon, The" 8-31-06

O'Dell, Perry (vaudeville act) 1-19-08

"Officer 666" 11-3-12

Olcott, Chauncey 10-22-09

"Old Arkansas" 5-12-07, 3-15-08

"Old Bill Bluff" (prologue act) 5-12-23 through 12-16-23

"Old Clothes Man, The" 1-13-07

"Old Homestead, The" (Paramount film, Theodore Roberts)

10-28-22 through 10-31-22

"Old Jed Perkins" 5-30-08 and 5-31-08

"Old Jed Prouty"12-14-01

"Old Mexico Today" (stereopticon slide lecture) 6-28-12

"Old Mill Stream, The" 2-16-03

"Old Nest, The" (Goldwyn film, Mary Alden) 9-11-21 through


"Ole Olson" 5-6-03, 4-4-05, 4-8-06, 4-14-07, 12-10-10

Olympian Choral Club concert 1-8-18

"O'Malley of the Mounted" (Paramount film, W.S. Hart) 12-27-21

through 12-29-21

"Omar, The Tentmaker" (Associated First National film, Guy Bates

Post) 1-6-23 through 1-10-23

"Omar, The Tentmaker" (play) 5-16-15

O'Neil, Peggy 4-1-14

O'Neill, James 12-7-06

O'Neill, Kathleen (dance pupil) 1-6-23 through 1-10-23

O'Neill, Nance 6-13-11, 7-28-18

"On Parole" 11-24-08

"On The Bridge At Midnight" 9-17-05, 9-9-06

"On The Frontier" 9-8-08

"On the Quiet" 9-7-06 (John Barrymore in cast, see Flom)

"On the Quiet" (Paramount film, John Barrymore) 9-27-18 and


"One Arabian Night" (first released as "Sumurun") (PAGU/First

National film, Pola Negri) 5-7-22 and 5-8-22

"One Clear Call" (First National film, Milton Sills) 8-12-22 through


"One Exciting Night" (United Artists, Carol Dempster, D.W.

Griffith dir.) 12-31-22 through 1-5-23

"One Woman, The" (Select film, Lawson Butt) 11-20-18

"Only 38" (Paramount film, May McAvoy) 7-11-23 through 7-13-23

"Only A Country Girl" 8-29-06

"Only A Soldier Boy" 3-17-05 through 3-19-05

Original Red Soubrette, The (Gladys Van) 3-14-07

Original Williams Dixie Jubilee Singers 5-8-06 and 5-9-06

Orner, Inga 8-30-18

Orphanage benefit comic opera "Pirates of Penzance" 5-11-18

Orphanage benefit kirmess 9-1-10 through 9-3-10

Orphanage benefit society vaudeville 11-12-13

"Orphans of the Storm" (United Artists film, Lillian & Dorothy

Gish, D.W. Griffith dir.) 6-3-22 through 6-6-22

Orpheum Stock Company 11-19-05

Osterman, Kathryn 3-23-06

"Ostler Joe" 4-14-02

"Other Men's Wives" (Paramount film, Dorothy Dalton) 8-3-19

through 8-5-19

"Other People's Money" 3-11-06, 8-7-07 and 8-8-07

"Our New Man" 4-1-05

"Our New Minister" 5-14-03, 6-24-04

"Out of a Clear Sky" (Paramount film, Marguerite Clark) 11-22-18

and 11-23-18

"Out of Luck" (Paramount film, Dorothy Gish) 10-29-19 through


"Out of the Storm" (Goldwyn film, John Bowers) 10-13-20 through


"Out West" aka "The Sheriff" (Paramount film, Fatty Arbuckle &

Buster Keaton) 12-24-18 through 12-26-18

"Outcast" (Paramount film, Elsie Ferguson) 5-1-23 and 5-2-23

"Outside the Law" (Universal film, Lon Chaney) 3-4-21 through


"Over Night" 5-27-12

"Over the Fence" 11-13-02

"Over the River" 6-9-13

"Overland Red" (Universal film, Harry Carey) 12-25-20 through


Owls, Brotherhood of (concert) 1-20-09

Oxford Company (concert) 11-25-15

Oxford Operatic Company 2-13-17

Pacific Kystens Norske Sangerforbund 8-1 through 8-3-03

Page, Catherine (directing amateur minstrels) 10-2-08 and 10-3-08

Page, Fiddes M. see Everett Theatre Stock Company

"Paid In Full" 10-1-09, 12-11-10 through 12-17-10

"Pair of Sixes, A" 11-29-14, 10-10-15

"Paleface, The" (First National film, Buster Keaton) 6-14-23 through


Palmer, Clara 11-04-01

"Papa By Proxie" (motion picture- Christie?) 6-27-20 through


"Paradise Lost, A" 6-17-14 and 6-18-14

"Paris Green" (Paramount film, Charles Ray) 7-6-20 through 7-10-20

"Parish Priest, The" 3-4-02, 11-17-06

"Parsifal" 10-17-06, 3-2-08

Parlette, Ralph 10-16-14, 10-26-15

"Partner's Three" (Paramount film, Enid Bennett) 4-30-19 and 5-1-19

"Partners of the Night" (Goldwyn film, Pinna Nesbit) 12-6-20

through 12-8-20

"Passing Show, The" 4-7-15 and 4-8-15

"Passing Show of 1915, The" 6-12-16

"Passing Through" (Paramount film, Douglas MacLean) 10-23-21

and 10-24-21

"Passion" (First National film, Pola Negri) 3-19-21 through 3-22-21

"Passion Flower, The" (First National film, Norma Talmadge)

5-15-21 through 5-19-21

"Passion's Playground" (First National film, Katherine MacDonald)

10-10-20 through 10-12-20

"Passionate Pilgrim, The" (Paramount film, Matt Moore) 7-17-21

through 7-19-21

Patti, Black- Troubadors 12-6-01

Patton, William B. 12-2-03

Pauline Hall Opera Company 3-2-06

Paulist Choristers benefit concert for aid to France 6-8-18

Pavlova, Anna 6-10-15 cancelled

"Pawn Ticket 210" 2-9-05 and 2-10-05, 2-11-05

"Pay Back" (Paramount film, Seena Owen) 6-25-22 and 6-26-22

"Pay Day" (First National film, Charles Chaplin) 4-23-22 through


"Paying the Piper" (Paramount film, Dorothy Dickson) 7-7-21

through 7-10-21

Payzant, Marion (violinist) 4-21-23 through 4-24-23

Peabody, Mrs. W.H. pupils dance recital 5-28-18

"Peaceful Valley" (Associated First National film, Charles Ray)

1-18-21 through 1-22-21

"Peacock Alley" (Metro film, Mae Murray) 10-17-23 through


"Pearl of Savoy, The" 11-8 and 11-9-04

Pearson, Molly 5-22-12

Pearson, Nellie (contortionist) 4-16-05 through 4-23-05

"Peck's Bad Boy" (First National film, Jackie Coogan) 6-5-21 through


"Peg O' My Heart" (Metro film, Laurette Taylor) 4-14-23 through


"Peg O' My Heart" (play) 4-1-14, 11-15-14, 11-2-15

"Peggy From Paris" 12-10-06

"Penalty, The" (Goldwyn film, Lon Chaney) 10-23-20 through


Pendleton Round-Up moving pictures 2-27-13 through 3-2-13

"Penitent, The" 10-20-02

Pennsylvania, USS minstrels & musical comedy 7-13-11

"Penrod" (First National film, Wesley Barry) 6-11-22 through 6-13-22

"Penrod & Sam" (First National film, Ben Alexander) 7-21-23

through 7-24-23

"Peppy Polly" (Paramount film, Dorothy Gish) 5-9-19 and 5-10-19

"Perfect Crime, A" (Associated film, Monte Blue) 3-23-22 through


"Perfect Lady, A" 4-10-15

"Perfect Lover, The" (Selznick film, Eugene O'Brien) 3-1-20 and


Perkins, Miss Chic 8-30-07, 8-31-08

Perkins, Cora 8-20-08 through 8-22-08

Perry, of Appleton & Perry 4-18-06, 3-10-07

"Pershing's Raiders" (motion picture) 8-31-18

Pertina, The World's Greatest Dancer 12-22-09

"Pete Peterson" 10-28-06

"Pettigrew's Girl" (Paramount film, Ethel Clayton) 5-3-19

Pfeil, Anna 3-29-07

Pfeil, Cal 3-29-07

Phillips, Ann see Pringle Stock Company, also 9-3-11 and 9-4-11

Philomel Quartet 2-17-09

Pickford, Mary- look-alike contest 6-16-21 through 6-19-21

Pierce, H.E. & Co. 4-21-11

Pierce Players (Lyceum presentation) 1-23-17

"Piff! Paff! Pouf!" 3-23-06

"Pilgrim, The" (First National film, Charles Chaplin) 3-31-23 through


"Pink Gods" (Paramount film, Bebe Daniels) 11-1-22 through


"Pink Lady, The" 12-14-13

"Pirates of Penzance, The" 5-11-18

Pitkin, Robert 9-20-09, 2-26-17

Pixley, Gus 3-14-07

Player piano demonstration 9-10-07

"Playhouse, The" (First National film, Buster Keaton) 11-20-21

through 11-22-21

"Playthings of Destiny" (First National film, Anita Stewart) 7-26-21

through 7-29-21

"Plunge, The" 6-11-06

"Police Alarm, The" 3-3-05

"Politician, The" 3-28-05

Pollard, Ivy 8-20-08 through 8-22-08

Pollard's Australian Juvenile Opera Co. 1-21-02, 8-2-02

Pollard's Lilliputian Opera Co. 8-20-08 through 8-22-08

"Polly of the Circus" 9-7-09, 3-3-11, 12-30-11, 12-22-12

"Polly of the Follies" (First National film, Constance Talmadge)

9-27-22 through 9-29-22

"Pollyanna" (play, Helen Hayes) 11-5-17, (play, Harper) 4-7-19

"Pollyanna" (United Artists film, Mary Pickford) 4-20-20 through


Polmatier Sisters 1-20-09

"Poor Boob" (Paramount film, Bryant Washburn) 4-9-19 and 4-10-19

"Poor Relation, A" 11-3-02, 10-4-08

"Poppy Girl's Husband, The" (Artcraft film, W.S. Hart) 4-20-19 and


Portland Ad Club Male Quartet 2-16-15

Post, Guy Bates 4-20-06, 1-8-07, 5-16-15

"Potash & Perlmutter" (Associated First National film, Alexander

Carr & Barney Bernard) 11-28-23 through 11-30-23

"Potash & Perlmutter" (play) 3-16-15

"Potlach at Home" (stereopticon slide lecture) 7-16-12

Powell, Maude (violinist) 2-25-10, 1-23-13

Power, Jewell 11-18-11

"Power That Governs, The" 4-4-08

Powers, Adelaide see Pringle Stock Company

Powers, James T. 3-10-11

Preston, John A. 4-5-08

"Price, The" 12-11-13

"Price of Possession, The" (Paramount film, Ethel Clayton) 8-17-21

through 8-20-21

"Pride of Palomar, The" (Paramount film, Forrest Stanley) 1-14-23

through 1-17-23

Primrose & Dockstader's Minstrels 12-27-01, 12-20-02 cancelled

Primrose, George H. with Primrose & Dockstader's Minstrels

12-27-01, 12-20-02 cancelled, with Primrose's Minstrels

12-27-07 and 12-19-09

Primrose's Minstrels 12-27-07, 12-19-09

"Prince & The Pauper, The" 8-6-03

"Prince Chap, The" (Paramount film, Thomas Meighan) 9-7-22 and


"Prince Chap, The" (play) 9-14-07

"Prince of Pilsen, The" 10-17-07

"Prince of Tonight, The" 5-15-10

"Prince Otto" 1-2-10 and 1-3-10

"Prince Romino" 1-25-05 and 1-27-05

"Prince There Was, A" (Paramount film, Thomas Meighan) 2-26-22

and 2-27-22

Princess Tehura (Hawaiian dancer) 1-17-23 through 1-20-23

Pringle, Florence see Pringle Stock Company

Pringle, Johnnie see Pringle Stock Company

Pringle Stock Company 11-20-10 through 12-4-10, 12-9-10, 12-11-10

through 12-24-10, 12-26-10 through 12-31-10, 1-2-11 through 1-7-11, 1-10-11 through 1-21-11, 1-23-11 through 1-29-11, 2-6-11 through 2-24-11, 2-27-11 through 3-11-11, 3-12-11 through 3-18-11, 3-20-11 through 4-14-11, 4-16-11 through4-22-11, 4-26-11 through 4-30-11, 5-8-11 through 5-13-11, 5-15-11 through 5-19-11, 5-21-11 through 5-28-11

"Priscilla" (EHS Senior Class play) 12-17-12

"Prisoner of Zenda" (Metro film, Ramon Novarro) 2-21-23 through


"Prisoner of Zenda" (play) 2-1-02

"Prisoners of Love" (Goldwyn film, Betty Compson) 5-24-21

through 5-27-21

"Private Peat" (Paramount/Artcraft film, Harold Peat) 12-18-18 and


"Private Secretary" 9-24-05, 9-2-09 through 9-4-09

"Probation Wife, The" (Selznick film, Norma Talmadge) 4-4-19 and


"Prodigal Daughters" (Paramount film, Gloria Swanson) 6-21-23

through 6-23-23

"Prodigal Son, The" 6-11-08 and 6-12-08

Professor Ellerman (hypnotist, psychic) 9-11-09 and 9-12-09

Professor King & His Trick Dog 4-29-05 and 4-30-05

"Profiteers, The" (Pathe film, Fannie Ward) 7-13-19 through 7-16-19

"Proud Prince, The" 7-5-04

"Punkin Husker" 11-17-04 and 11-19-04

"Puppy Love" (Paramount film, Lila Lee) 4-16-19 and 4-17-19

Purcell, Charles 2-18-12

Purdy, Anna (dancer) 2-24-23 through 2-26-23

"Putting It Over" (Paramount film, Bryant Washburn) 7-27-19

through 7-29-19

"Quaker Girl, The" 1-14-13, 2-23-14

"Quality Street" 6-28-15

"Queen Esther" 3-19-02, 3-20-02

"Queen of the Moulin Rouge, The" 1-29-11

"Question of Honor, A" (First National film, Anita Stewart) 10-4-22

through 10-6-22

"Quicksands" (Paramount film, Dorothy Dalton) 1-31-19 and 2-1-19

"Quincy Adams Sawyer" (Metro film, Lon Chaney) 3-23-23 through


"Quincy Adams Sawyer" (play) 12-23-06, 12-11-07

"R.S.V.P." (First National film, Charles Ray) 4-30-22 and 5-1-22

"Race For A Million, A" 2-11-05, 2-29-05, 3-5-05

"Race For A Widow, A" 5-31-07

"Race Rider, The" 2-13-05 through 2-15-05

"Raffles, The Amateur Cracksman" 10-11-04, 10-27-07

"Raffles, The Amateur Cracksman" (Weber Photo Dramas film, John

Barrymore) 12-20-18 and 12-21-18

Rag Time Outing benefit 5-1-02, 5-2-02

"Ragged Robin" 10-22-09

"Rainbow, The" 10-14-13

Rainey, Paul (African Hunt movies) 1-20-13 through 1-22-13

"Rajah of Pazala, The" 4-8-05 and 4-9-05, 12-3-05

Ray & De Ives (song & dance) 5-16-14 through 5-20-14

Ray, Jessica 1-18-14

Raymond, Dean 1-2-02

Raymond, Helen 8-5-17

"Real Fellows, The" 2-11-03

"Reaping the Harvest" 4-16-11 through 4-22-11

"Red Cat Inn" 5-8-05 through 5-10-05

Red Cross benefit dance recital 5-28-18

"Red Feather" 2-5-07, 2-15-08

"Red Hot Dollars" (Paramount film, Charles Ray) 2-2-20 through


"Red Lantern, The" (Metro film, Alla Nazimova) 7-9-19 through


"Red Mill, The" 3-21-09

"Red Rambler, The" 10-23-17

"Red Rose, The" 12-1-12

Red Soubrette, The Original (Gladys Van) 3-14-07

Redledge, Floye 11-15-02

Redmond, Ed. See Redmond Stock Company

Redmond Stock Company 11-5-04 through 11-13-04, 1-15-05

through 1-27-05

Reed, Master 3-13-08

"Reilly"s Wash Day" (Paramount/Sennett film, Charles Murray)

4-25-19 and 4-26-19

"Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary, The" 6-20-08, 4-7-10

"Rent Free" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 3-16-22 through 3-18-22

"Reported Missing" (Select film, Owen Moore) 7-11-22 through


Republican Party campaign rally 11-4-04

Republican Party convention 9-8-06

"Reputation" (Universal film, Priscilla Dean) 5-28-21 through 5-31-21

"Rescuing Angel, The" (Paramount film, Shirley Mason) 7-2-19

through 7-5-19

"Resurrection" 4-2-04

"Revenge of Tarzan, The" (Goldwyn film, Gene Pollar)

12-22-20 through 12-24-20

Rice & Cady 12-3-08

"Rich Mr. Hoggenheimer, The" 11-4-11

"Richard Carvel" 12-16-02, 1-2-04

Richard Jose Minstrels 7-24-03

Richards & Pringle's Famous Georgia Minstrels 8-23-02, 11-1-05,

9-14-06, 8-12-07, 9-23-08, 7-12-10, 7-28-11, 12-25-14, 8-1-15

"Riddle Gawne" (Artcraft film, W.S. Hart) 9-24-18 through 9-26-18

Rigal & Shime (acrobats) 6-12-14 through 6-14-14

"Right of Way, The" (Metro film, Bert Lytell) 2-15-20 through


"Right to Happiness, The" (Universal film, Dorothy Phillips)

12-27-19 through 12-30-19

Riheldaffer, Grace Hall (soprano) 11-30-15

Riheldaffer-Skibinsky Company (Lyceum program) 11-30-15

"Right of Way, The" 4-10-09, 1-21-12

Riggs, John (trapeze artist) 4-29-05 and 4-30-05

"Rigoletto" (opera) 5-17-20

Ring, Blanche 6-1-11

"Rip Van Winkle" 12-8-02, 8-25-07

"Rivals, The" 4-30-08, 10-11-08

"Road Demon, The" (Fox film, Tom Mix) 7-3-21 through 7-6-21

"Roaring Road, The" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 5-17-19

through 5-20-19

"Rob Roy" 3-1-12

Roberts, Florence 2-19-02, 2-20-02, 11-21-02, 2-20-03, 12-31-03,

1-1-04, 2-5-04, 12-24-04, 10-21-05, 12-15-06, 1-31-08, 12-28-08,

1-4-11, 9-24-11

Roberts, Francis see Everett Theatre Stock Company

Roberts, Hans 10-6-06, 10-10-08

Roberts, Joe (banjo player, prologue act) 11-10-20 through 11-13-20

Roberts, Theodore 10-31-04, 4-10-09, 9-24-11

"Robin Hood" (comic opera) 10-1-20

"Robin Hood" (play) 2-22-04, 1-30-14

"Robin Hood" (United Artists film, Douglas Fairbanks) 3-14-23

through 3-20-23

Robson, Andrew 12-16-02, 1-2-04, 2-27-09

Robson, May 6-20-08, 4-7-10, 1-18-15, 6-5-16

Robson, Stuart 11-24-02

Rock, William 4-9-15

Rockwell, Florence 1-20-21

Roger, Wilfred 5-22-07

Rogers, James 10-10-04

"Rollicking Girl, The" 12-16-07

"Roman Scandal, A" (Christie film, Eddie Barry) 6-16-20 through


"Romance" (Paramount film, Doris Keane) 7-11-20 through 7-14-20

"Romance of Arabella, The" (Selznick film, Constance Talmadge)

4-1-19 and 4-2-19

"Romance of Happy Valley, A" (Artcraft film, Lillian Gish) 3-1-19

through 3-4-19

"Romance of Tarzan, The" (First National film, Elmo Lincoln)

11-25-18 through 11-27-18

"Romance of the Air, A" (En l'Air Cinema film, Bert Hall) 9-10-19

through 9-12-19

"Romance of the Underworld, A" 12-8-12

"Romeo & Juliet" 6-15-11

"Rookie's Return, The" (Paramount film, Doug MacLean) 8-24-21

through 8-27-21

Rork Company 3-28-08

"Rosamond" 6-7-09 and 6-8-09, 5-8-10

"Rosary, The" 2-17-12, 2-15-14

"Rose Maid, The" 2-23-13

"Rose of Blandon, The" 9-2-11

"Rose of Panama, The" 12-12-12

"Rose of Virginia, The" 1-7-06

"Rosemary" 5-8-15

Rosen, Leopold (10-yr old violinist) 2-25-08

Rosen, Moritz (violinist) 2-25-08

Roslyn, Fred 3-29-08

"Roundup, The" (Paramount film, Fatty Arbuckle) 4-10-21 through


Rousell (aerialist) 4-16-05 through 4-23-05

Royal, Charles E. 6-6-08 through 6-12-08, 6-14-08

"Royal Chef, The" 9-27-06, 12-7-07

Royal, Edward & Selina Fetter 12-10-02

Royal Hawaiian Band 6-16-06

Royal Japanese Jugglers, Matsuda & 4-26-02

"Royal Slave, A" 10-26-06, 3-22-08

Royal Stock Company 6-6-08 through 6-12-08, 6-14-08

"Rudolph & Adolph" 11-9-01

"Ruggles of Red Gap" (Paramount film, Edward Everett Horton)

11-24-23 through 11-27-23

"Runaways, The" 11-15-04

"Running For Office" 5-24-04

"Rupert of Hentzau" 2-6-02

Rush, Isadore 10-27-04

Russell, Lawrence 11-14-04 through 11-21-04

Russell, Lillian 5-20-07, 5-7-09

Russell-Davis Stock Company 11-14-04 through 11-21-04

"Russian Spy, A" 3-6-05 through 3-8-05

"Rustle of Silk, The" (Paramount film, Betty Compson) 6-14-23

through 6-16-23

Ruth, Babe (slow motion films of) 9-15-20 through 9-18-20

Rutherford, Hon. J.F. (lecturer) 8-16-16, 8-16-17

Rutter, Louise 11-2-06

Ryan, Elsa 10-7-02

"Safety Last!" (Pathe film, Harold Lloyd) 6-6-23 through 6-12-23

"Sailor-Made Man" (Roach/Associated film, Harold Lloyd) 1-8-22

through 1-10-22

Sainpolis, John 2-2-05, 3-31-06

Sajatovich (strong man) 3-10-20 through 3-13-20

"Salammbo" 10-3-04

"Salome" (Allied film, Alla Nazimova) 8-15-23 through 8-17-23

"Salome" (Fox film, Theda Bara) 9-3-18 through 9-5-18

"Salome" (play)5-22-07

"Salomy Jane" 9-15-07

"Salvation Nell" (First National film, Pauline Stark) 4-12-22 through


Samaloff (Russian tenor, Lyceum concert) 12-11- 17

"San Francisco, The Destruction of" (Slide program?) 7-29-06

San Francisco earthquake disaster benefit 4-26-06

San Francisco earthquake motion pictures 6-17-06 through 6-18-06

San Francisco Opera Co. 11-30-07, 1-17-09, 9-5-09

"San Toy" 10-10-04

"Sand" (Paramount film, W.S. Hart) 11-10-20 through 11-13-20

"Sandy" (Paramount film, Jack Pickford) 9-29-18 and 9-30-18

Sanford, Walter- Players 8-21-03

Sangerfest (German song fesrtival) 8-12-09 and 8-13-09

Santell, wrestling match against Belanger 6-19-08

"Sapho" 2-20-02, 2-1-07, 3-20-11 through 3-25-11

"Sari" 7-3-15

"Saturday Night" (Paramount film, Leatrice Joy) 3-12-22 through


"Sauce For The Goose" (Selznick film, Constance Talmadge) 9-20-18

and 9-21-18)

Savage, Henry (producer?) 2-20-10

"Saved By a Woman" 8-22-09 through 8-25-09

"Saw Mill, The" (Vitagraph film, Larry Semon) 12-13-22 through


Sawyer & His Company of Mediums 11-14-09

"Scheherezade" 10-10-11

Schumann-Heink, Ernestine 11-4-13, 1-20-19

Schumann Quartette (Lyceum concert) 3-10-16

Scientific Lecture & Demonstration on Beauty Culture 1-31-06

Scotney, Evelyn 11-3-14

Scott, Cyril 9-14-07

Scott, Harry 10-25-08

Scott, Inez (dancer) 4-16-05 through 4-23-05

Scott & Boardman 10-31-17

"Scottish Concert" 1-23-03, 12-20-06

"Scratch My Back" (Goldwyn film, T.Roy Barnes) 10-26-20 through


"Scream in the Night, A" (Select film, Ruth Budd) 3-3-20 through


"Scuttlers, The" (Fox film, William Farnum) 11-18-21 and 11-19-21

"Sergeant Kitty" 1-19-07

Seattle Glee Club 5-1-03

Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra concert 1-21-17

Seattle String Quartet 5-11-10

Seattle Symphony concert 2-18-17

"Second in Command, The" 2-2-05

"Second Mrs. Tanqueray, The" 4-18-03 (cancelled), 4-18-08

"Secret Garden, The" (Paramount film, Lila Lee) 2-19-19-19 and


"Secret Service" 11-20-01

Sellon, Charles A. 10-9-09

"Senator Keeps House, The" 4-11-13

"Senator's Daughter, The" 11-20-07

"September Morn" 5-21-17

"Serenade" (First National film, George Walsh) 4-27-22 through


"Serenade" (play) 9-6-02

"Servant in the House, The" 6-18-09

"Seven Days" 2-25-11

"Seven Days Leave" 3-10-18

"Seven Years Bad Luck" (Robertson/Cole film, Max Linder) 4-2-22

and 4-3-22

"Seventh Day, The" (First National film, Richard Barthelmess) 8-6-22

and 8-7-22

Shannon, Effie 10-14-03, 5-21-10

"Shaun Rhue" 3-6-09

Shawn, Ted 10-17-15

Shay, Rose Cecilia 3-18-04

"She Loves & Lies" (Selznick film, Norma Talmadge) 4-4-20 through


Sheehan, Joseph 11-10-11, 10-19-12

Sheehan Opera Company 11-10-11, 10-19-12

"Sheik, The" (Paramount film, Rudolph Valentino) 12-8-21 through


"Shell Shocked" (talking motion picture) 5-28-21 through 5-31-21

"Shepherd King, The" 10-25-09 and 10-26-09

"Shepherd of the Hills, The" 5-29-09 through 6-1-09, 9-25-13,


"Shepherd of the Hills, The" (Harold Bell Wright film, Harry

 Lonsdale) 10-7-19 through 10-11-19

"Sherlock Holmes" 10-14-03, 6-26-08 and 6-27-08, 8-30-09 through


"Sheriff, The" aka "Out West" (Paramount film, Fatty Arbuckle &

Buster Keaton) 12-24-18 through 12-26-18

"Sheriff's Son, The" (Paramount film, Charles Ray) 4-25-19 and


Sherwood, Pauline 11-18-04

Shime of Rigal & Shime (acrobats) 6-12-14 through 6-14-14

Shiner, Little Elsie see Pringle Stock Company

"Sho Gun, The" 12-26-05

"Shod With Fire" (Fox film, William Russell) 9-12-20 through


"Shore Acres" 11-17-02, 12-13-04, 1-4-09

"Should Husbands Dance?" (Christie film, Dorothy Devore) 6-6-20

through 6-8-20

"Shoulder Arms" (First National film, Charles Chaplin) 11-27-18

through 11-30-18

Shubert, Sam (producer)  5-14-04 (Girl From Dixie); 11-15-04

(Runaways); 1-2-05 (Chinese Honeymoon); 2-7-08 (Happyland)

Shubert Brothers (production)  2-7-08 (Happyland)

"Si Plunkard" 1-8-09

"Sick Abed" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 8-25-20 through 8-28-20

Sidney, George 12-17-11 cancelled

"Sidewalks of New York, The" 1-10-06, 8-30-06

"Sign of the Cross, The" 3-13-02, 11-14-06

"Sign on the Door, The" (First National film, Norma Talmadge)

9-15-21 through 9-17-21

"Silent Partner, The" (Paramount film, Leatrice Joy) 11-7-23 through


"Silk Hosiery" (Famous Players film, Enid Bennett) 8-3-21 through


Silvano, Signor (music & shadowgraph) 4-10-05 through 4-15-05

"Silver Dagger, The" 3-24-05, 1-9-06

"Silver Horde, The" (Goldwyn film, Myrtle Stedman) 5-11-20

through 5-15-20

"Silver King" 5-28-07 and 5-29-07

"Silver King, The" (Paramount film, William Faversham) 2-16-19

through 2-18-19

"Silver Slipper, The" 4-9-04

"Silver Threads" 2-5-11

Simmonds, Rev. W.D. 5-30-04

Simpson, Cheridah 2-5-07, 2-15-08

"Singed Wings" (Paramount film, Bebe Daniels) 3-2-23 and 3-3-23

Singleton, Amy 5-22-12

"Siren Call, The" (Paramount film, Dorothy Dalton)  10-26-22 and


"Sis Hopkins" 11-24-04, 12-26-06, 11-27-08, 2-10-12

"Sis in New York" 3-29-08

"Sister Beatrice" 5-20-11

Skaggs, Grace 5-21-11 through 5-27-11

Skibinsky, Alexander von (violinist) 11-30-15

"Sky Pilot, The" (First National film, John Bowers) 7-30-21 through


"Slander the Woman" (shown as "The White Frontier') (Associated

First National film, Dorothy Phillips) 7-1-23 through 7-3-23

"Sleeping Beauty & The Beast, The" 3-25-06

Sligo The Man Monkey 5-16-14 through 5-20-14

Slocum, Professor (humorist & magician) 4-7-07

Slossan, Francis 9-5-07

"Smart Set, The" 1-4-10 and 1-5-10

"Smilin' Through" (First National film, Norma Talmadge) 6-18-22

through 6-21-22

Smith, Judge Clifford P. 9-24-12

Smith, Mark 12-10-09

Snohomish High School basketball vs YMCA Jrs. 4-13-06

"Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs" (amateur operetta) 6-21-12

"Snowblind" (Goldwyn film, Mary Alden) 5-30-22 and 5-31-22

"Society Exile, A" (Artcraft film, Elsie Ferguson) 9-21-19 through


Society vaudeville (amateur) 2-2-12

"Song of Life, The" (First National film, Grace Darmond) 8-25-22

and 8-26-22

Sonora Grand Opera Company 5-17-20

Sons of Norway chorus 8-1 through 8-3-03

Sothern, E.H. 7-5-04, 6-15-11

"Soul Kiss, The" 12-22-09

"Souls For Sale" (Goldwyn film, Eleanor Boardman) 5-27-23 through


Southwick, Henry Lawrence (lecturer) 6-5-05

Sousa, John Philip & His Band 10-16-07

"Sowing the Wind" (First National film, Anita Stewart) 6-1-21

through 6-4-21

Sparks, John G. 9-10-03

Sparks, Joseph 12-20-08

"Speed Maniac, The" (Fox film, Tom Mix) 6-6-20 through 6-8-20

Spencer, Gavin 1-23-03

Sperry, Leon (vocalist) 3-14-23 through 3-20-23

"Spider's Web, The" 11-25-07

"Splendid Hazard, A" (First National film, H.B. Walthall) 10-17-20

through 10-19-20

"Spoilers, The" (Goldwyn film, Milton Sills) 8-18-23 through 8-22-23

Spooner, Betty (dancer) 1-20-23 through 1-23-23, 2-24-23 through

2-26-23, 8-11-23 through 8-14-23

"Sporting Chance, A" (Paramount film, Ethel Clayton) 10-15-19

through 10-18-19

"Sporting Life" 8-21-03

"Sporting Life" (Maurice Tourneur film, Ralph Graves) 1-5-19

through 1-7-19

"Spring" (motion picture) 6-23-20 through 6-26-20

"Spring Maid, The" 6-19-12

"Square Deal Sanderson" (Artcraft film, W.S.Hart) 7-23-19 through


"Squared" (Paramount film, Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Drew) 7-9-19

through 7-12-19

"Squaw Man, The" 4-21-11

"Squaw Man, The" (Paramount film, C.B. DeMille dir.) 1-24-19

through 1-26-19

St. Clair, Mae 11-29-08

St. Denis, Ruth 10-17-15

St. Dominic's Academy concert 2-25-08

St. Dominic's Academy pupils in "The Crystal Ball" 6-24-13

St. Dominic's Academy pupils in "In the Valley of the Mohawk"


St. Dominic's Academy pupils in "Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs"

(operetta) 6-21-12

"St. Elmo" 5-1-10

St. Leon, Elsie 12-22-12

St. Leon, Ida 9-7-09, 12-30-11

St. Patrick's Day Entertainment 3-17-13

Stahl, Rose 1-2-09, 5-17-13, 4-10-15

"Stampede, The" 1-15-10

Standing, Guy 4-10-09

Standing, Herbert 2-14-07

Stanley & Lea (banjoists) 5-10-14 through 5-13-14

"Star Dust" (Associated First National film, Hope Hampton) 2-19-22

through 2-22-22

"Star of India, The" (film) 6-15-14 and 6-16-14

Stark, Netty 1-30-05 through 2-26-05, 2-28-05, 2-29-05 through


Starr, Frances 6-19-13

"State's Evidence" 9-1-06

Stater, Leona 10-7-18

Steeb, Olga (pianist) 11-14-12

Steel, Prof. M.G., stereopticon & phonographic exhibition 9-22-02

Steiner, Dr. E.H. (Lyceum lecturer) 2-9-18

Stelze, Martha (soprano) 3-27-15

Sterling, Clarence 2-15-14

Sterling, Richard 1-26-13

Stetson's Big Double Company 3-22-02, 2-9-03, 3-25-04, 3-25-09

Stewart Opera Company 9-15-06

Stock of Barnes & Stock 5-21-14 through 5-23?-14

Stockton, May 9-8-04

Stoddard, J.H. 10-31-02, 2-28-05

"Stolen Kiss, The" (Realart film, Constance Binney) 5-23-20 through


Stone, Florence 2-24-02

"Stop Thief" (Goldwyn film, Tom Moore) 12-19-20 through


"Stop Thief" (play) 11-2-13

"Story of Belgian Children, The" (illustrated lecture) 4-28-18

"Story of the Gallipoli Campaign by a Survivor" (lecture) 6-26-18

"Straight Road, The" 3-30-07

"Strange Boarder, The" (Goldwyn film, Will Rogers) 11-14-20 and


"Stranger in Town, A" 4-28-07

"Stranger Than Fiction" (First National film, Katherine MacDonald)

 2-2-22 through 2-4-22

"Strangers of the Night" (Metro film, Enid Bennett) 10-7-23 through


"Strength of the Weak, The" 12-15-06

"Stretcher Bearer's Experiences on the Front" (lecture) 6-26-18

Strickland, Ethel 3-5-06, 3-6-19

"Strictly Confidential" (Goldwyn film, Madge Kennedy) 12-21-19

"String Beans" (Paramount film, Charles Ray) 1-27-19 and 1-28-19

"Strolloers, The" 1-17-09

"Stronger Sex, The" 12-20-07

"Stronger Than Death" (Metro film, Alla Nazimova) 2-11-20 through


"Strongheart" 11-21-06 cancelled, 1-8-08

Stuart, Ralph 4-10-02, 1-8-08

Stuart-White, F. (playwright) 1-23-16

"Stubborn Cinderella, A" 3-14-09, 3-19-10

"Substitute, The" 11-14-08

"Such A Little Pirate" (Paramount film, Lila Lee) 12-16-18 and


"Suds" (United Artists film, Mary Pickford) 8-10-20 through 8-14-20

Sullivan & Mack 12-24-02

Sully, Daniel 3-4-02, 2-16-03, 2-25-04, 2-21-09

"Sultan of Sulu, The" 1-28-05, 1-21-07

"Summer Girls, The" (Mack Sennett film, Louise Fazenda)9-8-18 and


"Sumurun" (film) see "One Arabian Night"

"Sunny Side of Broadway, The" 10-4-09, 9-5-11

"Sunnyside" (First National film, Charles Chaplin) 7-13-19 through


"Superman, The" (motion picture novelty) 3-10-20 through 3-13-20

"Susan in Search of a Husband" 2-14-07

"Susanna" (Sennett/Allied film, Mabel Normand) 4-10-23 through


Swain, Cora King 8-27-06

Swain, Mack 1-7-06 through 1-12-06, 6-10-06 through 6-12-06,

8-26-06 through 9-2-06

Sweatnam, Willis 4-6-12

Swedish Dramatic Society (sponsors) 3-29-07, 4-1-07

"Sweet Clover" 9-21-04

"Sweet Innisfallen" 1-21-10

"Sweetest Girl in Dixie, The" 11-1-07

"Sweetest Girl in Paris, The" 10-6-11

"Swell Elegant Jones" 9-6-07

Swor, Bert 10-25-04

Sykes, Jerome 1-?-04 cancelled

"Sylphides, Les" 10-10-11

T.J. Culligan's Nashville Students Big Colored Minstrel Show 10-3-09

"Tailor Made Man, A" (United Artists film, Charles Ray) 10-14-22

through 10-17-22

"Tallow Dips" (lecture) 11-30-14

"Taming of the Shrew, The" 4-4-02, 2-21-06

Tann, Billy (song & dance) 4-29-05 and 4-30-05

Tarbell, Ida (lecturer) 2-22-17

"Taxi" (Triangle film, Taylor Holmes) 6-29-19 through 7-1-19

Taylor, Charles A. 3-7-08 and 3-8-08

Taylor, George 8-10-09

Taylor, Elizabeth 12-25-05

"Teezy Weezy" 11-29-06

Tegge & Daniels (songsters) 4-29-05 and 4-30-05

Tehura, Princess (Hawaiian dancer) 1-17-23 through 1-20-23

"Tell That to the Marines" (Paramount film, J.M. Flagg) 12-10-18 and


"Telephone Girl, The" 1-3-03 cancelled

Tempest, Marie 5-11-15

"Tempest, The" 10-2-02

"Ten Dollar Raise, The" (Associated film, Marguerite De La Motte)

11-6-21 and 11-7-21

"Ten Nights in a Barroom" 7-8-06

"Tenderfoot, The" 10-25-05, 4-6-07

"Tennessee's Partner" 3-20-05 through 3-22-05

"Terror, The" (Fox film, Tom Mix) 10-31-20 through 11-02-20

"Terror Island" (Paramount film, Harry Houdini) 6-30-20 through


Terry, Harrison J. 2-17-12

"Tess of Storm Country" (United Artists film, Mary Pickford)

12-23-22 through 12-27-22

"Tess of the D"Urbervilles" 12-24-04

"Test, The" 1-29-10

"Test of Honor, The" (Paramount film, John Barrymore) 5-14-19

through 5-16-19

"Texas" 12-12-08

"Texas Ranger, The" 11-18-06

"Texas Steer, A" 11-6-01, 9-7-03, 9-8-04

Thayer, Otis B. 9-21-04

"Thief, The" 8-14-08, 5-21-10

"Third Alarm, The" (FBO film, Ralph Lewis) 3-10-23 through


Third Avenue Theatre Company (Seattle) 3-7-08 and 3-8-08

"Third Degree, The" 12-3-09

"Thirty Days" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 4-18-23 through


"This Woman & This Man" 2-1-11

Thomas, John Charles 5-2-19

Thompson, Clara Louise 3-10-03

Thompson, George 2-10-07

Thomson, Carolyn 5-2-19

"Thorns & Orange Blossoms" 9-29-07

"Thoroughbred Tramp, A" 4-7-06

"Thousand to One, A" (J.Parker Read Prod. Film, Hobart Bosworth)

12-8-21 through 12-10-21

"Three Ages" (Metro film, Buster Keaton) 10-10-23 through


"Three Faces East" (mystery) 4-12-20

"Three Live Ghosts" (Paramount film, Norman Kerry) 9-3-22 and


"Three Men & A Girl" (Paramount film, Marguerite Clark) 4-13-19

through 4-15-19

"Three of a Kind" 4-2-05

"Three Twins" 10-10-09, 12-3-11

"Three Weeks" 8-7-09

"Through the Back Door" (United Artists film, Mary Pickford)

6-16-21 through 6-19-21

"Through the Wrong Door" (Goldwyn film, Madge Kennedy)

11-16-19 and 11-17-19

"Thumb Print, The" (Universal film, Marguerite Fischer) 6-24-14

through 6-26-14

"Thunderbolt, The" (First National film, Katherine McDonald)

4-11-20 through 4-13-20

"Thunderclap" (Fox film, Mary Carr) 11-8-22 through 11-10-22

"Tie That Binds, The" 11-24-06

Tielu Children, The (song & dance) 8-6-06 through 8-8-06, 8-10-06

and 8-11-06

"Tiger Rose" (melodrama) 12-29-20

"Till I Come Back to You" (Artcraft film, C.B. DeMille dir.) 9-17-18

"Tillie (or Tilly) Olson" 12-30-06, 11-10-07

"Time, The Place, The Girl, The" 10-12-07, 11-5-08, 9-20-09,


"Tips" 12-4-05

Tittel, Charlotte 2-1-02

Tivoli Opera Company 9-6-02

"To Die At Dawn" 3-7-08

"To Have & To Hold" (Paramount film, Betty Compson) 1-20-23

through 1-23-23

"To the Last Man" (Paramount film, Richard Dix) 11-3-23 through


"Toby's Bow" (Goldwyn film, Tom Moore) 12-22-19

"Tol'able David" (First National film, Richard Barthelmess) 7-2-22

through 7-4-22

"Toll of the Sea, The" (Metro film, Anna May Wong) 5-17-23 and


"Tongues of Men, The" 4-7-14

"Too Many Millions" (Paramount film, Wallace Reid) 1-15-19 and


"Too Much Johnson" (Paramount film, Bryant Washburn) 2-6-20

and 2-7-20

"Too Proud to Beg" 11-2-08

"Toreador, The" 11-27-03

"Tosca, La" 2-24-02

"Toy Maker, The" 9-6-02, 8-20-08, 7-21-11

"Tragedy of the Arena" (motion picture) 6-17-14 and 6-18-14

"Trail of the Lonesome Pine, The" 11-16-13, 9-14-14

Tracy, Royal 2-12-10

"Traffic in Souls" (Universal film, Jane Gail) 6-8-14 and 6-14-14

"Trail of the Lonesome Pine, The" (Paramount film, Mary Miles

Minter) 8-4-23 through 8-7-23

"Trap, The" (Universal fim, Lon Chaney) 7-5-22 through 7-7-22

"Traveling Salesman, The" 12-10-09, 10-1-11

Trescott, Virginia Drew 2-14-03

"Trifling Women" (Metro film, Barbara LaMarr) 3-4-23 through


Trinity Episcopal Church (sponsor) Indoor Merchant's Carnival


"Trip to New Orleans" 8-10-09

Tris, Mary (pianist) 3-27-15

"Trouble" (Associated First National film, Jackie Coogan) 8-19-22

through 8-21-22

"Trovatore, Il" 6-17-03, 4-2-10, 10-19-12

Truax, Sarah 11-25-07

"True Kentuckian, A" 5-9-02

"True To Life" 5-4-05 through 5-7-05

"Trumpet Island" (Vitagraph film, Marguerite De La Motte) 5-8-21

through 5-10-21

"Trust Your Wife" (Associated First National film, Katherine

MacDonald) 8-7-21 through 8-9-21

"Truth About Husbands, The" (Bennett Prod. Film, Anna Lehr)

4-16-21 through 4-19-21

"Turn in the Road, The" (Artcraft film, Helen Jerome Eddy) 6-18-19

through 6-21-19

"Turn to the Right" 3-6-19

Turner, Margaret (dancer, dance teacher) 1-20-23 through 1-23-23,

12-24-23 through 2-26-23, 4-18-23 through 4-20-23, 4-25-23

through 4-27-23, 6-13-23

Turner, Senator George (speaker at Demo Party meeting) 6-29-16

"Turning Point, The" (First National film, Katherine McDonald)

8-22-20 through 8-24-20

"Turning the Tables" (Paramount film, Dorothy Gish) 12-14-19

through 12-16-19

"Twas Midnight" (motion picture) 6-20-20 through 6-22-20

"Twelfth Night, The" 1-16-04, 3-12-08, 10-24-13

"Twilight Baby, A" (First National film, Virginia Rappe) 8-15-20

through 8-17-20

"Twilight pictures" (short motion pictures on a vaudeville bill)

5-16-14 through 5-20-14, 5-21-14 through 5-23?-14, 6-5-14

through 6-7-14

"Twilight Sleep" (lecture & motion pictures on painless childbirth)

5-18-16 through 5-20-16

"Twin Beds" (First National film, Carter DeHaven) 3-23-21 through


"Twin Beds" (play) 11-17-15, 12-7-16, 1-19-19

"Two Brides, The " (Paramount film, Lina Cavalieri) 3-19-19 and


"Two Johns, The" 11-25-06

"Two Minutes to Go" (First National film, Charles Ray) 12-14-21

through 12-17-21

"Two Orphans, The" 3-16-03

"Two Roses, The" 9-15-06

"Two Sisters, The" 12-10-03

"Two Weeks" (First National film, Constance Talmadge) 4-14-20

through 4-17-20

"Two Women" 3-15-12

"Typhoon, The" 2-14-16

Tyrell, Ann 4-9-04

Tyrell, Lee see Pringle Stock Company

Ulrich, Lenore 12-11-14

"U.P. Trail, The" (Pathe film, Kathlyn Williams) 10-9-21 and


"Umpire, The" 3-5-07

"Uncle Dan'l" 12-12-09

"Uncle Jonathan's Visit" 4-10-05 through 4-15-05

"Uncle Josh" 4-30-11

"Uncle Josh Perkins" 9-16-06, 9-17-07, 9-12-08, 10-14-09, 10-5-12

"Uncle Josh Spruceby" 11-4-06

"Uncle Tom's Cabin" 3-22-02, 2-9-03, 3-25-04, 9-1-06, 2-22-07,

12-25-07, 3-25-09

"Under Four Flags" (U.S. gov't documentary film on American

troops in France) 2-3-19 and 2-4-19

"Under Southern Skies" 11-9-06, 11-8-07

"Under the Greenwood Tree" (Artcraft film, Elsie Ferguson) 1-8-19

and 1-9-19

"Under the Lash" (Paramount film, Gloria Swanson) 7-28-22 and


"Under the Top" (Artcraft film, Fred Stone) 2-21-19 and 2-22-19

Underwood, Isabel 3-25-06

"Undying Story of Captain Scott, The" motion picture narrated by

Charles B. Hanford 3-29-14 through 3-31-14

University of California Glee Club 1-6-12, 5-23-23

"University of Hard Knocks" (lecture) 10-16-14

University of Washington Glee Club 1-10-08

University of Washington Musical Club 12-28-03

University of Washington Sophomore Drama 3-12-08

"Unknown Wife, The" (Universal film, Edith Roberts) 6-23-21 and


"Unorna" 4-16-03

"Unpardonable Sin" (Harry Garson Prod. film, Blanche Sweet)

6-1-19 through 6-5-19

"Up in Mabel's Room" (farce) 1-7-21

USS Mississippi crew band concert 10-4-20

USS New York minstrels 12-12-03

USS Pennsylvania minstrels & musical comedy 7-13-11

Vail, Olive 8-27-11, 10-25-13

"Valley of Silent Men, The" (Paramount, Alma Rubens) 11-29-22

through 12-1-22

Van, Billy with Haverly's Minstrels 10-24-03

Van, Gladys 3-14-07

"Vanderbilt Cup, The" 11-24-07

"Vasta Herne" 3-2-10

Vaughan, Augustus 2-29-12

"Venus in the East" (Paramount film, Bryant Washburn) 3-5-19

"Vermlandigarne" 4-1-07

"Very Good Eddie" 8-5-17

"Vicky Van" (Paramount film, Ethel Clayton) 6-8-19 through 6-10-19

Victorson, Minnie 2-1-11

"Village Chestnut, The" (Matt Sennett film, Chester Conklin) 1-31-19

and 2-1-19

Villiers, Violet 10-18-04

"Vinegar Buyer, The" 9-2-03, 12-2-09

"Virginia Girl, The" 2-28-05

"Virginia Rose, A" 1-19-05 through 1-22-05

"Virginian, The" 3-20-08, 3-11-10, 11-1-17

"Virginius" 1-29-06

"Virtuous Thief, The" (Paramount film, Enid Bennett) 10-12-19

through 10-14-19

"Visit to Fairyland, A" (dance pupil recital) 6-13-23

"Voice From the Minaret, The" (First National film, Constance

Talmadge) 2-3-23 through 2-6-23

Vokes, May 2-22-02

Von der Aue, Arnold 10-20-07

Von Hatzfeldt, Countess Olga 1-24-07

Wagenhals & Kemper Company 2-25-11

"Wages of Sin, The" 1-23-05, 8-15-09

"Wagon Tracks" (Artcraft film, W.S. Hart) 9-3-19 through 9-5-19

Wainwright, Marie 1-16-04

"Walk-Offs, The" (Metro film, May Allison) 2-8-20 through 2-10-20

Walker, Charlotte 11-16-13

Walker, George 1-16-05

Wallace, Ramsey 12-6-08

Walsh, Blanche 4-7-02 cancelled, 4-2-04, 4-25-06, 3-30-07, 1-29-10

Walter, Edwin 2-18-10

Walter Sanford's Players 8-21-03

Walters, Henry (comedian) 4-10-05 through 4-15-05

Walthall, Henry B. 11-26-20

"Wanderer, The" 7-28-18

"Wanted-$5,000" (Pathe film, Harold Lloyd) 2-14-19

"Wanted, A Family" 8-9-07 and 8-10-07

"Wanted, A Wife" 12-9-10

Ward & Wade's Magnificent Minstrels 3-22-04

Warde, Frederick 12-21-01, 4-22-02, 10-2-02, 10-6-03, 10-3-04

Warfield, David 2-4-10, 1-14-15

Warfield, Porter see Pringle Stock Company

Warner, H.B. 11-20-11

Washer Brothers (boxing midgets) 4-10-05 through 4-15-05

Washington State College Glee Club & Band Concert 4-21-19

"Watch Your Step" 12-8-17

"Water, Water Everywhere" (Goldwyn, Will Rogers) 3-28-20 through


Waters, Tom 9-19-08

Watson, Albert J. 5-1-05 through 5-17-05, 10-8-05, 10-11-05

Watson Stock Company 5-1-05 through 5-17-05, 10-8-05, 10-11-05

"Way Down East" (United Artists film, Lillian Gish, D.W. Griffith

dir.) 11-23-21 through 11-28-21

"Way Down East" (melodrama) 4-17-02, 1-12-04, 3-5-06

"Way of a Man With a Maid, The" (Paramount film, Bryant

Washburn) 2-5-19 and 2-6-19

"Way of a Woman, The" (Select film, Norma Talmadge) 9-17-19

through 9-20-19

"We Are King" 11-11-08

"Wealth" (Paramount film, Ethel Clayton) 11-8-21 and 11-9-21

Webb, Teddy 11-15-07

Webber, Florence 1-16-13

Weborg, Bill- of Gallagher & Weborg (Chinese acrobats) 8-10-06

"Wedding Bells" (First National film, Constance Talmadge) 1-18-22

through 1-20-22

Weeks, Harold (song writer) 7-26-21

Weinberg, Gus 4-11-08

Welch, Scott 3-16-07, 2-28-08

Weller, Robbins (comic) 5-10-14 through 5-13-14

Wellington Avalanche Victims, Memorial Service  3-13-10

Wells, Arthur (dir & mngr Apollo Concert Co, Lyceum act) 12-3-15

West, Jack 10-28-06

West, Tony 10-17-03

West's Big Minstrel Jubilee 11-7-03, 1-12-05

"Wet & Dry" (musical comedy) 4-26-20

"Wet Gold" (Goldwyn film, Ralph Ince) 11-20-21 through 11-22-21

"What Every Woman Knows" (Paramount film, Lois Wilson)

1-26-22 through 1-28-22

"What Happened to Jones" (Paramount film, Bryant Washburn)

9-25-20 through 9-28-20

"What Happened to Jones" (play) 1-2-02, 9-4-05, 6-21-08 and


"What Happened to Mary" 11-20-13

"What Happened to Rosa" (Goldwyn film, Mabel Normand) 2-9-21

through 2-12-21

"What Women Will Do" 6-2-06 and 6-3-06

"What's Worth While?" (Paramount film, Claire Windsor) 8-28-21

through 8-30-21

"What's Wrong With the World" (lecture sponsored by Knights of

Columbus) 5-5-16

"Wheel of Love, The" 4-14-08

"When Dreams Come True" 5-5-15

"When Johnny Comes Marching Home" 1-13-06

"When Knighthood Was In Flower" (Paramount film, Marion

Davies) 12-2-22 through 12-6-22

"When Knighthood Was In Flower" (play) 11-7-05, 11-11-11

"When Knights Were Bold" 5-27-08

"When Reuben Comes To Town" 4-12-02

"When Romance Rides" (Goldwyn film, Claire Adams) 7-30-22

through 8-1-22

"When We Were Twenty-One" 5-20-02, 2-13-11 through 2-18-11

"When Women Love" 6-12-06

"Where the North Begins" (Warner Bros. film, Rin Tin Tin) 10-3-23

through 10-6-23

"Where the Pavement Ends" (Metro film, Edward Donnelly)

10-31-23 through 11-2-23

Whiffen, Thomas 1-28-05

"Whirl o' the Town, The" (Elks amateur musical) 6-14-21 and


"Whirl of the World, The" 3-14-15

"Whistle, The" (Paramount film, W.S. Hart) 2-5-22 and 2-6-22

White, Corporal (lecturer) 6-26-18

White, May see Pringle Stock Company

White, Ruth 9-25-03, 4-6-07

"White & Unmarried" (Paramount, Thomas Meighan) 1-29-22 and


"White Flower, The" (Paramount film, Betty Compson) 9-12-23

through 9-14-23

"White Frontier, The" (aka "Slander the Woman) (Associated First

National film, Dorothy Phillips) 7-1-23 through 7-3-23

White Mahatma, Alexander (magician, seer) 8-27-16 through 9-2-16

"White Oak" (Paramount, W.S. Hart) 3-5-22 and 3-6-22

"White Rose, The" (United Artists film, Mae Marsh, D.W. Griffith

dir.) 10-13-23 through 10-16-23

"White Squaw, The" 7-3-10

Whiteside, Walker 2-14-16

Whitney Opera Company 2-18-12, 10-25-12, 10-26-13, 2-27-15

Whittlesey, Whit 2-2-05

"Who's Brown?" 11-22-04

"Who's Your Friend?" 4-19-09

"Who's Your Servant?" (Robertson-Cole film, Lois Wilson) 5-30-20

through 6-2-20

"Whose Baby Are You?" 2-22-02

"Whose Little Wife Are You?" (Paramount/Sennett film, Phyllis

Haver) 12-18-18 and 12-19-18

"Why Do Nations War?" (lecture) 8-16-16

"Why Girls Leave Home" 12-8-07

"Why Smith Left Home" (Paramount film, Bryant Washburn)

12-17-19 through 12-20-19

"Why Wild Men Go Wild" (motion picture) 6-13-20 through 6-15-20

"Why Women Sin" 11-5-05

Widecombe, Wallace 10-24-07

"Wife Against Wife" (First National film, Pauline Stark) 4-4-22 and


"Wife's Mistake, A" 3-10-05 through 3-12-05

"Wife's Secret, A" 10-23-07

Wiggam, Albert Edward (lecturer) 11-12-15

Wilber, Mabel 2-20-10, 4-15-11

Wilber, Nina Belle 5-31-07

"Wild Goose, The" (Paramount, Mary MacLaren) 1-31-22 and 2-1-22

"Wild Honey" (Universal film, Priscilla Dean) 6-22-22 and 6-24-22

"Wild Westerner, The" (Universal film, Art Acord) 11-2-19 through


Willard, Lee 5-26-07 through 5-29-07, 6-1-07 and 6-2-07, 2-16-08,

10-4-08, 11-7-09

Willard Company (stock) 5-26-07 through 5-29-07, 6-1-07 and 6-2-07

William H. West's Big Minstrel Jubilee 11-7-03, 1-12-05

William Mann Company 12-8-10

Williams & Walker 1-16-05

Williams, Annie Leslie (vocalist) 4-10-05 through 4-15-05

Williams, Bert 1-16-05

Williams Dixie Jubilee Singers 5-8-06 and 5-9-06

Williams, Jeanette (illustrated songster) 4-16-05 through 4-23-05,

4-29-05 and 4-30-05

Williams Juvenile Bostonians 12-3-05 through 12-5-05

Williams Juvenile Comic Opera Company 4-3-05 and 4-5-05 through


Williams, William A. 12-23-06

Williamson, Owen see Pringle Stock Company

"Willow Tree, The" (Metro film, Viola Dana) 1-18-20 and 1-19-20

Wills, Walter 3-21-09

Willson's Juvenile Minstrels 1-11-02

Wilson, Baby 4-5-13

Wilson, Francis 5-27-08

Wilson, George 5-25-20

Wilson, Knox 12-15-08

Wilson, Woodrow: Democratic Party gathering to ratify Wilson-

Marshall ticket 6-29-16

"Wine, Women & Song" 4-20-10

"Wings of Morning, The" (Fox film, William Farnum) 2-25-20

through 2-28-20

"Winning Girl, The" (Paramount film, Shirley Mason) 4-3-19

"Winning Miss, A" 5-29-11

"Winning of Barbara Worth, The" 11-21-16

"Winning Stroke, The" (Fox film, George Walsh) 2-22-20 through


Winston, Laura 7-25-09, 8-1-09

"Winter's Tale" 3-5-09

"Wireless Age, The" (lecture) 5-26-10

"Witching Hour, The" (Paramount film, Elliott Dexter) 1-11-22 and


"Within the Law" (First National film, Norma Talmadge) 7-7-23

through 7-10-23

"Within the Law" (play) 4-24-14

"Witness for the Defense" (Paramount film, Elsie Ferguson)

11-30-19 through 12-2-19

"Wizard of Oz, The" 10-25-04

"Wizard of Wall Street, The" 6-1-06 and 6-2-06

"Wolf, The" 2-27-09, 2-6-11, 1-18-14

"Wolves of the Night" (Fox film, William Farnum) 10-26-19 through


"Woman Against Woman" 11-24-06

"Woman and the Puppet, The" (Goldwyn film, Geraldine Farrar)

12-1-20 through 12-5-20

"Woman God Changed, The" (Paramount film, Seena Owen)

2-12-22 and 2-13-22

"Woman in His House, The" (First National film, Mildred Harris

Chaplin) 4-27-21 through 4-30-21

"Woman in the Case, The" 4-25-06

"Woman in the Suitcase" (Paramount film, Enid Bennett) 2-18-20

through 2-21-20

"Woman of Impulse, A" (Paramount film, Lina Cavalieri) 12-1-18

and 12-2-18

Woman's Book Club amateur "Darktown Minstrels" show 10-2-08

and 10-3-08

"Woman's Place" (Assoc. First National film, Constance Talmadge)

6-29-22 through 7-1-22

"Woman's Sacrifice, A" 8-26-09

"Woman's Victory, A" 3-25-05

"Woman Thou Gavest Me, The" (Paramount film, Katherine

McDonald) 8-31-19 through 9-2-19

"Woman With Four Faces, The" (Paramount film, Betty Compson)

7-18-23 through 7-20-23

"Women's Weapons" (Paramount film, Ethel Clayton) 12-29-18 and


"Wonderful Thing, The" (First National film, Norma Talmadge)

4-20-22 through 4-22-22

"Woodland" 12-29-07

Woodmen's entertainment 9-27-02

Woodruff, Henry 5-15-10

"World, The" 6-10-06, 9-2-06

"World of Pleasure, A" 9-3-16

Wrestling match motion pictures 5-4-09 and 5-5-09 perhaps cancelled

Wrestling match: Santell vs. Belanger 6-19-08

"Writing on the Wall, The" 2-7-10

Wyckoff, Fred 1-22-11

Yale, Charles, Company 12-4-01, 1-21-03, 12-10-04, 1-30-09

"Yankee Consul, The" 12-27-06, 8-29-09

"Yankee Girl, The" 6-1-11

"Yankee Regent, The" 11-22-07

"Yankee Tourist, A" 5-4-07

"Yellow Men & Gold" (Goldwyn film, Richard Dix) 7-23-22 through


"Yellow Ticket, The" 2-28-15

Yerrington, Edith 1-7-02, 3-5-07

"Yes or No" (First National film, Norma Talmadge) 11-24-20

through 11-27-20

YMCA amateurs 3-19-02, 3-20-02

YMCA athletic exhibition 4-6-06, 4-17-07

YMCA basketball: YMCA Jrs. vs. Snohomish High School 4-13-06

YMCA musical gymnastics exhibition 4-10-12

YMCA sponsored "Patriotic Athletic Musical Exhibition" 3-28-18

and 3-29-18

YMCA sponsored lecture by Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan Macy


YMCA sponsored lecture on war by E.G. Harlan of Camp Lewis


"Yon Yonson" 11-1-02, 11-12-03, 12-22-04, 2-10-07, 12-22-07,


"You Can't Fool Your Wife" (Paramount film, Lewis Stone) 5-31-23

through 6-2-23

"You Never Can Tell" (United Artists film, Bebe Daniels) 12-31-22

"You Never Saw Such a Girl" (Paramount film, Vivian Martin)


"You'll Be Surprised" (American Legion amateur musical revue)

11-29-21 and 11-30-21

Young, John E. 10-12-07, 11-5-08, 10-23-09

"Young Diana, The" (Paramount film, Marion Davies) 12-20-22

through 12-22-22

"Young Mrs. Winthrop, The" (play) 5-21-11 through 5-27-11

"Young Mrs. Winthrop" (Paramount film, Ethel Clayton) 4-25-20

and 4-26-20

"Zaza" (Paramount film, Gloria Swanson) 12-1-23 through 12-4-23

"Zaza" (play) 2-19-02, 11-24-02, 2-5-04

Zedlers, The (Lyceum musical quintette) 11-12-17

"Zig-Zag Alley" 5-23-03

Zimmer, Gertrude 2-22-04

Zinn's Musical Travesty Company 11-29-06 through 12-1-06

"Zira" 1-31-08

"Zoe, The Octaroon" 12-18-10 through 12-24-10



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(2560 entries)

David Dilgard- Northwest Room, Everett Public Library



Subject heads:


Minstrel troupes index

         Al G. Field's Greater Minstrels 11-20-04 and 11-21-04

         Barlow's Minstrels 4-5-02

Battleship New York Minstrels 12-12-03

Dandy Dixie Minstrels 7-13-07

         Diamond Brothers Minstrels 2-15-02

Dockstader's Minstrels 6-20-07, 6-13-08, 5-7-11

Elks Club Minstrel Show 11-22-09 and 11-23-09

George Primrose's Minstrels 3-17-07

Gorton's Famous All White Minstrels 9-10-02 and 9-11-02

Gorton's Minstrels 1-12-08

Greater Barlow Minstrels 4-25-03

Gus Hill's World Famous Minstrels 5-25-20

Harvey's Greater Minstrels 7-17-19

Haverly's Mastodon Minstrels 11-11-02, 10-24-03, 12-5-04

Hi Henry's Greatest Minstrels 10-8-06, 1-3-09

Lew Dockstader's Minstrels 6-20-07, 6-13-08, 5-7-11

McQuarrie's Minstrels 11-28-01

Maharh's Big Minstrel Carnival 4-4-06

Primrose & Dockstader's 12-27-01, 12-20-02 (cancelled)

Primrose's Minstrels 12-27-07, 12-19-09

Richard Jose Minstrels 7-24-03

Richards & Pringle's Famous Georgia Minstrels 8-23-02,

11-1-05, 9-14-06, 8-12-07, 9-23-08, 7-12-10, 7-28-11,

12-25-14, 8-1-15

T.J. Culligan's Nashville Students Big Colored Minstrel Show


Ward & Wade's Magnificent Minstrels 3-22-04

William H. West's Big Minstrel Jubilee 11-7-03, 1-12-05

Willson's Juvenile Minstrels 1-11-02




Movies, chronologically from 1905 through 1917

         "Great Runaway Automobile, The" 4-10-05 through 4-15-05

         "Jimmy Britt vs. Battling Nelson" boxing match 2-6-06

         "The Critic" 8-6-06 through 8-8-06, 8-10-06 and 8-11-06

"Gans vs Nelson Fight" boxing match 11-10-06

         "Life of Christ, The" (Pathe) 1-17-08 and 1-18-08

         Two-hour program of movies including Jack Johnson in

Victoria and wrestling footage 5-4-09 and 5-5-09 (possibly cancelled)

         Nelson vs Wolgast boxing match 3-29-10

         "From Tree To Tire" (B.F. Goodrich free movie) 12-12-11

         Paul Rainey's African Hunt motion pictures 1-20-13

through 1-22-13

         Calgary Stampede movies 1-31-13 through 2-2-13

         "The Exposure of the Land Swindlers" (3-reel Kalem

production) 4-19-13 and 4-20-13

         "Heroes One and All" (2-reel Lubin production) 4-19-13 and


         Edison Kinetophone talking motion pictures 10-9-13 through


         "The Undying Story of Captain Scott" and "Animal Life in

Antarctica" motion pictures narrated by Charles B. Hanford

3-29-14 through 3-31-14

"The Battle of the Sexes" D.W. Griffith film 5-7-14 and 5-8-14

Harry Lauder in talking movie demo 5-9-14

         Short films on vaudeville bill 5-10-14 through 5-23?-14, 6-5-

14 through 6-7-14, 6-12-14 through 6-14-14

         "Twilight Pictures" (short films) on vaudeville bill 5-16-14

through 5-20-14, 5-21-14 through 5-23?-14, 6-5-14

through 6-7-14

         "Traffic in Souls" George Loan Tucker feature film 6-8-14 and


         "The Star of India" 6-15-14 and 6-16-14

         John Bunny motion pictures 6-15-14 and 6-16-14

         "Tragedy of the Arena" motion pictures 6-17-14 and 6-18-14

         "A Paradise Lost" motion pictures 6-17-14 and 6-18-14

         "The Thumb Print" motion picture 6-24-14 through 6-26-14

         Gaumont talking motion pictures 6-24-14 through 6-26-14

         "Cabiria" Italian motion picture 9-4-14 through 9-7-14

         "Bringing Up Father" (Vitagraph) 3-21-15

         "The German Side of the War" Chicago Tribune newsreel

footage 11-7-15

         "Twilight Sleep" (lecture & moving pictures on painless

childbirth) 5-18-16 through 5-20-16

         "The Birth of a Nation" (Griffith) 6-25-16 through 6-29-16

         "Civilization" (Ince) 9-6-16

         "The Birth of a Nation" (2nd run) 12-29-16 through 1-1-17

         "Eyes of the World" 7-27-17 through 7-29-17


On August 31, 1918 block booking of motion pictures began.




         Anthony & Cleopatra 3-4-08

         Comedy of Errors 4-15-13

         Hamlet 1-6-18

         Julius Caesar 12-21-01, 3-26-07

         (King) Henry The Eighth 2-14-10

         Macbeth 1-3-06

         Merchant of Venice 4-23-04

         Merry Wives of Windsor 10-20-06

         Much Ado About Nothing 3-2-03

         Romeo & Juliet 6-15-11

Taming of the Shrew 4-4-02, 2-21-06

Tempest 10-2-02

Twelfth Night 1-16-04, 3-12-08, 10-24-13

Winter's Tale 3-5-09



Stock Companies Index

         Armour Stock Company 9-4-05, 9-24-05

Barlow Stock Company 2-29-05 through 3-5-05

Brandon Stock Company 11-15-06 through 11-18-06

Chapman-Meade Players 9-7-11, 9-11-11 through 9-13?-11

Clara Mathes Company 3-6-05 through 4-2-05

Curtiss Comedy Company 5-27-06 through 6-3-06

Empire Theatre Company 1-18-06 through 1-21-06

Howard Stock Company 6-13-07, 7-28-07 through 8-11-07

Iles Company 6-19-11 through 6-28?-11

Londale Theatre Company 1-30-05 through 2-26-05

McDonald-Yman Stock Company 7-2-06 through 7-8-06

Mack Swain Theatre Company 1-7-06 through 1-12-06, 6-10-06

through 6-12-06, 8-26-06 through 9-2-06

         Orpheum Stock Company 11-19-05

         Pringle Stock Company 11-20-10 through 12-4-10, 12-9-10,

12-11-10 through 12-18-10, 12-26-10 through 12-31-10

Redmond Stock Company 11-5-04 through 11-13-04

Royal Stock Company 6-6-08 through 6-12-08, 6-14-08

         Russell-Davis Stock Company 11-14-04 through 11-21-04

         Watson Stock Company 5-1-05 through 5-17-05, 10-8-05 and


Willard Company 5-26-07 through 5-30-07, 6-1-07 and 6-2-07

         Zinn's Musical Travesty Company 11-29-06 through 12-1-06


Vaudeville (chronologically);

         4-10-05 through 4-30-05

         12-23-05 and 12-24-05

         8-6-06 through 8-8-06, 8-10-06 and 8-11-06


amateur society vaudeville 2-2-12

Elks Club society vaudeville 1-28--13 and 1-29-13

Orphanage benefit society vaudeville 11-12-13

"Pantages Everett" vaudeville & short films 5-10-14 through

5-23?-14, 6-5-14 through 6-7-14, 6-12-14 through 6-14-14


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